Kindle DRM Removal, Easily Remove Kindle DRM AZW/KFX

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When we paying money for a Kindle book, we are only allowed to rent them from the Amazon store instead of truly owning it. In fact Amazon adds Kindle DRM on their digital books which bind us with his Kindle devices or Kindle app. So if we want to read our purchased Kindle books more freely, the Epubor Ultimate is needed.

What is Kindle DRM?

Kindle DRM is a "Digital Rights Management" technology adopted by Amazon Kindle. So for us customers maybe it is difficult to understand what it is on earth. But I think you may start to know it after reading these examples below. kindle drm

You bought a Kindle book and transfer it to iTunes, but iBooks told you that you can't open this book!

You found an interesting Kindle book and you were so happy that you can't help sharing it with your best friends, but when she opened it Amazon lets him purchase a copy from the Kindle store!

You often bought books from amazon.com and also japan amazon, so you need to switch account on kindle eReader if you want to read different books (different languages)!

Amazon may delete your purchases (and even your account) from your Kindle Cloud without saying anything. So some Kindle ebook buyer may find that their purchased books disappeared from Kindle Cloud!

Yes this is Kindle DRM. Kindle DRM definitely has no benefit but only inconvenience for we customers and readers .

Why We Need Epubor Ultimate

1. I want to read my Kindle books on iPad iBooks, not only on Kindle paperwhite, or with kindle app.

kindle drm removed

2. I want to back up my books so that even amazon abandoned it one day I can still enjoy them permanently. I want my purchases 100% owned by myself.

3. I hope I can share my books with my family and friends, so they don't need to buy them again.

4. I want to print my Kindle pages to paper.

5. Save my time to download the same book on several different devices. It makes me angry when there is no Wifi but I must download the book before reading.

There are enough reasons that we need an Epubor Ultimate.

Now following parts will teach you how to remove DRM from Kindle books. It will also show you some frequently asked questions that you may meet during the process of removing kindle DRM.

Download Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate software helps you remove drm from common Kindle books with high speed.

First download Epubor Ultimate for Win/Mac to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Support formats: KFX, PDF, Epub, AZW, AZW3, Mobi, AZW4, Topaz, etc

Batch decryption: Yes

It provides you 3 methods to strip kindle DRM from Amazon books.

Method 1: Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle for PC/Mac

This is the most reliable method, no matter you have a Kindle device or not. You just need a Kindle desktop reading app, and make sure you can read your books on your computer first.

Download Kindle for PC Download Kindle for Mac

Step 1: Register Kindle App

Get this Kindle desktop reading app started. The first time you run it, it will ask you to register. On the "Register Kindle" window you just need to input your Amazon account and the password.

register kindle

Soon you will see your own Kindle library. These books are those ones you bought from kindle store with your account.

Maybe some books already have been downloaded (Archived Items), while others haven't been downloaded yet. Double click on the cover to start downloading the book.

But for successfully removing kindle DRM, you must make sure that the books which you want to remove their DRM are downloaded well to your local computer. In other words, you must make sure you can see these books in "Downloaded".

kindle downloaded items

All the downloaded items are saved well on your local computer.

How to find the downloaded Kindle books on PC?

kindle books stored location on pc

"Tools" -> "Options" -> "Content"

Finding downloaded kindle books on Mac will be a little different. But don't worry, follow the steps as these screenshots you will succeed.

How to find the download Kindle books on Mac?

kindle books stored location on mac

"Kindle" -> "Preferences"-> "Content Folder"

Know more about kindle books location, please read Where are Kindle Books Stored on PC/MAC/Android

Failed to remove DRM from Kindle for PC (.azw) 2018

If you found that after adding books to epubor ultimate, it failed to help you remove the DRM, the highly recommended solution is checking your kindle for pc version(Help > About Kindle).

kindle for pc 1.25

If you found that your version is 1.25 or above, please uninstall your kindle desktop from your computer (now neither Epubor nor Calbire could help directly handle this new drm scheme), and delete the "My Kindle Content" folder from your computer, then download the kindle for pc v1.24 or Kindle for Mac v1.23 please.

The current and unique solution for this problem is downgrading your kindle desktop to older version! So after you installing the older version of Kindle desktop, don't forget to STOP auto updating.

Step 2: Run Epubor Ultimate Software

At first glance you will see the clean interface, it is way easier to operate than Calibre Kindle-DRM removal plugin. So this tool will be your best choice if you are not familiar with computer skills.

kindle drm removal for PC Mac

This tool displays the built-in kindle library clearly on the left side. One of its wonderful functions is that Epubor Ultimate can automatically detect all your Kindle books that already downloaded to your computer via Kindle for PC/Mac.

Drag them to the right area. Epubor Ultimate will help you remove drm from kindle books in batch at once. Once finished please click on the blue button "Decrypted" to open the output folder where those eBooks are stored.

In most cases, the book format (originally was .azw) will be changed to .mobi or .azw3 after drm removing. But don't worry it just removes the drm limitation, no change to your book files' quality and content.

Method 2: Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle E-ink eReaders

This method will be easier than method 1 if you own a Kindle e-ink eReader, as this Epubor Ultimate can detect the device and sync books automatically. And there is no need to install the Kindle for PC or Mac app.

Step 1: Download books to Kindle E-ink device

On Kindle there are some books are saved in "Cloud", and others are saved on "On Device". So for successfully removing DRM it is necessary to make your books download to your Kindle device.

downloaded to kindle e-ink

Step 2: Plug in Kindle and run Epubor Ultimate.

Connect your Kindle to computer with USB cable and run Epubor Ultimate. Soon on the left side layout you will see your device and your book files list.

Multiple Kindle devices plugged in at the same time are supported as well.

Step 3: Drag books from left side to the right blank area

Select the books and drag them to the right blank area. You will be surprised that this software can remove DRM so fast without inputting KSN! In fact it can read the basic information of your Kindle when detecting your device, including the Kindle Serial Number.

remove kindle drm from eink

Why I found that not all my Kindle files are listed under the device name?

This software can only read your Kindle books that saved in your Kindle "Documents" folder. So when meeting a problem like this, please check the "Kindle" drive on your computer and copy them into the documents folder.

find all kindle books downloaded to E-ink devices

But if you want, you can also click on "Add" button to choose files from your local kindle drive.

Failed to remove DRM from Paperwhite 4 (Firmware 5.10.2 and above)

After you connected your device to computer and found that you failed to remove DRM, like this,

kindle firmware drm remove failed

The first solution you should do is, checking your Kindle firmware version. Amazon releases its latest software named firmware 5.10.2 and above, which makes it impossible for (both Epubor and Calibre) us to directly remove DRM from kindle devices.

kindle firmware drm remove failed

(Image from mobileread)

If it's 5.10.2 and above, I will recommend you use Kindle for PC/Mac (older version than 1.25) to sync your books and then DeDRM.

Another solution is downloading directly from Amazon website content page and DeDRM by KSN.

transfer downloaded kfx books

Confirm your Kindle device's name (...'s kindle), then select that device, download.

download kfx

Different from downloading directly from Kindle eReader, the downloaded file is azw3, not the KFX. You can just save the downloaded .azw3 files on the desktop of your computer.

Now connect your Kindle e-ink device to computer, run Epubor Ultimate (You should plug the Kindle e-ink device because Epubor Ultimate needs to detect the Kindle serial number).

Then just add the .azw3 files to Epubor Ultimate to remove the DRM.

remove kindle kfx drm

Tips: This is a temporary method but Epubor team now is developing the solution, and will soon resolve it and upgrade our software (upgrade is free).

Method 3: Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle for Android App

I won't recommend you remove Kindle DRM with this way unless you can only download Kindle books on a Android tablet or phone.

I believe there are few people will try this method. If you don't have a computer, how can you free download this Epubor Ultimate? If you have a computer, why not try the method 1?

  • It only works for android 4.1 (or lower version)
  • You should install a third party (special) Kindle for Android
  • Have to try again and again by manually inputting the PIDs

If you have to do so, or want to do so, follow the steps and keep patient please.

Download Kindle for Android

Step 1: Open books and find PID list

Get your Kindle android app started, log in with your own amazon account. Find your purchases and click to download.

How to find PID from Kindle for Android?

Open some books and slide some pages (remember that only by books opened, the PIDs will be generated). Then visit "Info - About - PID List" to see those PIDs.

open pid from kindle for android

See? There are so many PIDs that you should try one by one. And often each PID does have capital letters, small letters and Arabic numerals, which will bring you inconvenience when inputting. Calm down and be mindful.

Note: If you haven't opened any book files, when you click "PID List" you will see some words: Open DRMed books to show PID list.

open to find pids

Step 2: Find books and add them to remove

Kindle books synced via Kindle for Android are in PRC format. And they are stored under "/com.amazon.kindle/files/". So please search them on your android.

find files

find prc

Then copy the books to the software. When books added, this software will pop up a window that lets you input the PID.

remove kindle drm from kindle for android app

Tried all the PID correctly but failed finally. Why?

The PIDs will change each time when you open different books. So please open your book and slide some pages so that the PIDs have been fully written down to your Android without any problems.


Kindle Android KFX

From Kindle for Android v7.2 or later, all the downloaded Kindle files will be kfx format, but not the PRC. The location of the main book folder will be something like "/Android/data/com.amazon.kindlefc/files/Bxxxxxxxxx/CR!xxxxxx.kfx" files.

android kindle kfx

Most of these KFX files have DRM. As far as I know, there is currently no working method for directly DRM Removing from the Kindle for Android App (Kindle Fire tablets included). Use Kindle desktop or Kindle device or Kindle Cloud Reader to help download kindle titles please. Then previous methods help you.

Use Epubor Ultimate for yourself, not for piracy

Even though there are a lot of reasons that we need a Epubor Ultimate for better reading, but the basic principle is: We must use it just for ourselves!

The key to remove Kindle DRM is based on your own purchases, and this is also the reason why this tool needs you log in your amazon account, or KSN, or the PID. They are all linked to yourself.

You can transfer your books to multiple different devices, back up your kindle books, share them with your friends, and so on. But no reselling!

Free Download

works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

02/27/2015 15:56:14

Your trick didnt work for my ebook.

I bought it from Amazon. I wanted to remove DRM. but ur program did something (no idea, it worked or not). I tried to convert into pdf with calibre but it failed.

02/27/2015 19:05:41


Could you tell me the format of your Amazon Kindle book?

To solve your problem, you can directly open a ticket to contact us:  http://ticket.epubor.com/

05/5/2015 05:13:43
Where do I find the Kindle serial number on my Ipod Touch?
05/5/2015 23:11:06

Thanks for using our software!
We can't decrypt Kindle books in iOS system(iPod) directly, but you can sync books to your computer, then Epubor software can decrypt them.

1, Download and install Kindle for PC/MAC;
2, Authorize Kindle software with your amazon ID, and sync all books to computer, make sure you can read all ebooks.
3, Run Epubor software, drag the books to Left panel, all done.


06/30/2015 16:32:00
thx it worked!!!!!!!
12/26/2015 12:44:21
Will your software allow me to convert iBooks to Kindle?
12/26/2015 12:45:22
Sorry iBooks are impossible to decrypt.
01/11/2016 16:45:08
Did not work... removed DRM from a kindle book (move to converted folder as AZW3, but could not move that file to my KOBO tablet... Any idea what's going wrong? Luckily, I did not buy your software yet, just using the trial version.  
Thank you.
01/11/2016 19:08:26


You mean you want to transfer decrypted Kindle books to Kindle app for Android on your Kobo tablet?

01/11/2016 23:48:57
Why It is not possible to remove from some new azw4 files recently with above trick ??
Is there any new DRM protection in recent .azw4 files ??
01/11/2016 23:48:58
For decrypting books from Kindle device:
1, Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable.
2, Directly drag the books from rightside column into leftside main window.

For decrypting books from Kindle for PC/Mac:
1, Download and authorize Kindle for PC/Mac with your Amazon ID.
2, Launch Kindle for PC/Mac, sync all books to your computer and make sure you can read all the books.
3, Run Epubor software, all done.

Detailed info: http://www.epubor.com/faq.html

02/14/2016 10:46:03
Downloaded .exe file (drm removal file), tried 3 times to run it.  Ran extremely slow, then quit with "network error".  Other files from other sites downloaded just fine, no errors on running setup files.  Downloaded .exe file second time, thinking maybe first download was corrupted - same result.  I give up, file download does not work for me.
03/11/2016 10:30:13
Does the software work with windows 7 ?
03/13/2016 22:53:38
Yes, it's compatible with win7.
03/12/2016 17:49:10
Could not remove DRM on a Kindle azw book on my W7 pc that I just downloaded.
03/13/2016 23:16:00


Can you tell me more details? Is there any error message?

07/21/2016 06:14:36
I run Epubor to remove kindle drm and it completed and folder appeared in kindle content but no file was there.
Please advise.
08/4/2016 02:47:40


About your problem I will recommend you contact Epubor support team(support@epubor.com) because we need to see the screenshot and check the details.

08/11/2016 21:26:09
Hello, I have changed 3 kfx ebooks to azw format using Ultimate, then imported them to Epubor DRM Removal, but I get a "Failed" message when I drag them to the right part of the screen. The 3 ebooks remain locked. Any clue?
01/19/2017 08:36:32

I bought a kindle book yesterday; the files on my pc are .azw, .azw.res, .azw.md plus a few more files .phl and a voucher file. The .azw file is 480k, and the azw.res is 1.8M.

So far every effort to remove drm or convert to other format fail.

Any help please?

02/15/2017 10:41:21
You need downgrade Kindle for PC v1.19 to v1.17.
More details: http://www.epubor.com/faq.html#e106
01/19/2017 11:33:34
I followed your instructions with a standard kindle eBook. Your software gave an unknown error - "protected by a kind of DRM we do not support". There were quite a few files in the folder for that book - lots of .azw.res
01/19/2017 11:33:35
For decrypting books from Kindle device:
1, Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable.
2, Directly drag the books from rightside column into leftside main window.

For decrypting books from Kindle for PC/Mac:
1, Download and authorize Kindle for PC/Mac with your Amazon ID.
2, Launch Kindle for PC/Mac, sync all books to your computer and make sure you can read all the books.
3, Run Epubor software, all done.

Detailed info: http://www.epubor.com/faq.html

02/15/2017 10:40:27
You need downgrade Kindle for PC v1.19 to v1.17.
More details: http://www.epubor.com/faq.html#e106
02/2/2017 04:32:42
Your software does nothing for the new protection from Amazon it seems. Downloaded book is downloaded into a folder inside the kindle content folder. Has several files with it. A tmp folder, .azw .voucher and .azw.md   There is nothing in the tmp folder. But none of these files will work with your program. Any help?
02/11/2017 07:42:38
I'm having same problems! they need to update software
02/15/2017 10:30:19
You need downgrade Kindle for PC v1.19 to v1.17.
More details: http://www.epubor.com/faq.html#e106
02/3/2017 02:39:27


I'm having the same issue as "Me". I download my kindle books locally to my PC. Then I add the to the Kindle DRM remover app. The books are downloaded as .azw files. If this can be remedied, I'd gladly pay for your software!

02/4/2017 20:19:54
I replaced the new version of the Kindle program with the previous one: KindleForMac-44182-2 and it works again.
02/9/2017 20:24:49
Same issue as "Me" and "Brian". The Kindle ebook is downloaded to the PC into a folder inside the "My Kindle Content" folder. Several files are contained : .azw, .mbpV2,.voucher, .azw.md, .azw.res and an empty tmp folder.
Epubor Kindle DRM Removal says (in French): Unknown error.... your book is protected by DRM we do not support.
02/15/2017 10:25:00
Because Kindle for PC/Mac has automatically upgrade to v1.19, that makes kindle books are changed to KFX file format.
Please downgrade to v1.17 or older version.
More details:
02/27/2017 04:44:05
The downgrade does not work for me.  azw.res file gets error message.
01/17/2018 00:40:24
Likewise. Still not fixed. Doesn't work for me.
04/8/2017 15:04:24
Is there a way to remove DMR from my kindle books to transfer them to any Sony Reader Daily Edition?
05/25/2017 17:06:22
Sure, you can, it's easy, why not download the software to have a try.
09/2/2017 16:24:53
Just wanted to comment on here and say that as of September 2, 2017 this program works. I converted an .azw file to .mobi file and then from there converted it to .pdf as I had desired. No apparent issues so far. Great program!
09/2/2017 16:24:53
For decrypting books from Kindle device:
1, Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable.
2, Directly drag the books from rightside column into leftside main window.

For decrypting books from Kindle for PC/Mac:
1, Download and authorize Kindle for PC/Mac with your Amazon ID.
2, Launch Kindle for PC/Mac, sync all books to your computer and make sure you can read all the books.
3, Run Epubor software, all done.

Detailed info: http://www.epubor.com/faq.html

09/5/2017 15:05:24
Thank you for your comment!Glad to hear that.
09/12/2017 14:45:11
As of Sept 12, 2017, recent Kindle purchases failed to be converted by this program. I suspect this is because of a change in encryption scheme by Amazon. At least when served to the Mac version of their Kindle app. So caveat emptor: the Epubor's application is now mostly useless, until they catch up to Amazon
10/21/2017 20:59:19
12/4/2017 22:05:15
STAY AWAY. WASTE OF TIME> DECEMBER 4th - NOT WORK on MAC kindle 1.17 and latest update. They won't even reply to msg. if you pay it does not even work.
12/13/2017 02:21:26
I can't write what I want
12/16/2017 17:51:46

Running Windows 10. Free trial of this software down loaded fine. I ran the DRM removal on a kindle book I had dropped onto my PC. It stripped the DRM, left me with TXT file which I then loaded into MSWord, reformatted into something intelligible.

Reasonably satisfied.

01/4/2018 09:42:35

I followed all the instructions.
It worked good, BUT, it does not convert the entire book, just the first couple of chapters.. why is that? So yes, the tool works, but it is in a way useless, because I need the entire book, not just the first chapters.


01/10/2018 09:55:22
The trial version only can decrypt 20% content of each book. So you may try the licensed version to get the full content of this book.
12/19/2020 21:36:02
I don't really know how testing the trial version. I wanted to try the pdf output but the trial version produced only txt files (or pdf-like text files, not well formatted pdf files)
12/22/2020 10:12:57
Thank you for using our software. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that this is the trial limits. To get the pdf file, please upgrade the software to licensed version.
Also, we have 30-day money back guarantee. Please just get the full license to unlock its full features.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact me via epubor.iris@gmail.com
01/4/2018 10:05:24


I could not convert the complete book, it only converted part of it.
BUT, when I used your online tool it worked PERFECT!!

thank you so much!


02/1/2018 01:21:05

same problem with azw.md files, not working


02/1/2018 10:20:20
azw.md file is metadata of this book, there is no need to decrypt it. For more information about kindle kfx, you can read this article "All Things about Kindle KFX You May Want to Know". It explains very file on your book subfolder.
08/5/2019 00:54:23
Hei, thanks for your guide. I was able to drm some Kindle book I want to save. Now I have a _nodrm.azw file on my pc. The issue is to visualize them on my Android phone. I tried with librera but the book loads but I don't see anything (just a number code, no title, no cover). Do you think it's safe to visualize them on Kindle app for Android registered with my amazon account? I mean, it seems to me a bit silly using their invasive app for reading a stripped book from their catalog... Plus: I store these books on Drive, ho could I open it with Kindle for Android. I'm a little bit confused sorry.
(converting to ePub isn't a solution because I need to save index structure of these books. I easily read the ePub version on any reader, but without any internal content organization it's just a mess!)
08/5/2019 10:01:58
Thank you for using our software. For reading ebooks on android device, you'd better convert the .azw file to azw3 or mobi and then read it with Kindle for android.
09/20/2019 13:50:04
Wow, interesting.  Thank you for the information.
09/20/2019 14:10:41
My name is Jinnie. I entered it in Kanji but it apparently didn’t work.
10/27/2019 18:54:39

I want my money back!!!

I have deleted kindle content. I have installed the version 1.24 of kindle. I have removed autoupdate of kindle.

But after using epubor on 19 Files I become 12 pdf, 4 azw3 and 3 azw files.

The azw3 and azw I cannot open. You sell your software with wrong promises!!!

10/28/2019 11:38:20
Please describe your problem more clearly. We don't understand what's the issue now. You can just send the original DRM-free file and the converted file to support@epubor.com. They will help you fix it ASAP.
We offer 30day money back guarantee. You don't need to worry your money, sir.
02/8/2020 23:49:26

I don't own a Kindle device, but I have bought some books to read on the Kindle app installed on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac; now I want to read them on the Kobo Aura, but, of course, there is no way to convert those files because of DRM... I tried to follow Method #1 — install an earlier version of the Kindle App. Well, under macOS Catalina, the old version (being 32-bits) will not run. Downgrading is always a bad idea — there are good reasons for Amazon having released a newer version! I could, in theory, install an older version of macOS (like Mojave), which ought to run the old Kindle app, but that is really demanding too much!

There is no issue with your application (it runs perfectly under macOS Catalina); it's just that you're 'demanding' an environment which is simply not reasonable in 2020.

02/9/2020 18:47:21

Thank you for using our software.  To convert kindle books to read on kobo on mac catalina, you can use epubor kcr converter>>https://www.epubor.com/kcr-converter.html

Any more problem, please feel free to let us know.

04/15/2020 02:10:12
Solo me desencripta el 20% del libro, no había unos días de prueva gratuitos sin tener que comprar el programa??
04/16/2020 04:08:20
I am able to covert books, however, It is not converting the book completely how do I fix that?
10/3/2020 07:38:56

Congratulations. Well done guides. Really useful, practical guidance. I look forward to exploring it.

One immediate question - we get "free" books (actually it's they are rented book, free under Kindle Unlimited) which have to be returned to allow the downloading of other additional books (limit is 10 books at any given time). We have a Kindle Paperwhite (wife's ereader) and A Kobo Aura (my ereader). Some Kindle Unlimited books we get "free" may be a good read for me but ... if we transfer it out of Kindle to eventually find its way to the Kobo, is there a practical safe method to return it later to Amazon?

We are in Canada and ebooks from our library can download to our Kobo through the legacy Overdrive app (Libby doesn't work here although it is apparently used in the U.S. library systems). The books come through to us as ACSM files. I believe the Overdrive ebooks can find their way to the Kindle reader but we still have to test this.

We look forward to your comments on the question regarding Kindle Unlimited books travelling to Kobo and whether there is a feasible return trip to the Kindle reader and ultimately return the to Amazon Canada.

Thank you!

12/22/2020 14:11:39

I use the trial version of Ultimate and go through the process of removing DRM on a Kindle ( downloaded with the old version).  It says "decrypted" with the green check. But all of the content just has the text below.  There is nothing more, not any 20% of ebook content.  Did it really decrypt the file?  If I buy the license, and find out it doesn't decrypt more of the book, I will have wasted my money.  Please let my know that the DRM is really being removed and I will be able to see the content.

Your ebook has decrypted.
The TXT file just save 20% of ebook content.
Please register the software, then get all contents and the valid ebook format.

12/23/2020 08:55:28
Thank you for using our software. Yes, if this software can decrypt the 20% content, it can handle this book completely. This the trial limit. So please upgrade your software to enjoy the full features.
If you have any more questions about this software, please feel free to contact us via epubor.iris@gmail.com
12/26/2020 22:10:50
I have the older version of Kindle for  (1.23.1)Mac and have downloaded an ebook. When I load epubor Ultimate there is no Kindle ebook in the left hand page, I tried to drag and drop from the Kindle for Mac screen into Ultimate but nothing happened. Have pretty well followed all instructions but to no avail.
12/29/2020 15:55:09
Thank you for using our software. Please delete the kindle books you downloaded before and then redownload it via kindle for mac 1.23. The on the left panel (under kindle tab), just drag it to the right panel to remove drm. If you are still failed, please contact us via epubor.iris@gmail.com. I will help you fix it.
03/3/2021 22:26:39
I have a Mac with MacOs Big Sur 11.2.2, and Epubor is not working any more to remove kindle DRM.
I don't know What I can do, but I am really disappointed that I cannot remove DRM from Kindle books.
03/4/2021 09:18:49
Thank you for using our software. Please note Epubor software still can remove drm from kindle books on big sur. For the details, please read this guide>>https://www.epubor.com/remove-kindle-drm-on-macos-1015-catalina.html
03/16/2021 00:16:17
Trying to load the older Kindle app V 1.23 on my Mac running OS Catalina 10.15.7.  I get the error message :  "You can't copy the item "Kindle" because its name is too long or includes characters that are invalid on the destination volume."  Suggestions?
03/17/2021 10:37:39
Thank you for your comments. But this online convert only converts  DRM-free ebooks.
03/30/2021 07:50:29
KCR conversion doesn't work.
03/30/2021 10:21:56
Thank you for asking. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that the kcr conversion is not supported any more.
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