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As a bookworm, you love reading a great deal of books regardless the forms they render. It’s quite a pleasure to indulge yourself in the sea of books whether they’re paperbacks, hardback editions, or ebooks. And we do notice the trend that ebooks come into vogue. Reading ebooks is more than a passing fad, it’s an economical and environmental friendly life-style that prevails in the modern society. e-Readers like Kindle, Kobo and Nook are the best mobile devices to read ebooks. However, some of you may be not willing to invest a sum of money in an e-Reader, or you may not bother to install some apps in your smartphone just for reading ebooks. Well, it’s a good choice to read ebooks on a PC without installing special software. It doesn’t require an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone, all you need is a regular PC and stable internet connection. In this article, I’ll share with you the top 5 online ebook reader websites, aka web based ebook reader. Please stick around!

1. Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader
2. Neat Reader
3. MagicScroll Web Reader
4. Readium
5. EPUBReader

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader

As the Alexa ranking 11 website, Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader is well known for ebook readers. It’s a free, web-based app that allows you to read your Kindle books in any browser.

No Kindle e-Reader of Amazon Fire tablet is required, no software installation is needed, an Amazon account is enough. Please create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one to sign in to the website. You can access it via Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader.

Kindle-Cloud-Reader register

To get more details and assistance, please visit Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader Help & Customer Service page.

Neat Reader

The clear and concise interface of the website corresponds to its name “Neat Reader”. Taking advantage of the top-notch web technology, combined with the elegant UI design, Neat Reader boasts itself as the world’s best web based epub reader on PC. Please access it via Neat Reader Official Site. Free of downloading and installing an application, you can either try it without signing up, or get started signing in with your Google or Facebook account.

Neat Reader Sign up

The main page prompts after signing up, you can either click the red round plus button to add a new book, or drag and drop a book file to this page. Then you can enjoy your reading on your PC.

click this to add new books

It also allows you to choose your favorable font size, annotate your ebook, and even export your annotation to Evernote.

Neat Reader comes with free version and paid version, please visit Neat Reader membership to check the details. Tell you what? If I were you, I won’t pay for the paid version as the free version is sufficient for daily use.

MagicScroll Web Reader

MagicScroll is a fabulous service that allows you to read eBooks in your browser with a simple interface. No special software is needed, no registration is required, and no charge is paid. Go to the official website at MagicScroll to upload an epub file by clicking “Add a Book to Your Library” and start reading. Not only can you read epub books on MagicScroll, but also it enables you to share the books. A permanent URL for the book is generated when you uploading a book into the website, and you can send the link to your friends to share the book freely. It is feasible to do so theoretically. My situation is that when I tried to send the uploaded book URL to several of my friends and asked them to open the link to read the book. Unfortunately, none of them reply that the book can be loaded in their browser. The book URL can be opened by my friends, but it takes forever to load the book.

The MagicScroll Web Reader for Chrome is a web extension which turns every webpage into a MagicScroll book. Just go to Chrome Web Store to search for the tool and click “add to Chrome”.

MagicScroll Web Reader

After installation, a small book icon appears in the Chrome toolbar. Visit a webpage you want to read, and click the icon, then the page will be transformed into a book-like interface which makes it easier to read long articles without distraction. In this reading mode, you don’t need to scroll down the long page, instead, you can flip though it by clicking the arrow on either side.

Read epub via MagicScroll


Google Chrome users may not be unfamiliar with Readium—an add-on to be installed in Chrome web browser to read ePub files. It supports ebooks in epub format perfectly, but a mobi file cannot be opened by Readium. As Chrome browser extension, Readium for other browsers like IE or Firefox is still under development.

How to install the extension? It’s very simple. You can either visit its official website at Readium.org, or go to Chrome Web Store to search for the tool and click “add to Chrome”.

install Readim

Readium add to Chrome

After installation, Readium will be displayed in Google Chrome Apps. Double click the Readium icon, it opens like this and prompt you to add a new ePUB file to your library.

Readim add-on

After adding books into Readium, you can start reading by double clicking the ebook in Liabrary View. Then the book page will be displayed. The Table of Contents will be displayed on the left side of the screen by clicking the icon at the top.

Read epub via Readium


Just like the above extension applies to Google Chrome, EPUBReader is an add-on designed for Mozilla Firefox. It’s a lightweight but fully featured epub online reader. You can read epub files in Firefox browser with it and don’t need to install additional software.

The precondition of using EPUBReader is of course to have Mozilla Firefox installed in your computer. Click Download Firefox to install Firefox.

It’s also very easy to get the web extension integrated to your Firefox browser. There’re two ways to install EPUBReader. The first way is to visit its official website at EPUBReader, and click “Add to Firefox”.

Install EPUBReader

The second way is to go to the toolbar of Firefox at the top of right corner, click Add-ons, then go to “Get Add-ons”, scroll down the page to the end and click “See more add-ons!”. In the search box, type “EPUBReader” to search it, then click “Add to Firefox”.

install Firefox add-ons

After installation, you can open epub files with the extension and enjoy your reading.

Several ways to open ebooks:
Click on a website on an ebook download link. The ebook is downloaded, processed, and opened automatically afterwards.
Click on the EPUBReader button in the browser toolbar. Click afterwards on the folder button on the top.
If you have already opened an ebook, just click in the middle to show the toolbar and to open a new ebook.

In summary, the above 5 web based online epub readers are featured, lightweight, and easy-to-use. However, they only support DRM free epub files. It's quite disturbing when seeing the error below:

locked by DRM

If you want to read DRM protected epub files with these tools, I highly recommend you to install the best eBook DRM removal and converter – Epubor Ultimate!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:



Sisi is a newbie who joined Epubor in November 2017. She's a bookworm her whole life and has taken great interest in eBooks recently. She learns professional knowledge about ebooks in Epubor and loves to share her know-how to all the ebook lovers!

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