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04/29/2019 10:55:54
very nice!
05/15/2019 08:20:03
Not ready for prime time. 98 books pinned and it only sees 32. 7 out of 32 books fail to convert. Support not answering complaints.
05/15/2019 08:52:42
Thank you for using kcr converter. We are sincerely sorry for this issue.
First of all, please accept our sincere apology.
Seconly, our support will contact you within 24 hours to help you fix this issue. Please do not worry.
You can also contact us via support@epubor.com or my personal skype is epubor.alice@gmail.com
Please feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you fix your problem.
06/27/2019 11:30:56
Thank you for leaving the comments. The issue you mentioned has been fixed. Please download the latest version to convert your kindle cloud reader to DRM-FREE mobi files now. Have a nice day!
08/2/2019 09:16:25
So far so good!  It is working great for me. Customer service was prompt, informed and helpful.  Great price for a great product.  It does everything for you with a few clicks.
08/5/2019 09:01:44
Thank you for your comments. We are glad to hear that!
01/13/2020 15:33:03
Removing DRM seems to work fine! I removed it from more than 40 book in a bulk operation. Unfortunately all table of contents get messed in some way and are mostly not useful. Looking foreword that this issue gets fixed.
01/14/2020 08:34:09
Thank you for your comments. Would you please tell us what's the version are you using now? Please ensure you are use the latest version of KCR Converter. Also, please contact support@epubor.com to get your problem fixed.
04/16/2020 23:06:59


Thanks a lot for providing this software.

However, when I use your KCR converter tool, everything works fine up until I open the output/converted document which (either in pdf or epub) does not contain any text (all the images are there, but the text is gone...).

Is this a known issue?



04/19/2020 15:34:24
Thank you for your comment. We are glad to know you like.
04/17/2020 04:03:06
I found it a bit deceiving, after downloading 1 book it denied access to download a second one, which was the aim, I received a message stating I have already downloaded 3 books and prompted me to pay for a yearly fee. First of all it should have been advertised as such and second if their policy is 3 free downloads to honor it.
04/19/2020 15:38:49
Thank you for your comments. Yes, the trial version enables you to convert 3 books for free.
05/6/2020 13:39:16

Thank you so, so much for your apps!  I found the videos on your website to be so helpful!  I also appreciate the smart Live Chat feature where your robot was also helpful!  Thank you for providing the option for us to process a refund (in the case of needing to upgrade).

I'm so appreciative.

05/7/2020 08:58:52
Thank you for your feedback. Glad to know you are satisfied with our service and software. Have a nice day!
05/24/2020 00:17:29
This worked beautifully! It took about 10 minutes to download and pin about 15 books in my Kindle cloud app and after that, it was extremely easy to use this software and I appreciated being able to select all of the books at once and let the software convert them all in a few minutes. I tried a couple of free softwares first but they didn't work for me so I'm very happy I found this. Great job!
05/25/2020 08:33:52
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.
06/10/2020 11:21:44
It's ok BUT there is a bug. In foreign languages like Spanish, my case, the accented words are not decrypted, they appear with a "?" instead. I hope that you fix it before long the bug.
06/11/2020 08:56:07
Thank you for using us. Your converted epub book has been received and sent to our Technical department. They test your book. We 'll keep you posted if there is any progress.
07/8/2020 12:52:29
The new Kindle cloud UI doesn't have "download & pin book" anymore, right click does nothing, clicking will just download the book. So what do I do now?
07/9/2020 23:18:16
Downloaded a free version of KCR converter but it refused to find any books in the cloud reader.  Downloaded several books but KCR just kept saying no books have been downloaded.  Checked instructions and FAQs but can't find any reason why books were not recognized by KCR.  Can only assume Kindle have made some changes to defeat KCR DRM removal.  No support available from Epubor outside of FAQ.  Maybe come back if a new version is released and try again.  Shame, it looked so good.
07/10/2020 09:11:49
Please ensure you are using the latest version of Epubor kcr Converter, and also download your kindle cloud reader books on google chrome browser.
Then use our kcr converter to remove kindle drm and convert kindle books to drm-free epub, pdf or mobi.
If you need more help, please click the livechat at the bottom right on each page of Epubor website.
Have a nice day.
07/9/2020 23:28:44

They don't seem to show reviews which are critical so I've written another one with 4 stars.  It doesn't work, I think Kindle must have changed something so KCR won't detect books in cloud reader and therefore cannot convert them.  Maybe come back if a new version of KCR gets around this problem.  

There's no support outside of a robot which sends you to the FAQ or somewhere which doesn't tell you anything.  Apparently if books don't show up in KCR it's because they're not fully downloaded but this is not true, I've downloaded several books and none of them show up in KCR even where the bar shows the whole book is there from start to finish.  Restarting KCR, downloading more books, flicking through books from start to finish in Cloud reader, nothing makes any difference, KCR cannot see the books whether Cloud Reader is in a new tab in Chrome, a separate Chrome window, nothing works.  Shame, it promised so much and would be very useful if it did work.

07/10/2020 09:14:21

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, Kindle cloud reader has updated two days ago. For this update, Epubor KCR Converter is updated to support the latest version of Kindle cloud reader. SO please download and install the latest version of kcr converter and then download your kindle cloud reader books according to instruction of kcr convert product page>>https://www.epubor.com/kcr-converter.html.

Then restart the KCR Converter to remove kindle cloud reader drm.

Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.

07/16/2020 12:53:51

it worked for me for a while, but it stopped working when amazon changed its chrome reader.

i've updated chrome; i've updated kindle reader for chrome; i've updated kcr epubor.  i've updated everything i can think of.

it no longer works.  i don't know what's happening with the books, but they don't appear to be downloading anywhere; if they are, kcr epubor doesn't know where they are.

07/17/2020 09:08:41
If you books have downloaded completely, right click the book cover, you can see the "Open book" and “remove book”.
If you don't see these options, that means you books are not downloaded completely. You need to keep this book open until the downloading is finished. Or Kindle cloud reader doesn't allow you to download the books. SO try before you buy.
07/17/2020 03:16:09
Epubor-kcr has stopped working.  Amazon has changed its cloud reader on Chrome, which will no longer download or pin for local reading.  Some say that Amazon is preparing to remove chrome KCR.  Is there a fix for the new Chrome KCR that won't download to Epubor?
07/17/2020 03:27:46
Epubor-kcr has started working again.  I previously did an update, but maybe it just didn't take affect.  Looks and works good now.
07/17/2020 09:09:45
Thank you for your update. Yes, KCR Converter still can work. But you need to try before you  buy.
07/17/2020 13:10:33

Kindle cloud reader is no longer allowing me to download and pin any of the books in my library.

I've updated to the latest KCR with no effect. Can you please help? Right now Epubor Ultimate and KCR are rendered useless.

07/18/2020 08:54:38
To download Kindle cloud reader books, please just open the kindle books, a downloading progress will show at the bottom right corner. Please just keep this page open until your book has been downloaded completely. Then start kcr converter to convert kindle books.
07/18/2020 14:32:59


I tried your suggestion. No download progress indicator showing. No downloads occurring. My Cloud reader library no longer shows the 'pin' symbol under any of my books either!

What can you suggest.

07/20/2020 08:35:48

Yes, there is no pin if your book has been downloaded completely. But when you right click the book cover, there should be "Open book" and " Remove book" options.

Also, please download the latest version of Epubor kcr converter to display the downloaded kcr  books and conver them.
Here is the download link for kcr converter:
Windows: https://www.epubor.com/kcr-converter-download.htm#os_Win
Mac: https://www.epubor.com/kcr-converter-download.htm#os_Mac

07/18/2020 10:33:42


I tried your suggestion. No download progress indicator showing. No downloads occurring. My Cloud reader library no longer shows the 'pin' symbol under any of my books either!

What can you suggest.

07/19/2020 02:04:15
I bought it two month ago and its not working anymore
07/20/2020 08:36:55
Can you please describe your problem clearly so that we can help you fix it?
07/20/2020 17:47:08
Hi. I wanted to buy the ePubor kcr converter. However, I am not able to read "offline" the Kindle ebooks (have used the web app "read cloud app from Amazon" on the Chrome browser). There is not possibility to download the ebooks anymore. Can you help?
Thx, Michael
07/21/2020 08:59:50
Thank you for using our kcr converter. For downloading kindle cloud reader books, there is no offline reading settings any more. When you open the book, a downloading progress will show at the bottom right corner. If you can see this downloading progress, then just keep this book open until this download finished. If you keep your book open but cannot see the downloading progress, then there is no way to download your kindle cloud reader books. The kcr converter cannot help you. So try before you buy kcr converter.
07/22/2020 07:01:49
I've tried the KCR Converter with Kindle Cloud Reader in Google Chrome. I'm disappointed that illustrations only, not the text, of children's books is converted. I've tried three different books on multiple occasions/versions and get the same results each time. Support has not responded to several queries. I regret the purchase.
07/22/2020 16:52:43
We are sorry for this issue. Not all picture books are converted well with KCR converter, but it works well for almost 99% ebook.
08/2/2020 23:09:15
Hello.... Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader is not downloading the files locally and as a result the KCR converter does not work.  What can you suggest?  
08/3/2020 09:45:46
Thank you for using our software. The trial version only allows you convert 20% content of each book. To get the full content, please use the license version.
08/5/2020 07:55:57
Hello, when will you fix the kcr converter?
08/6/2020 22:37:14
It'is not working anymore. But you're still selling as if nothing happened
I want your explanation!!!!
08/7/2020 15:16:18

Thank you for using our software. We are working on this issue. We'll keep you updated.
For now, here is the solution for you:
For Windows users:
You can still follow this guide to decrypt and convert Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate:
For Mac users:

If you have a Kindle e-ink device, you can follow this guide to decrypt and convert Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate:

If you don't have a Kindle e-ink device, but your macOS is below than 10.15 Catalina, you can still follow this guide to decrypt and convert Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate:

If you don’t have a Kindle device, and at the same time your macOS is 10.15 Catalina or higher, we're sorry to tell you that there isn’t any other effective way to decrypt Kindle books, including using Epubor Ultimate, Epubor KCR Converter or any other tool in the market.

08/24/2020 16:26:48
So you continue to sell KCR converter even if it doesn't work !
What is the meaning of that, excepted earning some money
08/25/2020 09:07:34
Thank you for asking. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that this software is no longer available anymore.  
We are not making money with this software.
To be mentioned that it is the kindle cloud reader stopped working not this software. That mean if you download kindle cloud reader books to your computer any more, you still can use this software to convert them.
03/28/2022 08:22:59
Thank you

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