Kindle Fire HDX vs Kindle Fire HD

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Amazon has launched the new Kindle Paperwhite in the early September of this year. It seems like people have no much interest on it as little improvement and innovation can be found on this so-called new product. So if you just think Amazon is lack of creativity, then you're totally wrong. Today Amazon announces an absolutely heavyweight product – the Kindle Fire HDX. Comparing with the previous Kindle Fire HD, the Kindle Fire HDX has so much improvement that they are two different tablets completely. Now let's see what new features Kindle Fire HDX has got.

1 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800chipset

Kindle Fire HDX has a 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset. This chipset is used in flagship Android phone like HTC One and Kindle Fire HDX is the first tablet to use it. Comparing with the dual-core Ti chipset which Kindle Fire HD has, Kindle Fire HDX's new chipset could provide 3 times more performance. Combing with 2GB RAM, you can get faster launch time and load time.


The new chipset has the Adreno 330 GPU which could provide high quality graphics. Higher frame rates make Kindle Fire HDX could run big game like Asphalt 8 smoothly.


2 High resolution display with perfect color accuracy

It's no doubt that Kindle Fire HDX has one of the best displays at present. Kindle Fire HDX has two versions: the 8.9 inch one and the 7 inch one. They are different in display configuration. Let's check out the 8.9 inch model first: 8.9 inch display, 2560*1600 resolution, 100% sRGB, dynamic image contrast. All these features are just for providing you more vivid images and videos. And the slim bezel design makes the screen look bigger than it really is.


The 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX has display of 1920*1200 resolution. It's the same as the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. But with smaller display size, the 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX has higher ppi (323ppi) .


3 Ultra-light design and ingenious Origami cover

For handheld device like tablet, weight is an important thing. If the tablet is heavy, then your hands will get tired after long time holding. A light tablet is absolutely more popular. The Kindle Fire HDX adopts an ultra-light design which makes it only weight 13.2 ounces – this is 34% lighter than the previous Kindle Fire HD. The secret of the light weight is the unique material. Amazon creates a unique magnesium unibody from a single piece of machined magnesium and a blend of glass and nylon.


Kindle Fire HDX has a new appearance. It has smaller bezel and cleaner lines which makes the tablet slimmer. With the exclusive Origami cover for Kindle Fire HDX, you can get a hand-free holding experience.


4 High pixel front and rear camera

A big pity for the previous Kindle Fire HD is that it has poor camera features. Only the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has a camera and it's only a front-facing camera. But this pity ends on Kindle Fire HDX. The 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD has both front and rear camera. The rear camera has 8MP and LED flash, image stabilization, wide-aperture lens and HDR – all the features a good camera should have. The front-facing camera is also great. With it you can capture 720p HD video and make video call with your friends via Skype.


5 Mayday button for on-device tech support

Perhaps the "Mayday" button is the most interesting feature of Kindle Fire HD. What is "Mayday"? In brief, Mayday is an on-device tech support. Just tap the "Mayday" button on the screen and you can make a video conversation with an Amazon expert online. The expert could solve your any problems occurred in using Kindle Fire HDX. The Mayday service is 24x7, 365 days a year, and it's free. With it you don't need to be afraid of any malfunction on Kindle Fire HDX.


6 Brand-new Fire OS 3.0

My biggest complaint about Kindle Fire HD is that it doesn't support multi-tasking. Now Kindle Fire HDX has achieved this feature. This is because the Kindle Fire HDX adopts the latest Fire OS 3.0. With the Fire OS 3.0, we can freely switch among the recent apps and content. You don't need to go back to home screen to access other content.



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11/16/2013 09:16:11
I am going out to buy a Kindle Fire HDX today! You answered all of the questions I had regarding the difference between the HD and the HDX.
03/28/2014 22:08:09
Very good explanation of the differences...what about text to speech feature, is it on both devices?
03/30/2014 19:09:15

Hi Joyce,

The text to speech feature is integrated in the Kindle reading app, it doesn't matter which device you are using.

11/15/2014 20:40:29
THank you! I too was trying to understand the difference. I lost my first generation Kindle Fire tablet and am now shopping for a replacement. Going to order the HDX based on this article.
11/17/2014 18:44:57
For tablets and cellphone, buy the latest version is the best choice in most of cases.
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