The Most Easiest and Effective Way to Convert Kindle to PDF on Mac

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If you are an eBook lover, I bet you must have purchased books from Amazon at least once because it is a good place which provides us a large quantity of books with low price. But when you download books from Amazon, you will find they are always in Amazon's unique format, such as Mobi, AZW or AZW3, which is different from the common EPUB or PDF. With this lock, we can only read Kindle books on its own devices or app. So, if we want to read Kindle books on other devices, such as Nook, Kobo or Sony eReader, converting Kindle to PDF is necessary. Today I will share the easiest way to convert Kindle to PDF on Mac, including the MacOS Catalina.


Why we need Kindle to PDF Converter Mac?

Currently most of the devices or app on the market don't support Amazon's unique eBook format, but the common EPUB or PDF. We can only read our downloaded Kindle books with Kindle devices such as Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle app.

1With Kindle to PDF Converter Mac, we can easily convert Kindle books to PDF, read them on more available devices that support PDF format, such as Nook, Sony, Kobo eReader, etc.

2We can also share a good book with friends who only have a Nook or Kobo device.

3Besides, Kindle for PC/Mac does not provide any print function, books from Kindle devices cannot be printed either. By converting Kindle books to PDF, we can open PDF files with Adobe Reader and print Kindle books with ease.

Step 1. Download Kindle Books to Mac Computer

1. Download Kindle for Mac.( Yes, you can use the latest version of Kindle for Mac here.)

If you have installed kindle for mac and downloaded kindle books already, please remove all downloaded kindle books from your MAC.

2. Then execute the following command to disable new kindle kfx format.

Open terminal and paste the following command:

sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

download and pin Kindle cloud reader books

Press "Enter" and you'll be request to input your Mac passwords. Just fill in it and then press "Enter" again. All done.

3. Then Launch Kindle for MAC, right click book cover and select "Download" to download kindle books.

download and pin Kindle cloud reader books

  • You must right click to download Kindle books.
  • Please don't open/read the kindle books before stripping kindle drm.

Step 2. Download & Install Best Kindle to PDF Converter Mac--Epubor Ultimate

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free Now:


Epubor Ultimate is the most powerful and professional Kindle to PDF converter for Mac and Windows. With it, you can convert Kindle Books to PDF Mac/Windows with ease.

Key features of Kindle to PDF Converter for Mac

  • Feature 1: Fast conversion speed & batch conversion are supported.
  • Feature 2: Convert kindle to pdf/azw3/mobi/epub on mac with the 100% original quality.
  • Feature 3: Remove DRM from Kindle books.
  • And more.

Step 3. Add Kindle Books to Kindle to PDF Converter Mac

Launch Epubor Ultimate. All the books downloaded to your Mac will be displayed in the left side. Just drag kindle books from left to right column and Kindle DRM will be removed successfully.

guide on convert kindle cloud reader to pdf

Step 4. Convert Kindle to PDF Mac

Select PDF as output format, then tap "Convert" button to start conversion. When the conversion has been finished, the folder storing the converted PDF format ebooks will pop up automatically.

convert kindle to pdf

After we have converted Kindle books to PDF files, now we can transfer converted PDF books to Nook, Kobo or Sony eReader. Or read them with other reading app that support PDF files.

So easy to use. Right? With its clean interface, I believe anyone can figure out how to use the best Kindle to PDF Converter for Mac at the first time. Besides, it can handle multiple books at a time, which can save you much time. Using this tool, you need not to worry about quality losing. All the converted books are high quality.


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