PDF DRM Removal - Remove DRM from PDF on Adobe Digital Editions

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PDF DRM Removal helps you remove DRM restrictions from PDF on Adobe Digital Editions with 1-click.

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Remove Adobe Adept PDF DRM

PDF DRM Removal is a powerful software to remove Adobe Adept DRM restriction from PDF files losslessly. It removes DRM from the PDFs without making any change to the source files. The content, formatting, and layout of the file remain intact. After decryption you can read the DRM-free PDFs on any supported devices. It is the easiest and fastest tool to remove PDF DRM and keeps the top-notch quality.

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Prerequisites of decrypting PDF files

PDF files can be encrypted by various of DRM schemes and other protections. Epubor PDF DRM Removal only applies to those PDF files protected by Adobe Adept DRM. Books downloaded from Google Play Store and Kobo Store are supported by the program. You just need to make sure the PDF files can be read on Adobe Digital Editions.

Decrypt loaded PDF files in a batch

Many users purchased many PDF eBooks online. You do not need to remove DRM from PDFs one by one, instead, you can decrypt all the imported Adobe Adept DRM protected PDF books at one time with Epubor PDF DRM Removal.

pdf drm removal

Read and print out PDF files freely by removing DRM

The PDF DRM protection stops people from reading it on any other devices or apps except ADE. You can' t read a DRM protected PDF via Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. You can only read them on the authenticated Adobe Digital Editions exclusively.


Many people want to print PDF files for conference usage. But the DRM restriction prevents people from printing them out.

Removing DRM protection from PDF files liberates your PDFs, then you can read it anywhere, and print out the files freely.

pdf drm removal

How to Remove DRM from PDF files with Epubor PDF DRM Removal?

Step 1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Then authorize your computer with your Adobe ID. Create an Adobe ID if you don't have one.



The decryption key will be generated during the reading process. If you fail to read PDFs on ADE, you are inclided to fail to remove DRM from the PDFs.

Step 2. Launch Epubor PDF DRM Removal (now PDF DRM Removal feature has been integrated to Epubor Ultimate), click "Adobe" tab, it will detect and upload all your PDF files into the software automatically. Then double click the PDFs to remove their DRM swiftly.


You can also click "Add" button to import PDFs or drag and drop PDFs into the software interface manually. The PDFs are decrypted automatically when you're loading the PDFs.


You can see a checkmark and "Decrypted" next to the PDFs you've removed DRM from. Double click on "Decrypted", the Decrypted file output folder will prompt automatically.


Watch the video tutorial and learn how to remove drm from PDF:

Watch Video Tutorial

Download PDF DRM Removal software

If you are interested in removing PDF DRM on mac, you are welcome to read article PDF/EPUB DRM Removal Mac published on Epubor website to know the detailed guide.


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03/5/2011 06:06:01
Great job! I was finally able to upload a PDF textbook to my Kindle DX! Yours, is the ONLY program that works as advertised! Thank you!
04/1/2011 23:41:37
This trial copy to remove limited user option on my Adobe Digital ebook (PDF DRM Removal)works great. You got a new customer and I like to say to anyone who have to same issue should try it..Thank you
11/9/2011 17:09:40
This software works like a charm. it removed the DRM succesfully. I like!!!
11/29/2011 03:11:41
I would like to try a trail of your PDF DRM Removal software.
11/29/2011 08:25:42
Download PDF DRM Removal for a try here:
12/1/2011 22:08:35
It really works, thank you so much!
12/16/2011 14:48:41
Worked great for me. Now I can read the book I bought at Google Books and leave that horrific Adobe Digital Editions in the trash can where it belongs! You guys rock!
01/20/2012 03:40:46

Does this work with Adobe "file open" plug in? This plug in restricts printing of PDF documents. If it works I'll buy it.


01/25/2012 23:20:01
"restricts printing" is protected by password, but not DRM, PDF DRM Removal can't helps you.
09/25/2012 04:46:20
Trial worked great on a 30 MB 115 pages DRM PDF. Trial version is limited to 2 files which was enough for me! Highly recommended.
02/2/2016 19:24:46
Thanks very much.  PDF DRM Removal did a great job.  Well done.
09/8/2018 11:03:26
Thank you very much. You are a life saver.
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