Kindle KFX DRM Remove Failed and Solution [Updated 2019]

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As the Amazon wants to build its own digital ecosystem, employing Kindle KFX DRM to all books becomes a trend. Since more and more Kindle eBooks have been encrypted with Kindle KFX DRM, Epubor Ultimate has been released as the first tool on the market to remove Kindle KFX DRM. Few users may come across the "Kindle KFX DRM Remove failed" issue when using Epubor Ultimate. If you are failed to remove Kindle KFX DRM, you may feel disappointed at Epubor Ultimate or you may even uninstall this software to express your discontent. We cannot blame our customers for uninstalling Epubor Ultimate, but we do try our best to figure out what causes the failure. After testing Epubor software and analyzing the bug reports from our users, one thing is entirely clear is that the "Kindle KFX DRM removing failed" issue is mainly caused by mal-operation. In this article, I will list the reasons may cause the Kindle DRM removing failure and how to remove Kindle KFX DRM successfully with Epubor Ultimate.

Kinde for PC/MAC Version Updated to 1.25 or Kindle eInk Device with Firmware 5.10.2

Recently, Amazon have officially released its new Kindle for PC/MAC (version 1.25 ) by automatically recommending user updating software internally. So does the Kindle eInk devices has been updated to firmware 5.10.2. So if you guys has updated your Kindle for PC/Mac to version 1.25, you will fail to remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Software. For now, Epubor team is working on this issue and will figure out a solution. Let's see what the Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 and Kindle firmware 5.10.2 brings to us and how to remove new Kindle KFX DRM. Maybe, we can call it Kindle KFX version 2. If you still using the older version of Kindle for PC/MAC and Kindle firmware, please stop your Kindle update now!

1. New feature of Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 & how to remove Kindle KFX DRM

What's new in Kindle for pc 1.25.1
1. Collections management: Search collections by name and sort collections by name or last update.
2. Bug fixed and performance improvements.

kindle for pc 1.25.1

What's new in Kindle for mac 1.25.2
1. Support for 64-bit.
2. Study features: Updated Notebook panel that allows you to view your notes, highlights, and bookmarks side-by-side with your book. You can also export your notes and automatically create flashcards from your notebook content.
3. Collections management: Search collections by name and sort collections by name or last update.
4. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

kindle for mac 1.25.2


How to remove DRM from Kindle KFX eBooks downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25?

As we can see from above, Amazon has updated its Kindle desktop application with only minor functional updates. Under the official revealed updates, there is a major change that Amazon did to all KFX eBooks which is Amazon has employed the much harder DRM scheme to thier KFX format ebooks. Therefore, if you download eBooks via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25.X, you will be failed to remove Kindle KFX DRM. Epubor Team is the first one to get the update news and the new kindle kfx DRM information from customer's report. We should thank all of our customers for their patience and trust. Epubor Team is working hard to find a straightforward solution to decrypt this new Kindle kfx DRM. For now, we offer an alternative way to remove Kindle KFX DRM. This solution will help you you remove DRM from Kindle eBooks. Here I will show you how to on Windows computer. If you are using Mac computer, the steps are the same. You can also automatically downgrade kindle for PC/MAC with Epubor Ultimate.

Step 1 De-register your Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25. Run Kindle for PC. Go to Tools-->>Options-->> Registration-->>click on "Deregister".

de-register kindle for mac

Step 2 In the new pop up window, just tick the box before “ I understand...this device." and then click on "Deregister" finish the deregister process.

de-register kindle for pc

Step 3 Uninstall the Kindle for PC/Mac 1.25 and install the older version. Here is the link for older Kindle desktop version.

Download Kindle for PC version 1.24
Download Kindle for Mac version 1.23

Important Notice: Please stop the Kindle for PC/Mac automatically update manually. Go to Kindle desktop app-->>Tools-->Options--General--Uncheck the automatically install updates option.

stop kindle desktop application upgrade automatically

Step 4 Run the old version of Kindle for PC/Mac, then redownload your Kindle books. Then run Epubor Ultimate to remove Kindle kfx DRM. The Kindle book will be decrypted successfully this time.

remove kindle kfx drm on pc/mac

NOTE: If your MacOS has been updated to 10.15, the kindle for mac 1.23 will no longer run on your Mac again. That's because Macos10.15 only supports 64 bits application but Kindle for Mac 1.23 is 32 bits application. But you can follow the ultimate ways to remove Kindle DRM on MacOS10.15 Catalina to get your problem solved.

2. New feature of Kindle firmware 5.10.2 & solutions to remove new Kindle kfx DRM 2019

What's new in Kindle firmware 5.10.2?
Performance improvements and other general enhancements.

From the official what's new in Kindle firmware 5.10.2, I see nothing new in the new firmware. I am definitely sure this is Amazon's tricky to add the harder DRM to Kindle books downloaded via Kindle e-ink devices.

Anyway, we have the step-by-step guide to teach you how to stop Kindle update. Follow this guide, and you will never get the Kindle kfx ebooks with harder DRM. If you already have installed the latest updated 5.10.2, here are two solutions for you.

Solution 1: Download Kindle books via Kindle for PC/MAC( version older than 1.25.1), and run Epubor Ultimate to remove kindle kfx DRM.

Solution 2: Download Kindle books and transfer via USB to avoid Kindle kfx format and run Epubor software to remove Kindle DRM.

Reasons and Solutions for Kindle KFX DRM Removing Failure

First thing to check: What's the Kindle for PC/MAC version installed on your computer?

If your kindle for PC/Mac version is 1.25 or even higher, it is no surprise that you fail to remove Kindle DRM. To fix this issue, please downgrade Kindle for PC/MAC to older version. Then run Epubor software to remove the DRM. Kindle DRM will be removed successfully.

1. You are not using the latest version of Epubor Ultimate.

Please ensure you are using the latest version of Epubor Ultimate because Epubor team regularly update the Epubor Ultimate to crack the latest DRM scheme. What's more, it is free to update Epubor software. Why not update it to the latest version? You must be curious if you are using the latest version of Epubor Ultimate. Please run Epubor Ultimate, then click on gear icon at the top right corner and then you will go to the settings interface. Click on "Help", then click "check up" , and you will see there is an "update" button. If it is in gray color, it means the software is the latest version. Otherwise, you will need to click on "update" button to update it to the latest version.

update epubor ultimate

Or you can download the latest version of Epubor Ultimate here:


2. The Kindle books are not purchased via your own Kindle account.

The eBooks you want to remove the DRM should be purchased via your own Amazon account. In other words, you should be the owner of this book.

What kind of Kindle books are not supported by Epubor Ultimate?

Sample books--The books are titled like XXXEBSP.KFX or XXXEBSP.AZW are sample book which are not supported. Epubor Ultimate are not promise to support sample books, but can handle some of them.

Rented books--If you rent this book, you may fail to remove the DRM from this Kind of eBooks.

Books get from Kindle Unlimited subscription--Many users have purchased the Kindle unlimited subscription service. Of course you can download many book freely, but do not try to use Epubor Ultimate to remove DRM from this kind of ebooks. You are not the owner of these books, but just can read them in the subscription time. It is another kind of rented books.

Books received from others--Every now and then, you may receive some books from others. When you try to decrypt this kind of Kindle eBooks, you will face "Kindle DRM Remove failed" issue. That's because you cannot generate the Epubor key file to decrypt these books without your friend account information.

Bonus Tip:
If you really want to decrypt this kind of Kindle kfx eBooks, please register your friends's Kindle account at your Kindle for PC/MAC on your computer and then download the book you want to decrypt. Then run Epubor Ultimate to remove the DRM. Please remember that you have to keep the Kindle for PC/MAC registered with your friend's account information until these books have been decrypted.

3. You may not register your Kindle for PC/MAC at your computer.

Some users may deregister their Kindle for PC/Mac after downloading the books. In this situaion, you will be failed to remove Kindle DRM.

Please ensure your Kindle for PC/MAC are registered even if you have finished the downloading. If you really want to de-register your Kindle for PC/MAC on your computer, you can do it after the DRM has been removed from your Kindle books.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I remove Kindle kfx DRM from Kindle devices?

Epubor Ultimate can handle books downloaded via Kindle device, not including Kindle Fire Tablet, but only Kindle e-ink devices. In this situation, you only have to plug your Kindle device to your computer. Then Epubor Ultimate will detect the Kindle Serial Number and use it to generate key to decrypt your Kindle books. For details, please read Removing DRM from Kindle KFX eBooks downloaded via Kindle e-Ink devices.

If your Kindle firmware has been updated to 5.10.2 or later, you are not able to remove DRM from Kindle books downloaded via these devices. Just follow the solution for Kindle firmware 5.10.2 to fix this issue.

4. You move your Kindle eBooks to other folder without the full content.

Some people move their books to the desktop for removing DRM. This step is really unnecessary as Epubor Ultimate can dectect your default "My Kindle Content" folder and display the books at the left column. The big difference between Kindle old format and the Kindle KFX format is the Kindle KFX ebook is consisted of a series of files and stored in one folder. So if you want to remove DRM from Kindle KFX ebooks on your desktop or other folders, please ensure you have the whole Kindle KFX eBook folder, not only a file with the extension of azw or kfx.

If the above 4 situations are not applied to you, you can also try the below method to solve your "Kindle KFX DRM Remove failed" issue.

5. The failure may be cuased by computer environment.

We know computer system environments are verious and some special computer environment will also cause the failure of removing Kindle KFX DRM. Although this possibility is quite slow, we still provide the solution to this situation.

1 Solutions for Windows system

Step 1: Clear the cache of Epubor Ultimate. Please delete the .ultimate folder. You can find it here: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.Ultimate.

Step 2: Please delete Epubor_keys folder. You can find it here: C:\Users\username\.Epubor_Keys.

Step 3: Then run Epubor Ultimate to remove the DRM. If you are failed again, please delete the failed books and redownload them again. Run Epubor software to remove the DRM.

2 Solutions for Mac system

If you are using the Mac, there will be a slight different from Windows.

Step 1. Clear the cache of the Epubor Ultimate

Copy and paste this command to your terminal rm -rf ~/.Ultimate and then press on enter. If you are using other Epubor software, please change .Ultimate to .alldrmremoval or.kindledrmremoval.

Step 2. Delete all content Kindle content folder

Open terminal, and then copy this command rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kindle/storage to the terminal and then press on “enter" to delete all files in Kindle content folder.

Open the terminal and copy the following command to the terminal rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.amazon.Kindle/Data/Library/Application\ Support/Kindle/storage and then press on “enter”.

Then copy this command rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kindle and press on “enter” again.

If you have changed the directory of Kindle content folder, you have to find the folder and delete all the files manually.

Step 3. Please also delete the Epubor Key file at your Mac. You can find it here: You can find the Epubor Key files here: Mac: /Users/system user/.Epubor_Keys/

Step 4. Redownload the books and run Epubor software to remove the DRM

Now you only have to re-sync your Kindle books and run Epubor Ultimate to remove the DRM.

Ultimate Ways to Remove Kindle KFX DRM

If above solutions cannot fix your problem, here I want to share two ultimate ways to help you remove Kindle kfx DRM.

1 Download and Transfer via USB

Please note: Please ensure you have at least one Kindle eink device and make sure this device registered with your Kindle account.

Do you know that Amazon allows you to download Kindle books and transfer via USB from its online library? Why not download the Kindle books directly from the Amazon website and remove the DRM. An article on our website has given you detailed guide about downloading Kindle eBooks from Amazon website directly and removing Kindle AZW3 DRM--Download &Transfer Kindle Books via USB and Remove Kindle DRM. I am sure you will get your problem fixed by this method.

2 Export Kindle cloud Reader to DRM-FREE Mobi

If you are really sick of Kindle KFX format or feel uncomfortable to downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac, this method can be your ebook-saver. Have you ever thought of downloading Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader without any apps downloaded to your computer? Here is your chance. What you need is the Google Chrome browser which may has been installed on your computer already. Then the Epubor KCR Converter will be your perfect choice because it can export Kindle books from Kindle cloud reader to DRM-FREE epub/Mobi/azw3.

Go to Epubor Customer Service Support Center

Epubor team offers various access to Epubor customer service for helping our customer fix their issues and inquiries. If the all above mentioned solutions cannot fix your issues, please feel free to contact Epubor Customer Service Center via following methods: starting a livechat, open a ticket, email to us, or chat on skype: epubor.alice@gmail.com to get the instant answer. Epubor team will get back to you within 24 hours and try our best to help you fix it as soon as possible.


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08/6/2017 13:49:15
Never going to happen! I will never follow such a ridiculously inconvenient procedure simply to make your program function.  A MUCH better solution is for Epubor to FIX YOUR SOFTWARE so that it works without my having to downgrade my Kindle app, erase 600+ books, reinstall Kindle software, load each of those 600+ books again, then run your program.  If you think that's going to happen you're smoking some really funny mushrooms!
08/9/2017 09:23:18
You are welcome. We are glad to know it works for you!
11/29/2017 14:12:51
...What he said. I'm not going to downgrade and remove all my purchased books just so your softtware will work. I will wait until either a solution is found - or, that Amazon has finally found a way to encrypt content that is unbreakable, and we're all screwed.
12/11/2017 15:09:45
If you like, please contact our customer service about your problem. We can connect your computer to solve your problem directly via TEAM VIEWER
01/13/2018 13:29:07

I downgraded Kindle to the older version but still could convert 3 of the Kindle books to PDF.  Help, please.

I sent diagnostic from cao.tuyet.van@gmail.com with the error messages earlier.


01/15/2018 11:50:29
Thank you for contacting us. One of my colleague has received your email and will guide you to solve  the problem.
04/8/2018 02:19:16

I am a Macbook user. Though your app is quite convenient for me, it can only convert half of the book or less.

I copy the kfx file from my kindle and try to convert it into pdf....but I can only convert half of the book

04/9/2018 10:28:38

Are you using the trial version of Epubor software? The trial version only can save 20% content of each book. If you want to convert the whole book, please purchase the licensed version.
If you are using the licensed version, please contact our customer service support@epubor.com to about your issue. Our technique staff will help you fix this issue.

12/27/2018 12:01:25

As of today (December 26, 2018) the Epubor will not unlock KFX files with the newest Epubor version, and also Kindle for PC v.1.24

Even with these versions, Epubor no longer unlocks Kindle KFX files. We've tried many times.

Now what...?

12/29/2018 09:33:09
Epubor software can remove Kindle KFX DRM (Kindle version 1.24). Please contact our customer service :support@epubor.com and describe your problem more clearly. They will help you fix it. Also, you can contact us via skype: epubor.iris@outlook.com to start the instant chat.
01/16/2019 00:30:44
FYI, I was a customer that submitted an early report that my automatic upgrade resulted in decryption failures. The Epubor team investigated and replied that it was likely the upgrade. I located an install file for Kindle for PC 1.24 and installed that, deselecting the auto-upgrade option. I'm happy to report that I am able to decrypt the files again, even the ones that I originally purchased after Amazon made the update. So the changes they made clearly are in the software and are not embedded in the EPUB files themselves.
01/16/2019 10:09:56
We sincerely appreciate your report. It is really important for us to figure out the issues and find a solution. We also think they make the changes in the software and will figure out the solution ASAP.
01/16/2019 01:04:51
I started having problems removing DRM from Kindle books toward the end of last year. I don't know which Kindle version I was using before the final upgrade. So I went online to seek a solution and found similar instructions on how to resolve the issue. In my case, I found a link to download Kindle for PC version 1.17.0 (this was the version that was recommended in the article I read), which I downloaded and installed.  I re-downloaded all my books (I don't own that many Kindle books so it was easy and fast for me) and haven't had a problem since. Do you think I should now update my Kindle  to version 1.24?
01/16/2019 10:01:19
Thank you for asking. If you are using Kindle 1.17 well, there is no need to upgrade it to Kindle version 1.24.
01/16/2019 02:54:07
Just so you know, I think Amazon is forcing the update. I have 4 laptops I use in different situations, and Kindle for PC is installed on all of them. One of those laptops was auto-upgraded before I saw this article. I just checked this machine, saw that it was version 1.24, unchecked the update option in Tools/Options.... then closed and reopened Kindle. It updated to 1.25 before opening, even though the auto-update option had been turned off.
01/16/2019 10:14:16
Yes, the situation you mentioned maybe happen. There is no other solution, but uninstall and install the old version for once again and uncheck the automatically update option. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will try to figure out a straightforward solution ASAP.
01/16/2019 04:28:45
Thanks for the notice about Kindle's update. I will wait to download any new books for now. Luckily, once I have decrypted my purchased books I keep each of them in .mobi format in my Calibre library. That is also the version I add to my e-reader.  I never have to worry about older books I own needing to be re-downloaded. I have used Epubor Ultimate for many years and they always find a solution to Kindle's latest encryptions.
01/16/2019 10:16:56
Thank you for your trust to Epubor. Decrypting the kindle books and converting it to mobi to make it safe on your computer is a smart step. We will keep working on the new DRM and find a solution ASAP. We do not want to let our customer down.
01/16/2019 11:41:54
Does it remove drm from kindle unlimited.
01/17/2019 15:08:36
No, Epubor software doesn't support Kindle rented books (Kindle Unlimited, or Kindle lending library).
01/21/2019 14:03:41
It most certainly does support Kindle Unlimited. I have been a member of KU for several months and have downloaded many books during that time. Each and every book has been reformatted from the Amazon formats (mobi/azw) to epub w/o any problems. And it should work w/ rented books as well. All you need to do is find the books on your computer and reformat them.
01/18/2019 10:51:34
Hello, Friends at Epubor. I have always liked and respected your software. It is the only way I can easily move my book easily between my several devices, whenever needed.
I hope your team keeps working and finds a solution we can all use against Amazon's over-dominant control. I don't know if it's possible to clean our files of unwanted DRM. But I hope you continue to try, and succeed.
Thank you!!  
01/25/2019 21:56:40
Are you crazy???? Dowwngrade my Kindle application, and re-download 2500 ebooks? … Hey guys, everything is OK, but put some professional attitude and rewrite you own software
01/29/2019 13:56:46

Sorry for causing you so much inconvenience.

1, Epubor team now has been working working on resolving this issue for a long time. Once resolved well we will release a new version and publish it soon on our official site ASAP.

2, This is really a serious problem especially for all our customers. It may take time but please be patient. The downgrading solution is the current one, and the unique.

3, Nobody could help fix this with a faster or better method than downgrading. Calibre too.

02/1/2019 15:08:15
In the Mac version of the Kindle app there is a setting to auto update. It would probably be a good idea to disable that. I suspect it is also present in the PC version.
02/11/2019 09:39:21
Yes, there is also auto update option on Windows computer. If you guys are using windows, please also stop the auto update to avoid the new Kindle kfx DRM.
04/30/2019 22:22:14
Any update on this?
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