Manage Kindle Device: How to Identify Amazon Devices

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Amazon Kindle devices or apps will be automatically named when they are activated. It's been several years since I first dived into the Amazon world. There are so many old devices and apps accumulated to my Amazon account. It' so hard for me to sort out and identify the exact device name of each device. Are you also in this dilemma? If yes, you come to the right place because I've already figured out two methods to identify Amazon devices.

identify kindle device

How to identify Amazon devices? One method is just deleting all your registered Kindle devices from your Amazon account and then register the one you want to identify. The other one is renaming your kindle devices to identify Amazon devices.

Method 1. Delete Kindle Device from Account

Here is the simplest way I want to share at first. Why not just delete all your registered Kindle devices from your Amazon account and register those you still own?

Detailed steps as below:


Step 1. Login your Amazon account and find Manage Your Contents and Devices.

Step 2. Click on the "Devices" tab at the menu, you will see all your registered Kindle devices and apps. If you have connected your Audible account with Amazon account, you will also see your registered Audible devices or apps.

identify kindle device

Step 3. Then click on the Kindle device icon-->>Device Actions-->>Deregister.

deregister kindle device from amazon

In the pop up window, click on "Deregister" button to delete kindle device from your Amazon account.

proceed deregistration

Do you want to delete all kindle devices from your account at once? There is no such way offered by Amazon. So you have to repeat this process many times if you have many registered devices to this Amazon account. When all done, open your devices or kindle apps again, you will be remind of registering your Kindle devices again.

register kindle device

Now you can register your kindle devices or apps that are still in use. I guess now you can identify your kindle devices now.

If you choose to deregister all kindle devices or apps from Amazon account, please ensure you backup your Kindle books in right way.

Method 2. Change Kindle Device Name

Some of you don't want to adopt above method because you don't want to lose old downloads or download your Kindle books again. Yes, I totally understand. It is a real pain. That's why I want to share this method--change Kindle device name to identify your Kindle device.

Detailed steps as below:


Step 1. Login your Amazon account and find Manage Your Contents and Devices.

Step 2. Under the "Device" tab, you can find all your registered devices. Now it's time to manage your kindle devices and give them new names.

Step 3. Click on the Kindle device icon and then click "Edit" beside its name. In the prompted window, fill in the new device name. All done, your device will have a new name. When you open your Kindle device or app, the new name will be shown.

change kindle device name

Pro tips: Please give some easy-remembering names.

Step 4. Then go through all your devices and apps, you will know which are not in use anymore. Just delete these devices unused anymore from your Amazon account.

Now you have a short Kindle devices list in your Amazon account. And it is much easier for you to manage your Kindle devices.

How to Set Default Device?
Pick up the Kindle device or Kindle app that you want to set as default device, and then click on "Device option"-->>"Set as default device". Make sure you select the right device or app, then click Save in the popup. All done. Next time this kindle device will show as the first device in the “Deliver to” dropdown menu found on Kindle product pages as well as on the device list for Manage Your Content and Devices.

set as default

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: How many Kindle devices can I have on one Amazon account?

A: Amazon allows you to have as many devices as you want. So there is no need to worry about this issue. But what we really should care is a book can be downloaded to limited kindle devices and apps at one time. Average limit is up to 6 devices at one time. 

Q2: Why do I have many more devices listed than discrete devices owned?

A: Every time you deregister your Kindle reading app and register it again, Amazon will create a new device name itself. You can take it as a bug. But I don't think Amazon has fixed this bug yet. So if you de-register and register your reading app frequently, you will have more devices listed in Amazon account than you owned.

Q3: Why some devices are repeated entirely with "(MP3)" after the "X Android Device"?

A: If you have used your Android phone to play Amazon music, this can happen.


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02/2/2021 04:34:16
Helpful article but to find how to change the name I had to go to my Amazon app, find Manage Content & Devices, Choose the Devices tab, then the Kindle app, then I could change names, deregister devices and set the default device.
I did not understand the box out with “pick up the kindle device or kindle app”. I could not do this from the Kindle app, only from the Amazon one.
But you got me there in the end. Thanks.
I am guessing that English is your second or third language. If so, “We’ll done!”. It’s not easy doing tech support in a foreign language.
If English is your first language, then you need to do some proofreading.
(“... you will have more devices listed in Amazon account than your owned.” should be “you own”.
“ A: If you have used your Android phone to play Amazon music, this can be happened.” should be “this can happen.”
02/4/2021 10:35:09
Thank you for your feedback and proofreading. I will do more proofreading before publishing.
02/17/2021 03:21:25
Excellent, this helped me manage my devices and clarifies how to properly name them.
02/18/2021 11:40:37
Thank you for your feedback. Glad to know it can help you.
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