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Amazon Kindle is the most popular ebook reading device. However, it has a lot of issues that trouble its users, for example, Kindle won't sync. This issue causes that the purchased contents don't appear on the device. Is your Kindle not syncing? Here are a few simple steps to help you to overcome the issue of Kindle not syncing.

kindle not syncing

Step 1. Confirm that your device is connected to WIFI

At the first step, you need to check the status of your wireless connection. If your device is not connected to WIFI, you are not able to download any content and sync your Kindle.

If your device is already connected to WIFI, try turning the WIFI connection off. Leave it off for around a minute, then try connecting your Kindle to WIFI and check your device. If it won't sync, then go to next step.

connect kindle paperwhite to wifi

Step 2. Verify that Whispersync is enabled

If you are trying to sync Kindle content, you should verify that the Whispersync option is enabled. Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" >> Select the "Preferences" tab >> Select "Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings)" and confirm that the feature is turned ON.

turn on whispersync settings for kindle

Step 3. Log out your Kindle account

This is a unique step to fix the issue. To log out of your Kindle account, go to Menu >> Settings >> My Account, and deregister it. When you've logged out, wait for a few seconds, and then log back in again. In most cases, the Kindle will start to sync.

Step 4. Restart/Reset your Kindle device

Restart and reset are both used for fixing the issue of Kindle not syncing. However, there exist differences between the two. Restarting Kindle won't affect any of the documents or books saved on the device. But resetting Kindle will remove all downloads and contents from your device. You will need to redownload the items from the cloud.

restart kindle paperwhite

Step 5. Put your Kindle device in flight mode

Putting your Kindle device in flight or airplane mode can also fix the issue. It needs to be kept for at least 30 seconds. After that, turn the flight mode off and try to sync again.

Step 6. Verify that your payment method is valid

If your Kindle content is not syncing to your device, the transaction may not have processed normally due to an issue with your payment method. From "Manage Your Content and Devices", go to "Preference". Under "Digital Payment Settings", select "Edit Payment Method" to view or update your 1-Click payment set.

edit payment settings

Step 7. Deliver the content to your device via "Manage Your Content and Devices"

Besides the auto sync, you can also use "Manage Your Content and Devices" to manually deliver the content to your device. Go to the page https://www.amazon.com/mycd. Under the option of "Content", select the books that you want to deliver, and then select "Deliver to device".

deliver to device

Then in the pop-up window, choose the device you want to send the content to, and then click "Make Changes" to confirm.

make changes

Step 8. Confirm the content is supported by your device

Some books especially eTextbooks may not be supported for use on Kindle eReaders, the Kindle app for Windows or other devices. Please check the supported devices on the book product detail page on Amazon website. You will see something like "See all supported devices". If your desired device is not in the list, try to use the correct device to download the book.

content not available on kindle

Step 9. Repurchase the content if necessary

If your payment method was invalid at the time you purchased the content title, you may need to repurchase the title in order for your purchase to go through. You will only be charged for the order that is charged to the valid payment method.

Step 10. Contact Amazon support

All the above steps are quick fixes for your Kindle's syncing problem. If none of them are working, you can contact Amazon support who are ready to assist you in fixing this issue.


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08/22/2022 00:36:44
I keep getting error messages when I attempt to sync the content on my two Kindles.  Just bought a brand new Kindle and have an older Oasis.  How can I get the sync to work so I can be up to date on both of my kindles and be on the same page?
08/24/2022 00:35:22
Great question, I hope someone answers.  I just bought a new Fire 8 and am trying to sync to my older Fire 8.  The books have been updated but none of the bookmarks and page numbers or notes sync'd.
09/3/2022 23:31:25
Spent an hour with Customer Support to try and get my Kindle to Sync. Nothing worked.  Support told me they would call me back within a couple of hours.  No response back.  Have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions except Resetting it.  Really would rather not do that if I don’t have to.  All of my “read” books are not going into my Library.  They stay in my “Home” section so whenever I download a book, I have to go all through the :Read” books in my Home to find it.  Also found that I have over 400 not read books.  I have books that were downloaded, but never showed up in my Home.  I really need some help from someone to get this fixed.
11/6/2023 03:13:50
This was only article found, including Amazon itself, that included the most important "Step 7. Deliver the content to your device..." (while user is online at Amazon, Manage Device & Content).  Everything else (mentioned here & and all other online articles found) was set correct.  Before this confirmed, I thought I could sync my Kindle Reader (primary use), leave it home while taking Android to undisclosed location, connect to network, & sync phone's Kindle App.  But the book I was reading did not even show on phone (until later after returning home, not finding any relevant help, but seeing only download was to Reader and added phone.  Would have been OK if default was to download to both devices, but that would waste a lot of phone memory that is hardly ever used.  Amazon Kindle Peeps NOTE: this extra step is kinda dumb when most users would only have one book in-progress at a time--Sync should know I'm only interested in continuing my current book.  And so, BTW, kudos to to this site (epubor) the singularity that got it right!
12/18/2023 09:48:03
Absolutely none of these options worked. I’ve tried them all except a reset to factory specifications, which I don’t think I should have to do.  It was syncing just fine a few days ago.  Ugh!  This is very upsetting!!!  I am trying to read my book on both my iPad 3rd Gen and Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen.  Please someone out there help!  I’m just sick about it and I need it fixed before I go on an extended trip out of the country.  
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