Must-Have Free Apps for Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire

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What will you do with a tablet? Reading eBooks, watching videos, listening music, playing games, these are the basic features a tablet offers. What if you want to make your tablet more than just a toy for killing time? Then you need those varieties of apps to turn your tablet an all-powerful device.

All the apps contained in the list are free or at least free for basic but important features. And except the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire (HD), these apps actually suit for all the android smartphones and tablets like Google Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy 3, Nook HD, Kobo Arc, etc..

And for some apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc., I am not going to take them into this list as you definitely will get them installed on your Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire once you purchase them.

Tip: If you can't find an app in Amazon App Store and want to install the apps from other Android Apps markets, please click here to check how to do this.

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later)

Recently I am engaged with The Pomodoro Technique, this app does save me lots of time and help me focus on the work.

One of my regular jobs is to write articles, for creating good content I have to do lots of searches and studies, as the result I can't avoid handling many pieces of informations and web pages. But I can't just read all of them through as I should finish my work in the limited time, and I believe I will need these information someday in the future.

Before finding this app, I will always bookmark it and just weeks later my bookmarks will mess up and I can't find anything I want among them. But now, with this app on my Nexus 7 and the extension on my computer's chrome, I can just one click to save this web page to my "Pocket", and when I have spare time, I check my "Pocket" and order these information up. Pick out the pieces I need and throw the others away.

Get it for free:

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Chrome Extension

Also recommend:



It's the best partner for Pocket, after filtering those useful information out, you can use this app to easily take notes. Once this app is installed on an Android device, when you use the share feature in any app, there will be an option called "Evernote - Create Note", click it then you can save the content (texts, webpages, images, sounds, etc) to your notebook.

This app also offers you the web browser add-ons and desktop softwares, all of them are free for use and all your notes will be synced automatically. With a free plan, you have 60M space per month, it is enough for a regular daily use.

Get it for free:

Evernote Official Site

Also Recommend:

Color Notes


The best news reader app ever, it has already integrated many news resources and filtered them with subjects, you can also add your favorite RSS feeds to it manually. The highlight is this app will flow the news as a magazine's layout.

It is such a joy to read news with this app.

Get it for free:

Google Play

Also recommend:

Google Currents


This is a personal customization internet music radio app. At the first time you run this app, it may ask you to take some time to complete a survey. Don't skipped it, the more details you give to the app, the more accurate songs will be streamed to your Nexus 7.

Free plan of Pandora will interrupt your music with ads as the company must pay the royalty fee, and with $3.99 per month or $36 per year you can remove the ads and get more advanced features.

Get it for free:

Pandora Official Site

Also recommend:


ES File Explorer

The best file manager app ever, one app enables you manage your files and installed apps, kill your tasks, get access to cloud storage services, and you can even use it as a FTP client.

If you are messed up in finding a file in your Nexus 7's internal storage, you can't miss this app. What's more, it's totally free.

Get it for free:

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Also Recommend:

Astro File Manager

Any. Do

Everyone needs a GTD apps to help you better manage your tasks. This one is what I like most.

It's a pity that the Clear doesn't come to Android or I will choose it without any hesitation. But we are talking about Android apps here, so let's forget the Clear.

I love Any.Do for its simple interface design and simple feature, as a GTD app, we should just focus on getting the things done. Anything except tell you that you should get this done is redundant.

It offers you the apps for mobile device and web browser plugins. And it has enhanced its capability with Gmail and turn missed call into reminder functions.

Get it for free:

Any.Do Official Site

Also Recommend:



Both Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire offer you 16GB space with the $199 plan. And for some people, the space is not enough. Then you will need some other storage spaces to save or backup your stuff.

Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage app in this planet, it provides you 2 GB free space and you can enlarge it to 20GB by completing some tasks.

You can visit the files in your Dropbox on any device which can visit internet.

Get it for free:

Dropbox Official Site

Also Recommend:

Sky Drive

Google Drive


Although the camera on Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire can barely meet your daily demand, there are still many people seek the photo app.

Spanseed is an award-winning photo app and turned totally free months ago. It's pretty customizable and easy to use, meanwhile it keeps a professional level in photo processing. If you are tired of instagram's filter, Snapseed can be your choice.

Get it for free:

Google Play

Also Recommend:



eBook Reader Apps

We have already written a detailed review about eBook Reader apps, it covers nearly 20 apps which help you read eBooks on Android device. It's not a good idea to write the same stuff again and again, so please click the link above to check the list and choose what you like.

I can't find the app in Amazon App Store

If you can't find the app recommended in this article in Amazon App Store, please don't worry, you are still able to install it on your Kindle Fire (HD).

Press the gear icon (settings) in the upper right-hand corner, then choose "Device" and you will see an option called "Allow Installation of Applications", turn it on.

Now open the web browser and search the .apk download file for the app you want to install, and open it after the download finish, you will get the app installed on your Kindle Fire.

Tell us the must-have apps in your eyes

The apps above are only the ones thinks they are important and must-have, and I do understand the range is pretty limited. So please tell me the apps you think are must-have and leave them in the comment, then I can make this list more perfect.


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