Kindle Fire HD vs. Google Nexus 7

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Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 have become face-to-face rivals in the 7-inch tablet market with the similar configuration and the same price. Many people who intend to buy a tablet know both are good picks, however, the problem that which one is the better still remains to be answered. This article aims to shed light on this problem from 3 aspects.

1. Reading eBooks

Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7-Kindle Fire HD

For a huge number of people, one of the primary functions of a tablet might come to reading eBooks. As both companies can’t make money with hardware, they have to recoup their loss in other ways, which is unquestionably done by us customers. That partly results in our inconvenience of reading eBooks on both devices.

If you think you can read EPUB and PDF books on Google Nexus 7 with its in-built app directly, you would be wrong. Nexus 7 exclusively supports eBooks purchased from Google Play. To read non-Google-Play EPUB&PDF books on Nexus 7, we have to install additional reading apps supporting Android OS, such as Aldiko and Mantano. However, most eBooks we purchased from other book stores are DRM protected, so we have to remove DRM protections from these books first and then read the non-DRMed books through the third party app. How complex! Well, follow this guide to read eBooks on Google Nexus7.

As with Google Nexus 7, reading eBooks on Kindle Fire HD won’t be a piece of case, either. As Kindle series only support Kindle formats (AZW/TPZ/MOBI), we have to install third-party android reading apps supporting EPUB to read EPUB books purchased from B&N, Sony, Kobo, Google Play or other stores. Since most EPUB books are protected with Adobe DRM, which are supported on some free android reading apps like Aldiko, you won’t have to remove Adoble DRM specifically. Just choose a free reading app and register with your Adobe ID.

All in all, we mostly purchase books from Amazon thus Kindle Fire HD is a better choice from the aspect of reading eBooks. Of course, if you hate to be restricted to any DRM protection and prefer to totally get rid of them, you can try Epubor Ultimate Converter for free, which combines the DRM removal function and eBook conversion function perfectly together.     

2. Entertainments

Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7--Google Nexus 7

In most cases, we use tablets for entertainment including listening to music, watching videos, playing games and so forth. If you have been familiar with android devices, you will understand what it means to install diversified APK files on a tablet at liberty. Kindle Fire HD has lost this battle out of its customized Android 4.0 OS, which does not allow us to download apps from Android Market but to limit us to its proprietary Amazon App Store. To solve this problem, you have to go to certain sites to download and install apps from the Kindle Fire browser, which is frequently limited. As a result, nearly all gadget geeks are firmly in favor of the stock-Android-4.1 Nexus 7 regardless of Kindle Fire HD’s16G storage.

In summary, Google Nexus 7 will make your entertainment more arbitrary and flexible. It is Google Nexus 7 rather than Kindle Fire HD that empowers you to figure out what is real android. And 8G is fairly enough for most people. However, if you indeed need to store a great deal of stuff on your tablet, such as video files or something else, Kindle Fire might satisfy your demands at a rather budget price.

3. Tech specs

Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7

Here I will not list the full tech specs of Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD as you can get this from their official sites or from our tablets-comparison. It appears that both tablets have exceedingly terrific configuration but it is actually not so difficult to battle it out: Kindle Fire HD is excellent but Nexus 7 is awesome.


Nexus 7’s Tegra quad core is significantly better than HD’s dual core, which makes your tablet much faster and smoother.


Nexus 7 provides several sensors for better user experience while HD ignore this part absolutely. This defect has made Amazon has no chance to overtake Google in the 7-inch tablet battle.


I’ve mentioned that Google Nexus features stock Android 4.1 jelly bean OS but Kindle Fire is based on a forked Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS. You will be bothered by the restricted Kindle Fire android while people who own Nexus 7 will love it deeply.

Compared to Google Nexus 7’s merits, I almost overlook Kindle Fire HD’s length. Don’t forget Kindle Fire HD has a 16G-storage and its battery has been reported to be able to last up to 11 hours, which is 3 hours longer than Nexus 7.

From a selection of $199 (or less than $199) tablets, both Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 are good options. Your decision eventually hinges on your individual demands. Think over the above factors and you won’t miss it.   


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