Kindle Dark Mode: How to Turn it On or Off

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Since the software updates regularly, Kindle has a host of new features, some designed to support the enhanced formatting, others are designed to improve the kindle stability. Dark mode catches many of my attention as it’s supposed to make kindle more comfortable for reading in the night or with poor light. This article explains how to turn kindle dark mode on and off. Even more, this article also applies to Kindle app for Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

kindle dark mode

What is Dark Mode in Kindle?

Kindle Dark Mode was previously referred to as Inverted Mode which is using white text and a black background. Actually, this is not a new feature, but Kindle adds a dark mode toggle to the quick settings menu to instantly turn Dark Mode on and off.

Some tips you should know after applying the Dark Mode.

Tip 1 Dark Mode is smoother with page refresh turned off, but you may see a bit of ghosting of text from previous pages. It can be distracted if you turned on page refresh on in Kindle Dark Mode since the screen will flash white with every page turn. You can turn off your page refresh by tapping Settings >>Reading Options >> Page Refresh.

Tip 2 Dark Mode doesn’t work with all content. Comics, for instance, aren’t inverted.

Tip 3 PDFs are inverted but you can’t turn off the page refresh setting with PDFs so the page will flash white with every page turn.

How to turn Kindle Dark Mode on and off?

Before turning on and off the Dark Mode on your kindle, you need to know that this features isn’t available on all kindle models.

Kindles that support Dark Mode include
• Kindle Paperwhite 2021
• Kindle Paperwhite 4 (10th generation)
• Kindle Oasis 2 (9th Generation)
• Kindle Oasis 3 (10th Generation)

If you are not seeing this feature available on your kindles, two things you should check:

1. Go to the home of your kindle, tap at the top of the display to show your menu bar.

2. Tap “Settings” and you’ll see Dark mode icon. Tap it to turn dark mode on. If you want to turn dark mode off, just tap it again.

kindle dark mode

How to Turn kindle app Dark Mode on/off

If you are on Kindle app, it is also easy for you to choose dark mode or light mode.

Kindle for PC Dark Mode

1. Go to the Library of Kindle for PC, click View>>Theme>>Dark. And you’ll end up with your kindle for pc library has been changed for dark mode. If you tried to read books, you’ll find your text is still black with white background. Here is a further step.

kindle for pc dark mode

2. Open any book in your kindle for PC library, then click View>>Color Mode>>Dark.

kindle for pc dark mode

Now this time you’ll see the reading background is black with white text.

Kindle for MAC Dark Mode

Two steps for turning kindle for Mac dark mode on/off:

1. In kindle for Mac Library, click “View>>Theme>>Dark/Light”, you can switch your kindle library between Dark Mode and Light Mode.

kindle for mac dark mode

2. Then open any books, click View>>Color Mode>>Dark, you will turn your Kindle for Mac into Dark Mode. If you want to go to the light mode, just click View>>Color Mode>>White.

kindle for mac dark mode

The steps is almost the same as on Kindle for PC.

Kindle for Android Dark Mode

Kindle app for Android also allows you to turn on dark mode by navigating to More >> Settings >> Color Theme >> Dark. This operation doesn’t change the contents of your ebooks.

kindle for android dark mode

If you want to change your reading background, tap the Aa icon at top of each book, tap Layout and select the black dot.

Kindle for iPhone/iPad Dark Mode

As for kindle app for iOS, it is also dead simple to turn Dark Mode on and off. All you have to do is tap More>Settings>>Color Theme>>Dark. This will only set the Kindle for iOS library in Dark Mode.

kindle for ipad dark mode

To set the reading background color, tap the Aa icon at the top of any book, select Layout and then select Black at the background color.

kindle for ipad dark mode

Some people love Dark Mode. It’s a common feature in reading apps on tablets and phones. Have you turned your kindle/Kindle app Dark Mode on? Let’s know in the comments.


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05/15/2021 00:25:58

For some reason my iPad kindle app has removed dark mode on the Home and Library screens.  None of the Kindle's settings allows me to bring back dark mode.  This is different than the book theme or setting for dark mode while reading.

Do you have any advice on how to restore this?

Thank you,


PS: You text field for Comments print text extremely small do forgive me if there are ny typos. I can't read it as I type.

05/16/2021 13:43:50
I have the same issue as Tod. I just today went into my Kindle App on my Galaxy S10 and dark mode is not only off its completely gone. It's no longer an option from settings...it's completely disappeared
07/31/2021 23:36:23
Thanks - unfortunately Kindle seems to have made the ridiculous decision to integrate dark mode with the Android setting - now if I want to see anything I have to change it in the display settings in Android, and then change it back once I'm done!
10/12/2021 09:30:52
my kindle doesn't do dark mode is there a way to turn it on
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