Convert Kindle Cloud Reader to PDF/EPUB/Mobi/AZW3/TXT with Only 1 Click

No need to install Kindle for PC/Mac No need for a Kindle eReader

KCR Converter is a lightweight tool that helps you export Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader and converts your Kindle books to PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT or AZW3 format. Just open KCR Converter, select the output format and click the “Convert” button. The books you have downloaded from Kindle Cloud Reader are converted to the format you have selected.

This neat and simple tool sets you free to read Kindle books on any ebook reader and gives you complete control of your Kindle books by allowing you to back them up permanently on your computer.

KCR Converter

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How to Download Kindle Books from Kindle Cloud Reader?

Step 1. Install the Google Chrome Browser if you do not already have it.

Step 2. Add the Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome extension to your Chrome browser.

Step 3. Login to your Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader on the Chrome browser.

kindle cloud reader app installed

Step 4. Right click the Kindle book and select "Download & Pin Book".

download and pin Kindle cloud reader books

Step 5. Then the Kindle book will be displayed under “Downloaded” tab with green pinned icon under the book cover.

downloaded and pinned kindle books

If you are using the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser, please read>>How to Export Kindle Books with New Microsoft Edge?

How to Convert Kindle Cloud Reader to PDF/EPUB/Mobi/AZW3?

Step 1. Start KCR Converter. All of the Kindle books that you have downloaded and pinned will be displayed automatically in the main window of KCR Converter.

Step 2. Select the check box at the left side of the book(s) you want to convert, choose the output format and click the "Convert to ..." button to start the conversion.

convert kindle cloud reader to mobi

Step 3. All Kindle books will be converted successfully. Once finished, a folder that stores the converted copy of your Kindle books will pop up immediately.

pop up output folder

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can't I enable offline reading on Chrome?

A: Please ensure that you have added the Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome extension to the most recent version of the Google Chrome browser. Then relaunch Google Chrome and login to read.amazon.com to download kindle books.

Q: Can I use Firefox instead of Google Chrome to download Kindle Cloud Reader books?

A: Currently, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge(Version 79.0.309.68 and above) are the only browsers supported by KCR Converter.

What's New

KCR Converter v1.0.1.196- 06/28/2020

1. Fix some minor bugs.

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