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I got a "license limit reached" message when trying to download a Kindle book that I had purchased before. What is "License limit reached"?

kindle license limit reached

What is kindle license limit? Amazon limits the number of devices you can download a book on. When the kindle books downloaded to kindle devices and apps exceed the limited numbers, "License limit reached" will pop up. The number of kindle license totally depends on the publisher. It can be 2, or 4, and up to 6. The most common situation is that you can have six copies downloaded to different devices and apps.

If the "License limit reached" error message pops up, you cannot download this book to more devices. How to fix it?

Solution 1: Deregister Any Old Devices that You no Longer Use--Temporary Solution

1. Go to Amazon.com  in a web browser and sign in

2. Click on the "Your Account" menu and then select "Manage Your Content and Devices".

3. Under "Device" tab, just deregister any old devices that you no longer use.

de-register kindle device

Tip: Old Kindles, old smart phones, and old tablets may still be associated with your account.

Then try to download your kindle books again to the new device. This time you will get your kindle books downloaded successfully.

Solution 2: Purchase This Book Again (Amazon recommended)

Just as the pop up message indicated that you can also purchase another copy of this book from Kindle store. It looks super "Stupid", right? We are asked for paying for the same book we have been charged before. I don't really recommend this method at all because it is nonsense.

purchase another copy of kindle books

Solution 3: Break the DRM Restriction with Epubor Ultimate (Ultimate Solution)

It is a general situation that you want to keep your books on any devices you have, right? To some customers who have paid for this book, they want to read the kindle book without limits on personal use but they cannot now. To have full control over the ebooks you have, you just need to remove the DRM protection from the kindle books to have full control over your property for which you have paid. Epubor Ultimate is highly recommended as your Kindle DRM Removing software here.

1. Download & install Epubor Ultimate.

Epubor Ultimate is the best ebook drm removal and ebook format converter. It can handle the ebooks purchased from kindle, kobo, nook and google play.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free


2. Launch Epubor Ultimate. Drag and drop the kindle books from left column to the right. DRM will be stripped.

remove kindle drm

3. Then you'll get the DRM free Kindle books. You can click "Convert to.." to convert them to PDF/Epub/azw3 or any other format and transfer them to any devices or apps to read.

From this moment, you have full control of your paid kindle books.

Some important tips

1. While Amazon limits the number of devices you can download a book on to six, the book's publisher could decide to restrict that further. Some books can be downloaded to Kindle for PC/Mac latest version.

2. Amazon’s website contends that you can download Kindle books an unlimited number of times to each registered device attached to your Amazon account.

3. Deregistering the kindle device that no longer use only helps you release the license limits. You may reach this limit again soon if you try to download your kindle books on multiple devices.

4. Bypassing the DRM protection from kindle books is the best way to get rid of the kindle license limit.

5. The trial version of Epubor Ultimate only decrypt and convert 20% content of each book. You can unlock the limitations by purchasing the full license.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free



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