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After purchasing eBooks on Kobo books store,  you may want to share them with your wife, friends, or read them on your other devices. But you can't share them because the purchased books are protected by DRM. It feels like the books is Kobo Vox Reader's but not yours.

Following this guide, you can really own the books you purchased and share the books with anybody and read them on any eReader, even print the pages out if you like.

As default, you have two ways to get Kobo books to your computer: Sync to computer via Kobo desktop software, or download ACSM file from Kobo website, then use Adobe Digital Editions to convert ACSM to EPUB.

But when you sync Kobo books via Kobo desktop software, you can only get fragile files saved in KEPUB folder, not a complete EPUB file. Therefore, if we want to remove Kobo DRM, we have to download ACSM file from Kobo website, then handle it with Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe DRM Removal.

Update on 2015/04/16: Kobo changed their content sync policy, now you cannot get an EPUB file from Kobo desktop (PC/Mac). We update the article to react with the new policy. The guide below is guaranteed to work.

Update on 2015/07/10: Now we developed out a new method that supports removing Adobe DRM directly from Kobo (desktop app and Kobo e-ink devices), which saves your time much more than using ADE.

Update on 2015/12/23: With the release of Kobo desktop reading app version 3.19 and Kobo eReader firmware version 3.19, Kobo changed the DRM protection method. We've updated Epubor Ultimate Converter and Epubor All DRM Removal to support the new Kobo 3.19 DRM.

Remove Kobo DRM with Epubor Ultimate [Infographic]

kobo drm removal infographic

Method 1: Remove DRM from Kobo eBooks via ADE

1. Download .acsm files from Kobo website

Visit your Kobo library, where you can see all the purchased books. On the right side of the cover, there are "Download EPUB" and "ADOBE DRM EPUB" buttons. "Download EPUB" button indicates this book is DRM-Free, while "Adobe DRM EPUB" indicates the book is encrypted.

Clicking "ADOBE DRM EPUB" button you can download an .acsm file, which is the key to get a complete EPUB book.

kobo library

2. Install ADE and convert acsm to EPUB

Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), and authorize your copy.

Drag the .acsm file into ADE, and you will see the EPUB book is being downloaded.

download kobo books with adobe digital editions

After the book is fulfilled, the EPUB file will be saved in "Documents/My Digital Editions", and you can remove DRM from this EPUB file.

3. Install All DRM Removal.

Kobo DRM Removal

The software automatically scans your Adobe Digital Edition's content folder and imports all the books if you want. And all the imported books will be immediately decrypted. You can also manually drag the EPUB file into Adobe DRM Removal's main interface.

When the process has been finished, you can right click on an item and choose "Explore output folder", where saves the DRM-free books.


Before decryption, please make sure you can read them in Adobe Digital Editions, which is very important for your successful decryption.

This is a common used method during a long time we tried, yes? But the good news is that there are 2 easier methods provided for you, which saves your time to find your acsm files or kepub files, and what's better, you don't have to use ADE and authorize with Adobe ID. You know, we are always meeting kinds of problems when using ADE to manage files.

Method 2: Remove DRM from Kobo Desktop Win/Mac

1. Download Kobo desktop and sync books.

Visit here to download and install please: https://www.kobo.com/desktop

(Please note that Kobo desktop support has ended for Windows XP.)

Follow those steps to finish your installing of this app on your computer. Then you should log in with your own Kobo account. The "Library" will show up all of your purchased Kobo files. You can also choose "BookStore" to buy some books and then click "Sync".

sync kobo books

Where does the Kobo desktop store my books (KEPUB format)? Where to find them?

For Windows: C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\kepub

For Mac: .../Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub

2. Install Epubor Ultimate to handle Kobo DRM.


Finish your downloading and installing, then get it run. From the left side you can see a "Kobo" icon. Drag books to the right then all the books' drm will be removed quickly.

remove kobo drm from kobo desktop

Quickly helps you remove drm from Kobo KEPUB books and with high quality. If you want to deal with these Kobo Kepub books deeply, you can read this article how to convert Kobo Kepub to epub.

Method 3: Remove DRM from Kobo eReader

This method is pretty easy to go. Just make sure that you had a Kobo eReader and your Kobo books has been finished downloading to your device.

1. Connect Kobo to computer.

Connecting via USB, then Kobo says "Computer detected", click "Connect" please.

connect Kobo Eink to computer


2. Run All DRM Removal to remove DRM.

Get this recommend tool started. It will detect your device including all the downloaded books in it.

detect kobo

As what the image shows, from the left side we can see “Kobo device" icon and we can also see some files under this icon.

Note: I should tell you that the step 1 is very important. Don't forget to touch your Kobo after connected to computer, or this tool won't detect your Kobo and kobo books.

Drag them to the left area. DRM removing will soon start and finish.

remove kobo drm from kobo eink

Just click on "decrypted" to get your free files from the output folder.

Here highly recommend you view this video:

Frequently Asked Questions after Kobo drm removed
Q: How to convert and transfer Kobo eBooks to Kindle

A: The most simple and efficient way is to use our most powerful product Epubor Ultimate Converter, which can convert the DRM protected Kobo eBooks to Kindle format. This detail guide how to read Kobo on Kindle can also be a refer.

Q: Can I borrow/lend Kobo eBooks to share with my friends?

A: Unlike Kindle and Nook, so far at least, Kobo has no intention to implement the "Borrowing / Lending" features.

If you want to share your Kobo eBooks with your friends, you can only remove the DRM then send the copy to him/her. This is the only way in which you can do it. For how to remove the DRM from Kobo eBooks please scroll up and read that part carefully.




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01/15/2012 01:33:42
After multiple attempts and while logged in as an Administrator, with a password, I'm still unable to install Adobe Digital Editions. Any suggestions? It seems that all the removal tools are dependent on ADE. Are there other DRM that affect ePub books for Kobo?
01/15/2012 09:43:00
Kobo books is only support Adobe DRM, you must read books on ADE, then use Kobo DRM Removal to decrypt ebook.
07/26/2015 23:23:35

Hi again,

Now epubor team has updated our products to support directly remove drm from Kobo books (synced via Kobo desktop or downloaded on Kobo e-ink eReaders).

This article has also been updated to the newest solution, don't forget to read this again.

01/28/2012 20:13:38
I have Adobe Digital Editions and can save books on my Kobo Touch no problem, as well, I can drop books onto my grandmother's Kobo, so this is great.  My problem is that Adobe Digital Editions does not recognize the Kobo Vox (it doesn't show up as an option on the left hand side to ADE). So I d/l Caliber and copied all of my ebooks over.  Caliber recognized the Vox no problem, but when I sent the books to the ereader, there was a problem with the import and none of the books will open. It says that they are DRM protected. Please help...
02/23/2012 11:57:08
I have purchased 12 books from the Kobo store, for my Kobo Vox and I can't transfer them from my PC to the Kobo Vox reader. ADE does not recognize Kobo Vox. There is no icon to drop these books into.
When I purchase a title from my Kobo Vox it is saved with no problem. I will continue to purchase items this way but I really want the titles that I have already paid for and can't  access.
02/24/2012 22:07:15
kobo vox now can't recognize Adobe digital editions,you can transfer your books by saving the output file to a microSD card,then pop the card into the e-reader,or try Calibre.but DRMed books doesn't support transfering,remove drm first
08/27/2012 14:21:20
Kobo says that Kobo Vox books are not compatible with ADE, thereby rendering all my formerly filed ebooks in my ADE library useless. BEWARE!!!
08/27/2012 17:59:44

Don't worry about it. As Kobo official site says, ADE supports all Kobo books. So your books might not be the ADE-supported version.

Just take the following steps.
1. Sign in at Kobo’s official site.
2. Click “MY LIBRARY” on the top navigation bar and you will find all your purchased Kobo books.
3.Click “ADOBE DRM EPUB” on the right side of your book and an ACSM file will be downloaded to your computer.
4. Drag the ACSM file to ADE. The EPUB book will be downloaded to your computer during this process, and make sure you can read it on ADE.

04/25/2015 19:43:57
All the books I have paid for are gone and some I have not finished reading this really upsets me. I believe some owes me some money or my books back on my tablet. I do not care about sharing but I do read some books over again and the Cassandra Claire series City of Glass etc.I love them and Magnus Bane Chronicles I purchased it and have not read it even though I have most of his adventures but they are gone too. YeS I AM MAD! ANGERY YOU NAME I AM IT!
07/26/2015 23:32:40

Hi, the same issue we are always meeting, so we epubor suggest you remove drm from your purchased files after finished buying. We don't know when they will gone away!

My own, I will remove drm soon though I just read Kobo books on Kobo.

12/15/2015 10:23:53
How to print a whole book from kobo?
12/15/2015 19:52:33


To print Kobo books, you need to make sure they are DRM free. If they are in EPUB format, you'd better convert them to PDF and then print them out.

07/31/2016 02:26:36
It worked, great ! Thanks a lot
01/25/2018 04:37:58
It's 2018, and this worked like a charm for me! Thank you very much, now I can read my (bought!) ebooks on other devices beyond the old Kobos I've got...
02/1/2018 09:10:56
We are glad to know it help!
03/19/2018 15:03:41
If you plan on charging people for the softare at least be upfront about it! I don't mind paying for services, but I do mind not knowing from the start that something will cost me. This just pisses me of!
05/4/2019 07:32:59
I followed your directions for where to find the KOBO books stored on my apple computer, but there is no file "Kobo" in my "application support" folder. I've also done a search for "kepub" and "kobo" to find if it's somewhere else on my computer and nothing is coming up... Has Kobo changed how it stores books? My Kobo reader also does not look like your photo above. There is no "my library" it is only "my books." I am able to access my book offline, so I feel like it must be on my computer somewhere, but I cannot find where.
05/31/2019 07:03:56
Software DOES NOT WORK for Kobo or Nook
05/31/2019 09:37:48
Thank you for using Epubor software. Epubor software can works perfectly with Kobo DRM. For Nook DRM, it has been changed its DRM scheme so Epubor software does not support it anymore.
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