7 Kobo Tips and Tricks You Must Know

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kobo tips and tricks

Except Kindle device, I guess there are also a plenty of Kobo users. As a Kobo fan, are you looking for new ways to make full use of your Kobo? Do you want to learn how to read Kindle books on Kobo? Have you ever thought about how to tell if a Kobo eBook has DRM before purchasing?

Sometimes, I also concern these questions, so I searched online and found some useful and practical Kobo tips and tricks. I tried them on my own Kobo, it does help me do more with my Kobo. Here I want to share them with you. I guess once you learned tips and tricks for Kobo, you will be able to customize and make most use of all the functions including hidden tricks.

How to read Kindle books on Kobo

Imaging you find an interesting book which is only available on Amazon, thus you purchased it on Amazon and want to transfer it to your favorite Kobo eReader, but it didn't recognize it at all. Why I cannot read downloaded books on my favorite eReader? Actually, Amazon uses its own unique eBook formats which are not supported by Kobo. It's annoying for our Kobo fans, right? But don't worry, I have found an easy way to make Kindle books readable on Kobo.

Now that we have figured out that eBook format is the reason that prevents us reading Kindle books on Kobo, the only step is to convert Kindle files to Kobo supported format, PDF or EPUB. Here I recommend you a powerful software Ultimate eBook Converter--Epubor Ultimate, which has both DRM decryption and eBook conversion features. With this tool, we can convert Kindle books to Kobo with ease, no matter there are DRM free or DRM protected.


As the image shows, it supports batch conversion and decryption. Only 4 simple steps are needed.

  1. Launch the software
  2. Drag Kindle files from right side to the main interface of the program(automatically detect and upload your Kindle files)
  3. Select "EPUB" , "PDF" or specific Kobo eReader as output format
  4. Tap "Convert" button to start conversion(output folder will pop up automatically when the conversion finished)

convert kindle books to kobo

How to read Kindle books on Kobo

How to add Kindle bookerly font to Kobo

Last year, Kindle just released its new font called bookerly. This is a huge improvment on Kindle reading experience. It has solved the problem with text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning and more.But it's only supported by limited device. So how can we add Kindle bookerly font to Kobo?

add kindle bookerly font to kobo

  1. Download Bookerly file and unzip it
  2. Connect Kobo to computer with USB
  3. Open Kobo drive and create a new folder "fonts" (if none exists)
  4. Copy all of the files in "Bookerly" folder to fonts folder
  5. Eject your Kobo and wait it finishes processing.
  6. Turn off and back on
  7. When you open a book on your Kobo, now you can see the new font via font menu. Enjoy!

How to add Kindle bookerly font to Kobo

How to get free eBooks for Kobo

Want to find free eBooks for your Kobo eReader or Kobo reading app? It's easy. For getting free books directly from Kobo website, first of all, please enter Kobo official website. Then input "free ebooks" in the search box on the home page and tap search icon to find free eBooks. Simply select the category you would like to and click "View all" to see all the free eBooks under selected category. If there are still some books need to be paid, please select "only free items" and click "Apply" button on the left side, then you can see all the showing books will be totally free.

get free ebooks for kobo

How about getting free eBooks for Kobo from other eBook stores? Except Kobo website, there are also many online eBook shops provide us free eBooks for Kobo, such as Smashwords and Feedbooks. For more details, please go through the guide below.

How to get free books for Kobo

How to request a Kobo price match

Kobo has provided us a eBook price match system, I guess many users may have not been aware of it. If you come from US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the UK and purchased an eBook from Kobo, but later you found the same one on another website with lower price, you can ask Kobo to credit you the difference, plus 10% of your original purchase price.

Precondition of requesting a price match:

1. You have to file your claim within 7 days of purchasing it and the eBook has to have the same ISBN number.

2. The eBook store that is offering a cheaper price must be in domestic. For examply, you cannot buy something from the UK Kobo store and say the US price is cheaper.

How to request a Kobo price match?

  1. Enter the the details page of any eBooks on Kobo.com, tap "Price Match Guarantee".
  2. Click "Start Your Request"
  3. Enter your information under "Your Details".
  4. Under "Competitor Information", input the URL where you found the eBook with lower price, as well as its price.
  5. Click "Submit".

Kobo will verify the competing offer and you may get reply within 3 business days.

How to request a Kobo price match

How to tell if a Kobo book has DRM before purchasing it

I guess many users may criticism DRMed books, as we cannot do anything we like on them. Though we paid for them, it seems they are not 100% owned by us. But luckily, not all the books from Kobo eBook store are DRM protected. Then, how can we get DRM free eBooks? According to my experience, the best way is to tell if a Kobo has DRM before purchasing it.

Simply click the cover of the books you like, then you will enter the page of eBook details. At the bottom of this page, you can see DRM-free or Adobe-DRM word under "eBook Details" item. Obviously, we can clearly know the books are DRM free or DRM protected from this message.

how to tell if a kobo book has drm

How to tell if an eBook has DRM

How to back up Kobo books to computer

How to back up all your Kobo books on your Kobo eReader to computer? To make your Kobo eBooks 100% safe, we'd better back your Kobo books to computer and saved them forever. Here I want to share a tool Kindle Transfer with you. It's designed to transfer books among Kindle, Kobo and computer. I can say it's the best choice to back up Kobo books.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

It's easy to use. Just 4 simple steps. I guess everyone knows how to operate it.

  1. Connect your Kobo eReaders to computer
  2. Open Kindle Transfer
  3. Select the books on your Kobo eReader you want to transfer
  4. Choose computer in the drop-down menu, click "Transfer" button

back up kobo books

For transmission between Kobo and Kindle, it will automatically help us remove DRM, then convert eBook to target supported formats. For transmission between 2 Kindle or Kobo eReaders with different account, the transferred files will also be decrypted automatically.

How to back up Kobo books to computer

How to add public library content to Kobo eReader

You may don't want to pay for an EPUB eBook and have borrowed it from public library, but how to add the content to your Kobo eReader? Just follow the steps below, then you can enjoy your added eBooks on Kobo freely.

  1. Download ADE and install it on your computer
  2. Plugin Kobo eReader to computer
  3. Authorizing the Kobo through ADE
  4. Find and download eBook content
  5. Authorizing the eBook through ADE

Note: Make sure the email address(authorized Kobo and download eBook content) is the same.

add public library content to kobo

How to add public library content to Kobo eReader

More Kobo tips and tricks

Except the tips mentioned above, there are also many other tricks for Kobo. Hope this can help you.

Trick 1 How to share Kobo eBooks with friends

Trick 2 How to transfer EPUB to Kobo

Trick 3 How to import eBooks into Kobo Android app

Trick 4 A simple trick to fix a buggy Kobo e-reader


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09/18/2017 06:01:24

I used the trick you describe to add the Bookerly font to my Kobo Aura One. The files for Italic, Bold, and Italic Bold are useless, But the file for Bookerly Regular works fine.

Question: I would like to add the Amazon Ember Bold font to my Kobo Aura One. Where can I download it?

09/20/2017 15:34:16
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