Epubor Ultimate vs Kindle Converter: Which One Should I Choose?

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With the release of Epubor Kindle Converter, many users are confused about the differences between two popular Epubor software products: Epubor Ultimate and Epubor Kindle Converter. They often wonder which one they should choose. This article aims to answer all your concerns and help you clearly understand which software is the best fit for your needs.

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Epubor Kindle Converter

Epubor Kindle Converter is dedicated to removing DRM from Kindle books, including the kindle books published before and after 2023.

To understand the differences between Epubor Ultimate, we need to know how it works. In the following part, I will show you the general steps of remove kindle drm with Epubor Kindle Converter. You can also read the detailed Epubor Kindle Converter User guide for each platform.

Step 1 Download Epubor Kindle Converter.


Step 2 Download and install Android emulator--Google Android Studio.

download google android studio

Please choose the right Android studio for your platform and follow the on-sceen instructions to install it.

Download Google Android Studio

Step 3 Install Android Emulator on Google Android Studio.

Once installed successfully, you'll see the "Welcome to Android Studio" interface. Here click "More Actions">>"Virtual Device Manager". This will pop up the new window. Here you can click "Create device" to create the Android emulator.

install android emulator

Make sure you choose the correct Android emulator hardware and system images. Below is the correct parameters:

1. Windows & Mac (Intel chip)

Hardware: You can choose any hardware you like. There is not much difference.

System Images: Please choose Android 9.0. If you choose other system images, you may not be able to install the Kindle for Android APK successfully later.

2. Mac ( M1 & M2 chip)

Hardware: "Phone" or "Tablet". No spesific requirements.

System Images: Make sure you choose from the "Other Images" tab.

Release name API Level ABI Target
Android 6.0

select android system image

Step 4 Download and install Kindle for Android app to Android emulator.

Download Kindle APK version 4.16 here

Download Kindle for Android 4.16. Then drag and drop it to the Android emulator to install it.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I choose to use another version of Kindle for Android, like the latest one?

A: No, you cannot. Please choose our recommended version. Otherwise your downloaded kindle books may not show in Epubor Kindle Converter.

Step 5 Download kindle books via Kindle for Android.

Now login your Amazon via Kindle for Android and download kindle books.

download kindle books mac m1

Step 6 Remove and convert kindle books via Kindle Converter.

Go back to the Epubor Kindle Converter, click 'Refresh' to load your downloaded kindle books in the left side. Then drag them to the right column. Choose the target format, and click on "Convert to .." button to start the conversion. Once done, you will get the drm free kindle books in the format you want.

remove kindle drm

Important tips

1. Epubor Kindle Converter works with the Android emulator and Kindle for Android apk version 4.16.

2. You need to download kindle books via kindle for android on Android Emulator.

3. The Epubor Kindle Converter will auto detect your kindle books downloaded via kindle for Android app on Android emulator.

4. You cannot drag and drop ebooks download from kindle for PC or Mac to Epubor Kindle Converter for decrypting and converting.

Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is known for its multiple functionalities. It can not only decrypt eBook DRM but also convert them into different formats. It supports most of the mainstream eBook vendors on the market.

We've already shown you how to remove drm from ebooks with Epubor Ultimate in article: Best DRM Removal Tool for ebooks. You can learn how to remove drm from kindle, kobo, Google play and moer books. Here I will show you how to remove kindle drm with Epubor Ultimate to make the comparison with Epubor Kindle Converter.

Step 1 Download Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Step 2 Download Kindle books.

Different from Kindle Converter, Epubor Ultimate can handle kindle books downloaded from kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac, "Download and transfer via usb" and Kindle eink device.

However, there are some import things you should know before downloading your kindle books.


1. Epubor Ultimate works with the latest kindle desktop applation. Thus the kindle books published in 2023 can be downloaded using the latest Kindle for PC/Mac. 

2. If you have a Kindle e-ink or Kindle Fire device, you can download Kindle books via "Download and transfer via USB" . This method will allow you to download Kindle books published in 2023.  

3. Epubor Ultimate can remove DRM from Kindle devices with firmware older than 5.10.2. If your Kindle device firmware is later than that, please use "Download and transfer via USB" to download Kindle books. This is the easiest way.

Step 3 Remove kindle drm with Epubor Ultimate.

Simply drag Kindle books to the main interface, and the Kindle DRM will be removed. You can also choose to convert them to your preferred eBook formats.

remove Kindle KFX DRM

Kindle Converter vs Epubor Ultimate: Which one should I choose?

Features Epubor Ultimate Kindle Converter
Supported ebook vendor Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, and many more ebook vendors Kindle
Compatible Kindle app
  • The latest Kindle for PC & Kindle for Mac 1.40
  • Kindle device firmware older than 5.10.2
  • "Download and transfer via usb"
  • Kindle for Android 4.16 on Android emulator
Handle kindle books published in 2023


Handle older Kindle books



Handle Kindle KCR books



Q: I only want to handle kindle books on Windows. Which software should I choose?

A: Epubor Ultimate should be the best pick on Windows computer as it can work with the latest Kindle for PC.

Q: I only want to handle kindle books on Mac. Which software should I choose?

Case 1: If you have a Kindle e-ink device, then you can choose Epubor Ultimate. However, please note that some Kindle books downloaded in the latest version of Kindle for Mac may be in Kindle KCR format. In such cases, Epubor Ultimate cannot handle Kindle KCR directly. You can use the ‘Download and transfer via USB’ option to download Kindle books and then remove Kindle KCR DRM with Epubor Ultimate.
Case 2: If you don't have any Kindle e-ink device, there is no way to handle Kindle KCR books on Mac with Epubor Ultimate. In such a case, you can download kindle kcr books on Android emulator and then handle them with Kindle Converter.

Q: I usually purchase ebooks from different vendors. Which one should I choose?

A: If you purchase ebooks not only from kindle, choose Epubor Ultimate. It can handle ebooks purchased from kindle, kobo, google play and more ebooks vendors.

Q: I've already purchased Epubor Ultimate. Do I still need to purchase Epubor Kindle Converter?

A: If you don't have a kindle device but want to handle kindle kindle kcr format on Mac, it is better two purchase both of them.

Q: Is Epubor Kindle Converter part of the Epubor Ultimate?

A: Epubor Kindle Converter and Epubor Ultimate are two separate software. They work in different ways. Usually, Epubor Ultimate works with the Kindle for PC/Mac while kindle Converter works with the Kindle for Android on Android emulator.

Q: Can Epubor Kindle Converter only convert Kindle books from 2023 or does it also convert prior ones?

A: Epubor Kindle Converter can convert both earlier Kindle books and Kindle books published in 2023. So does the Epubor Ultimate.


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