Kobo Plus DRM Removal

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I have many kobo plus ebooks, but I want to transfer them to my kindle eReader to read them. Is there anyway to do so?

It is easy to transfer your purchased Kobo ebooks to a Kindle eReader. But what if you subscribed to Kobo Plus, don't have a Kobo device, and only have a Kindle Paperwhite? Here comes the Epubor Kobo Converter — the best Kobo Plus DRM removal tool. It not only converts your purchased Kobo books but also your Kobo Plus ebooks and audiobooks. With only three steps, you can transfer your Kobo Plus ebooks to your Kindle.

Step 1: Download kobo plus ebooks and audiobooks.

Two reasons that we cannot just download the kobo ebooks via the desktop application or adobe digital editions. One is kobo plus using a very different drm scheme from the normal purchased kobo ebooks. The most important reason is that Kobo audiobooks only can be downloaded via kobo for android or iOS app.

To download kobo plus ebooks and audiobooks, here we need to install the Android emulator on PC/Mac, and then download kobo ebooks and audiobooks via kobo for android on Android emulator.

We've already introduced the detailed steps on download kobo books before. You can just follow the guide How to download kobo ebooks and audiobooks to android to learn the details.

download kobo audiobooks

Step 2: Install Epubor Kobo Converter.

Epubor Kobo Converter is the first tool that can convert kobo audiobooks and support kobo plus drm. And it is the most professional kobo plus DRM Removal. What's more, it also can convert kobo ebooks to epub and audiobooks to mp3 format with no quality loss.

Download and install the latest version of Epubor Kobo Converter.


Step 3: Remove drm frm from Kobo Plus.

Now launch Epubor Kobo Converter, click "Refresh" to load your downloaded kobo ebooks and audiobooks.

refresh to load kobo books

Then drag and drop kobo ebooks and audiobooks to the right panel. You can also right click and choose "Select all" to choose all your downloaded kobo books.

Then click the "Start Conversion" button to remove DRM from Kobo Plus books and convert Kobo Plus ebooks to EPUB and audiobooks to MP3. This all-in-one Kobo converter merges DRM removal and book conversion into a single click.

convert kobo audiobooks to mp3

Once finished, click "Open" button or the green tick icon to locate your converted kobo plus ebooks and audiobooks.

convert kobo audiobooks to mp3

FAQs on Kobo plus drm removal

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I remove drm from my purchased kobo books with kobo Converter?

A: Yes, Epubor Kobo Converter not only remove drm from kobo plus books, but also the purchased kobo books.

Q: How is the quality of the converted kobo books?

A: The converted ebooks will preserve 100% of the original quality. The converted audiobooks will be in MP3 format and automatically split into chapters. The audio quality will be the same as the original audio.

Q: Does Calibre convert kobo plus books?

A: We are sorry to inform you that Kobo Converter is the only tool that can convert kobo plus books.

Q: I have Epubor Ultimate, do I need to purchase Kobo Converter?

A: Epubor Ultimate only converts purchased ebooks. If you want to convert your Kobo Plus ebooks and audiobooks, or if you have Kobo audiobooks that you want to convert, you'll need the assistance of Epubor Kobo Converter.

In just 3 steps, you can get your Kobo books decrypted and converted. Still hesitating? Download the free trial now to remove DRM from Kobo Plus books.


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05/28/2024 23:03:08
The books I downloaded through Kobo Desktop for Mac (located in \Users\sandra\Library\Application Support\Kobo\Kobo Desktop Edition\Kepub) don't appear in the Book Library. How do I troubleshoot this?
05/29/2024 09:28:18
Please just follow the guide to download kobo plus books via android emulator and then it will appear in the kobo converter. You can not download it via acsm and ade. It use a different drm.
06/24/2024 16:05:42
Bonjour, est-ce que l'émulateur Androïde et votre logiciel est compatible pour les personnes aveugles? Que peut-on faire avec la version d'essai? Merci beaucoup.
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