Best 3 Solutions to Move Audible Books to SD Card

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Do you want to transfer Audible books to SD card to listen to Audible audiobooks in car, MP3 player or more portable media players? Or are you running out storage on your Android device and want to download the Audible files to SD card to get more space? No matter what you need to do, you'll get the best solutions to move Audible books to SD card in this tutorial.

move audible to SD card

1. Move MP3 Audible Books to SD Card [The Best Way]

The best solution to move Audible to SD card is to convert Audible to MP3 and transfer the MP3 Audible books to SD card. Audible files are all protected by DRM in special Audible format. Therefore, to make these Audible audiobooks are playable on other devices, you need to convert Audible to MP3. Here Epubor Audible Converter can help you to convert the DRM-protected Audible AA/AA files to MP3 audiobooks.

Step 1 Download Audible books to your computer.

If you are using Windows 10/8, please use Audible app for Windows to download the Audible books. If you are a Mac user, just download Audible files from the site Audible.com. For more details, please read the Full Guide on How to Download Audible Books to Computer.

Step 2 Download and install Epubor Audible Converter.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

Step 3 Add Audible AAX/AA files and convert Audible to MP3.

To add Audible audiobooks to Audible Converter, you can click on the "+Add" button or just drag and drop Audible AA/AAX files to the main interface directly.

Next, click on the "Convert to mp3" button at the bottom to start the conversion. (You can also choose the output format as M4B and convert Audible to M4B.) Once the conversion is completed, you will see "Succeeded" and you can click it to find the converted MP3 Audible books.

convert audible to mp3

Bonus Tips: You can still split your long-time Audible books into chapters with Epubor Audible Converter. Just click on the "option" button at the end of the book title to activate the split function.

Step 4 Transfer Audible books to SD card.

Now use either your computer's SD card slot or an SD card reader to connect your SD card to the computer. Then copy and paste your converted DRM-free Audible audiobooks to your SD card.

Congratulation! Now you can insert your SD card into any compatible device or media player for listening to Audible books more freely.

Bonus Tips:

This is the first and best way to transfer Audible books to SD card. If you're about to move Audible to SD card for listening to Audible on other devices like car, MP3 player or more, Epubor Audible Converter can definitely serve your demand.

There are some other methods you can take, like the following two ways I'm going to share with you. But the following two methods are useful only for certain Android/Kindle Fire devices and the Audible books transferred are still DRM-protected Audible files.

2. Move Audible Books to SD card on Audible

Some Android users may come across this error message when trying to download Audible books to Android: "SD Card required. Please make sure the SD card is mounted in your device."

This method is specially for Android users who are running out of storage on Android and want to change the location of downloaded Audible files to a removable SD card. Before taking the following steps, please make sure you have already inserted an SD card to your Android device.

Step 1 Open the Audible app on your Android phone/tablet.

Step 2 Tap the Menu in the upper left and then choose Settings.

Step 3 Tap Download Settings and find Download Location.

move audible to SD card on Android 1

Step 4 Choose the SD card from the list of download locations. It should be the second item listed on the page.

move audible to SD card on Android 2


1. If your Android device doesn't have an SD card slot, you are unable to take this method.

2. It is not advised to download Audible books to SD card on the Android Audible app since you may experience playback issues with your audiobooks.

3. Audible audiobooks which are saved in SD card by taking this method can only be played on limited compatible Audible devices but not other more devices such as cars, televisions and portable MP3 players because Audible audiobooks are all DRM-protected in special file format AAX, AA, or the Audible new format AAXC.

3. Move Audible Books to SD Card on Kindle Fire

If you have a Kindle Fire tablet that can be inserted with an SD card, you can also move Audible books to SD card on Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire tablet requires OS 5.2.1 or higher. And this is only compatible with the following Fire Tablets:

Fire (7-inch touch screen);
Fire HD 8 (8-inch touch screen);
Fire HD 10 (10.1-inch touch screen)

Step 1 Swipe down from the top of the screen and choose Settings.

Step 2 Find Storage and tap it.

Step 3Tap the toggle next to Download audiobooks to Your SD Card.

move audible to SD card on kindle fire

Note: The Audible audiobooks which are downloaded to SD card from Kindle Fire are also Audible AAX/AA format, which cannot be played on other devices either.


These are the complete solutions you can take to transfer Audible to SD card. If your purpose of moving Audible to SD card is to listen to Audible on other more devices freely as you want, it's highly recommended to convert Audible AAX/AA to MP3 and then move the MP3 Audible audiobooks to SD card with the help of Epubor Audible Converter.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free

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