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When Amazon first introduced Kindle Cloud Reader, its original purpose is bypassing the cutting of the ebook selling profit on Mac os and iOS devices. Actually, besides purchasing Kindle books, Kindle Cloud Reader also can be assumed as the best kindle book reading app. It allows you to read kindle books online or offline, sync kindle book library to multiple devices, remember your last page, bookmark, highlight and so on. Thanks to the magic of HTML5, Kindle Cloud Reader has gained many fans. Today, I will share some Kindle Cloud Reader tips and facts so that you can enjoy your cloud reading much better.

1. What Browsers are Compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader?

kindle cloud reader tips

Before you login to your Kindle Cloud Reader, please make sure your browser is compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader. Below are Kindle Cloud Reader compatible browsers:

Q: Unable to open Kindle Cloud Reader?

A: Please check whether the browser you are using is compatible  with Kindle Cloud Reader or not. If your web browser is Kindle cloud reader compatible one, the following solutions may fix your problem.

Workaround 1.  Restart your browser in normal mode
Please do not use private browsing mode. If you are using it, just turn it off and restart the browser in normal mode.

Workaround 2. Upgrade your browser to the latest version.

Workaround 3. Clear internet cookies
Clearing internet cookies can help you get this problem fixed if this issue is caused by corrupted data.

2. How to Read Kindle Books with Kindle Cloud Reader app?

Once login to your kindle cloud reader library, you will see all your purchased Kindle books under “Cloud” tab.

kindle cloud reader library

Click the book cover to open the kindle cloud reader books.

kindle cloud reader reading mode

Besides reading books, you can also make highlights and notes, change font settings, toggle bookmarks, and show/hide bookmarks.

make highlights and notes

font settings

This portable web-based reading app can satisfy almost all your needs for reading books. Most importantly, your kindle books can be synced to the last page you read when you open this book at any other device.

sync kindle cloud reader books

FAQ kindle cloud reader can't open this book

Q: "We're sorry. Kindle Cloud Reader can't open this book but you can read it from our free kindle app." When I try to read a Kindle book on my Kindle Cloud Reader, this message pops up.

A: As far as I know, Kindle Cloud Reader doesn't support Kindle textbook reading and downloading. If you are trying to download textbook, you will see this message. Please note that not all kindle books are supported by Kindle Cloud Reader. If your book is unable to open in Kindle Cloud Reader, please go to the ebook product page to check whether the "Deliver to Kindle Cloud Reader " is greyed out or not. If yes, it is not compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader and you cannot read it with Kindle Cloud reader.

3. Easily Access Kindle Highlight for Copying and Deleting

One outstanding feature of kindle cloud reader is that you can manage your Kindle highlights easily without leaving the web browser.

Click “Kindle notes and highlights” button at the top left corner and you will go directly to the Kindle cloud storage which holds all your Kindle notes and highlights.

kindle notes and highlights

You can choose to "Open in Kindle", "add notes", or "delete highlight" directly via the option button. Also, you can copy your highlights to anywhere easily.

manage kindle highlights and notes

4. Can I Read Personal Files with Kindle Cloud Reader?

If you have many personal documents stored on your Kindle Cloud, you may be wondering can I read them on kindle Cloud Reader. The anser is "NO". You will never find any personal documents but only purchased kindle books in your Kindle cloud reader library because this feature is not available for Kindle Cloud Reader.Therefore, you cannot read non-purchased Amazon books with Kindle Cloud Reader.

5. What Devices Support Kindle Cloud Reader?

As the Kindle Cloud Reader is the web-based reader, your devices will support Kindle cloud reader if they have installed Kindle Cloud Reader compatible browser. That means you can access your kindle books via many devices you have, like smartphones, computers or tablets. On these devices, you do not have to install any kindle app, but login to your Kindle Cloud Reader via web browser. Even in the public library, or internet café, you are allowed to access your Kindle cloud reader books. Please remember to log out before you leaving the public computer.

6. Are Kindle Cloud Reader Available around the World?

Kindle Cloud Reader was available only for Kindle users registered in Amazon.com when it was launched at the very beginning. As time goes on, people show great interest to this portable web-based app because of its simplicity,usability and reliability. Therefore, Amazon has expanded it to the worldwide so users around the world can read their kindle books with Kindle Cloud Reader.

The Kindle Cloud Reader login url is almost the same as Kindle store but you stilll only need to change some characters of the url to make it work. Here is the example of changing the Kindle store to Kindle cloud reader: www.amazon.com--->>read.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.jp-->>read.amazon.co.jp.

7. How to Purchase Kindle Books via Kindle Cloud Reader?

Besides reading Kindle books, you can also purchase Kindle books in Kindle cloud reader. Below are detailed steps

1. Login to Kindle cloud reader.

2. Click on "Kindle Store" at the top right corner, and you will go to the Amazon store.

    go to kindle store

    3. Select the book you want to purchase and go to the product details.

    4. Purchase this book as you did before. When you go back to your Kindle cloud reader again, you will find this book displayed in your library.

    8. How to Enable Kindle Cloud Reader Offline Reading and Download Kindle Books?

    Updated 08/17/2020: Kindle Cloud Reader has discontinued the offline reading features. Now you can only read your kindle cloud reader books online without downloading.

    Can you imagine that you can read the kindle books with kindle cloud reader when you lose the internet connection? Kindle Cloud reader offline reading is automatically activated when you login. Let's see how to download kindle cloud reader books.

    1. Login to your read.amazon.com via Google Chrome or Microsoft edge browser.

    2. Click the book cover and open your kindle books. A downloading progress will appear on the bottom-right corner. Please keep this book open until the book has been downloaded completely.

    download kindle cloud reader books

    When the book has been downloaded completely, there will be "Read book" and "Remove Book" when you right click the book cover.

    download kindle cloud reader books

    These downloaded Kindle books are stored at your device as the browser cache. So if you have changed the device to read books via Kindle cloud reader, you will not find the books you downloaded before on the new device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where does Chrome store downloaded books on your Windows/Mac?

    A: After the kindle books has been downloaded via Kindle Cloud Reader, they will be stored at your computer as chrome cache. Actually, these files cannot be considered as normal books because they are just a pile of files which you cannot open with any apps.
    Downloaded Kindle books via Kindle Cloud Reader are stored here:
    Windows: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\databases\https_read.amazon.com_0
    Mac: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/databases/https_read.amazon.com_0

    Q: I cannot enable the offline reading in Google Chrome.

    unable to enable offline reading

    A: Currently, you don't have to enable kindle cloud reader for offline use anymore. It will save for offline use automatically.

    Final Words

    These are all Kindle cloud reader tips and facts I have digged for you guys. If you have any better tips, why not share them in the comment to benefit more Kindle users? Or if you have any question about Kindle Cloud Reader, you are also welcome to leave your questions in the comments, we will try our best to help you get an answer. If you are interesting in backing up your Kindle books, please follow the 100% valid method of removing kindle kfx drm. Just give it a try and reading kindle books will be much easier than ever.

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Yes, Kindle cloud reader has updated recently.
For downloading kindle cloud reader books, please just click the book cover to open this kindle book, and a downloading progress bar will show at the bottom-right corner. Just keep this book open until this the downloading is finished. Restart kcr converter to convert kindle cloud reader books.

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