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How to download a kindle dictionary to my Kindle? Is there any free kindle dictionary online? You maybe encounter in different kindle dictionary issue when using kindle. Here I want to share some sources for you to download kindle dictionary as well as fix the kindle dictionary not working issue.

kindle dictionary download

1. Built-in Kindle Dictionary Download

Do you know that Kindle comes with a couple of English built-in dictionaries, along with a bunch of free foreign-language dictionaries that you can download from the cloud.

To see all the kindle built-in dictionaries, you can just check it on Amazon website:

Manage Your Contents and Devices –> “Contents” –> “Show: Dictionaries&User Guides”

show kindle built-in dictionary

To download Kindle dictionary, just click the action button before the dictionary, and select to "Deliver to ..." the kindle device you want to install the dictionary.

Or if you are on your Kindle device, you can see all of them here:

Your Library–>All–>Dictionaries(*You may need to go to the last page of your library to see this Dictionaries folder.)

kindle built-in dictionary

To download the built-in dictionary, just tap the dictionary cover and wait for the downloading.  It is super easy to download Kindle built-in dictionary.

After the kindle dictionary has been downloaded, you can see it here on your kindle device:

Settings > All Settings > Languages & Dictionaries > Dictionaries

2. Free Kindle Dictionary Download

Besides the kindle built-in dictionary, you can sideload your own dictionaries as long as they are in the proper format. Here I want to share some free kindle dictionary for you to download.

Source 1: WordNet Kindle Dictionary

WordNet is a lexical database for the English language. Below is the dictionaries from WordNet.

WordNet Kindle Dictionary
WordNet 3 Easy English dictionary English English
WordNet 3 Infused ES  English + Spanish Español
WordNet 3 Infused TR English + Turkish Türkçe
WordNet 3 Infused CN English + Chinese simplified  Chinese simplified
WordNet 3 Infused IT   English + Italian Italiano
WordNet 3 Infused FR  English + French Français
WordNet 3 Infused RU English + Russian  Russian
WordNet 3 Infused RO   English + Romanian Româna
WordNet 3 Infused PT   English + Portuguese Português
WordNet 3 Infused CN  English + Chinese traditional Chinese traditional
WordNet 3 Infused LV  English + Latvian Latviešu
WordNet 3 Infused TH  |  English + Thai Thai

You can download any of these dictionaries from here>>

Source 2: Search and download Kindle Dictionary online

You can even search the dictionary here according the language: https://dictionaries.io/kindle/install

Source 3: 100 Free Kindle Dictionary(Source From Kindlefere)

  1. Conley, Craig – One-Letter Words, A Dictionary.mobi | Download (724KB)
  2. De-De-Wahrig.mobi | Download (32.1MB)
  3. DeRuLein.mobi | Download (10.5MB)
  4. Dictionnaire_Francais_de_definitions.mobi | Download (10.9MB)
  5. Duden_Deutsches_Universalwoerterbuch.mobi | Download (19.9MB)
  6. Ehrlich, Eugene – The Highly Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate.mobi | Download (430KB)
  7. Ehrlich, Eugene – The Highly Selective Dictionary of Golden Adjectives for the Extraordinarily Literate.mobi | Download (559KB)
  8. En-En-Cobuild5.mobi | Download (17.9MB)
  9. En-En-Longman_Activator.mobi | Download (29.1MB)
  10. En-En-Longman_DOCE5_Combined.prc | Download (120.6MB)
  11. En-En-Oxford_Collocations.mobi | Download (47.2MB)
  12. En-En_Britannica_Encyclopedia_2010.mobi | Download (174.6MB)
  13. En-En_Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary_compressed.mobi | Download (225.6MB)
  14. EncyclopediaEnglishFull.prc | Download (204MB)
  15. En_Ru_NBARS_Dictionary_1_0.mobi | Download (37.6MB)
  16. En_Ru_NBARS_Dictionary_1_0_TransImg_U1.mobi | Download (17.1MB)
  17. FR-FR – Grand Robert.mobi | Download (90.4MB)
  18. Lat-Rus_Quotations.prc | Download (523KB)
  19. LingvoUniversalEnRu.mobi | Download (31.6MB)
  20. Longman 5th.prc | Download (66MB)
  21. MedicalEncyclopedia_1_0.prc | Download (221MB)
  22. Million Word Crossword Dictionary.mobi | Download (11.8MB)
  23. ModernUsageEsRu.mobi | Download (7.2MB)
  24. Oxford Companion to 20th Century Poetry.mobi | Download (1.1MB)
  25. Oxford Companion to Local and Family History.mobi | Download (368KB)
  26. Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Literature.mobi | Download (1.2MB)
  27. Oxford Concise Companion to English Literature.mobi | Download (1.8MB)
  28. Oxford Concise Companion to Irish Literature.mobi | Download (823KB)
  29. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Archaeology.mobi | Download (1.1MB)
  30. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art and Artists.mobi | Download (1.1MB)
  31. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Art Terms.mobi | Download (446KB)
  32. Oxford Concise Dictionary of English Etymology.mobi | Download (2MB)
  33. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Linguistics.mobi | Download (677KB)
  34. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms.mobi | Download (407KB)
  35. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Music.mobi | Download (2.9MB)
  36. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Opera.mobi | Download (1.3MB)
  37. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Politics.mobi | Download (871KB)
  38. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Proverbs.mobi | Download (778KB)
  39. Oxford Concise Dictionary of Quotations.mobi | Download (2.2MB)
  40. Oxford Concise Dictionary of the Christian Church.mobi | Download (1.4MB)
  41. Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions.mobi | Download (1.9MB)
  42. Oxford Concise English Dictionary (11th ed.).mobi | Download (13.2MB)
  43. Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary.mobi | Download (3.8MB)
  44. Oxford Dictionary of 20th Century Art.mobi | Download (1.3MB)
  45. Oxford Dictionary of 20th Century Quotations.mobi | Download (1.4MB)
  46. Oxford Dictionary of 20th Century World History.mobi | Download (2.6MB)
  47. Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations.mobi | Download (1.2MB)
  48. Oxford Dictionary of Accounting.mobi | Download (578KB)
  49. Oxford Dictionary of Architecture.mobi | Download (5.1MB)
  50. Oxford Dictionary of Art.mobi | Download (1.4MB)
  51. Oxford Dictionary of Biology.mobi | Download (2.6MB)
  52. Oxford Dictionary of Business.mobi | Download (1.2MB)
  53. Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry.mobi | Download (2.1MB)
  54. Oxford Dictionary of Computing.mobi | Download (1.8MB)
  55. Oxford Dictionary of Dance.mobi | Download (1MB)
  56. Oxford Dictionary of Ecology.mobi | Download (1.5MB)
  57. Oxford Dictionary of Economics.mobi | Download (984KB)
  58. Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore.mobi | Download (968KB)
  59. Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar.mobi | Download (706KB)
  60. Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names.mobi | Download (1.1MB)
  61. Oxford Dictionary of Finance and Banking.mobi | Download (681KB)
  62. Oxford Dictionary of First Names.mobi | Download (709KB)
  63. Oxford Dictionary of Food and Nutrition.mobi | Download (691KB)
  64. Oxford Dictionary of Geography.mobi | Download (1.8MB)
  65. Oxford Dictionary of Idioms.mobi | Download (992KB)
  66. Oxford Dictionary of Law.mobi | Download (903KB)
  67. Oxford Dictionary of Medicines.mobi | Download (766KB)
  68. Oxford Dictionary of Nursing.mobi | Download (2.6MB)
  69. Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.mobi | Download (881KB)
  70. Oxford Dictionary of Physics.mobi | Download (1.8MB)
  71. Oxford Dictionary of Political Biography.mobi | Download (976KB)
  72. Oxford Dictionary of Psychology.mobi | Download (2.5MB)
  73. Oxford Dictionary of Scientists.mobi | Download (1.2MB)
  74. Oxford Dictionary of Shakespeare.mobi | Download (335KB)
  75. Oxford Dictionary of Sociology.mobi | Download (1.2MB)
  76. Oxford Dictionary of the Bible.mobi | Download (778KB)
  77. Oxford Dictionary of the Internet.mobi | Download (563KB)
  78. Oxford Dictionary of World History.mobi | Download (3.4MB)
  79. Oxford Food & Fitness.mobi | Download (1.4MB)
  80. Oxford Paperback Thesaurus.mobi | Download (2.5KB)
  81. Oxford The Kings and Queens of Britain.mobi | Download (582KB)
  82. Oxford Who’s Who in Opera.mobi | Download (756KB)
  83. Oxford Who’s Who in the 20th Century.mobi | Download (1.4MB)
  84. Oxford Who’s Who in the Classical World.mobi | Download (961KB)
  85. Pocket Fowler’s Modern English Usage.mobi | Download (947KB)
  86. Pocket Oxford English Dictionary.mobi | Download (4.1MB)
  87. Pocket Oxford English-French Dictionary.mobi | Download (745KB)
  88. Pocket Oxford English-German Dictionary.mobi | Download (1.6MB)
  89. Pocket Oxford English-Spanish Dictionary.mobi | Download (1.9MB)
  90. Pocket Oxford French-English Dictionary.mobi | Download (752K
  91. RuEnMega.mobi | Download (19.5MB)
  92. RuRuAll2.mobi | Download (140.8MB)
  93. RuRuAsis.mobi | Download (35.9MB)
  94. RuRuBSE.mobi | Download (155.8MB)
  95. RuRuDmitriev.mobi | Download (3.6MB)
  96. ruwiki_ak.mobi | Download (153MB)
  97. ruwiki_ly.mobi | Download (151.1MB)
  98. The New Penguin Dictionary of Modern Quotations.mobi | Download (3.1MB)
  99. UniversalFrRu_0_6.mobi | Download (3.1MB)

3. Solutions for Kindle Dictionary not Working

1. Kindle Dictionary not showing up in Kindle

There are no dictionaries on your device for this book’s language. To download a dictionary, go to the cloud or purchase one from them Kindle Store.

1. Please ensure your downloaded Kindle dictionary in the correct format: mobi or prc format.
2. Change the language to English with Epubor Ultimate by editing metadata of your dictionary.
Tip: If your Kindle is in a language other than English, you may have an alternate dictionary installed already in the Languages.

2. How do I turn on the dictionary in Kindle?

Go to the homescreen of your kindle, go to Settings > All Settings > Languages & Dictionaries > Dictionaries. Then choose the dictionary you want to activate. If you've already set a dictionary, just activate another one and then back the one you prefer. Then restart the kindle device to see whether your kindle dictionary has been activated or not.

kindle dictionary working

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