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Manage Kindle/Kobo notes and highlights

Epubor Kclippings provides the easiest way to organize, access, and manipulate notes and highlights made on Kindle and Kobo e-readers or reading apps. It allows you to import Kindle or Kobo highlights and notes from various sources, such as Kindle or Kobo eReader, Kindle Cloud Reader, and more. You can edit or delete them, and even export them to various formats.

kclippings interface

Import Kindle/Kobo notes and highlights from different sources Epubor Kclippings allows you to automatically or manually import Kindle highlights and notes from Kindle Cloud, Kindle eReader, Kobo eReader, and Kindle or Kobo desktop reading apps. import notes from different sources

Export kindle notes and highlights to epub, pdf, mobi, txt, md, docx or Evernote Epubor Kclippings enables you to export kindle or Kobo notes and highlights in multiple formats, such as PDF, Markdown, or plain text, mobi, epub, and docx, making it possible to share them with others or archive them for personal reference.
It also integrates with the most popular note-taking app--Evernote. This enables seamless transfer and export of highlights and notes to Evernote.
output format

Search books, author, note or highlights Epubor Kclippings allows you to use the search feature to quickly locate the specific ebook, authors, even notes or highlights across your entire library. This saves time and effort in finding relevant information within a large collection of ebook. kclipping search function

What's New

Epubor Kclippings V - 04/12/2024

1. Fix some minor bugs.

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