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DRM PDF and EPUB booksYou have purchased lots of books from Kobo, Sony, Nook, Google Play, Smashwords, etc, but you want to read them on your newly bought iPhone or iPad. You may have no idea about how to solve this problem as when you drag those books into iBooks, they just couldn't be opened. Frustrated, right? What's more, with Adobe DRM PDF and EPUB books, you can't flexibly share your books with your friends or family. They have to register their device with your account, which you may not accept. Besides, DRM protection prevents you from converting your PDF and EPUB books to other format like mobi with some freewares. All these are restricted due to DRM protection.

So here just introduces PDF EPUB DRM Removal to assist you to remove DRM from Adobe PDF and EPUB books. Only in this way, you can dominate your books: making a backup of your PDF and EPUB books in case of losing them someday, reading your books on multiple devices and sharing them freely with your family and friends for personal benefit.

Part 1: Features of PDF EPUB DRM Removal

Part 2: How to use PDF EPUB DRM Removal

Features of PDF EPUB DRM Removal

1Main function:

Just like its name, it's the combination of PDF DRM Removal and EPUB DRM Removal. Powerful enough to remove DRM from both Adobe PDF and EPUB books, covering books purchased from many popular online stores like Kobo, Sony, Nook, Google Play, Lulu, Smashwords, etc. As long as your book is Adobe DRM protected, you can rely on it to strip the DRM. Besides, it has added the "EPUB-Fix Tool" which can easily save your broken EPUB file. What really pleases me is the high speeds for decrypting books in batch. In addtion, it brings no harm to your books and creates a new EPUB/PDF file while removing DRM, so there is no need to backup the source files. Simply load your books, and you will get your DRM free books within seconds.

2The premise of using this tool:

The first premise of using this tool is that you are the owner of the PDF and EPUB books, which means it doesn't support books rented or borrowed from library.

The second precondition for successfully using this tool to handle your PDF EPUB books is that they're Adobe DRM protected. So you must make sure you can read your books in Adobe Digital Editions before removing DRM from PDF and EPUB books. Since Apple iBooks is protected by unique Apple Fairplay DRM, this tool is not able to deal with it.

3Supported reading devices with DRM free PDF and EPUB books

Once your PDF and EPUB books are DRM free handled by this tool, you're permitted to read them on all the following reading devices that support EPUB or PDF format: iBooks on iPad or iPhone, Nook device, Sony, Kobo, Nexus 7, Blackberry, FBreader, Adobe Reader, Bluefire Reader, Stanza, Aldiko, etc.

4PDF EPUB DRM Removal download

This tool supports three kinds of OS: Win, Mac and Linux. Here just provides you the download links of Win and Mac version. If you need Linux version, please go to the product page to download it.


How to use PDF EPUB DRM Removal

After you get the tool ready, this part is going to teach you how to remove drm from EPUB & PDF on Adobe Digital Editions on both Mac and Win.

Note: The PDF EPUB DRM Removal tool in this video guide is the previous version, so the interface is a little different from the one you downloaded. But don't worry for all the steps are almost the same.

Step 1: Install Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it

Download and install Adobe Digital Editions in your computer.

If it's the first time you use it, click "Help"->"Authorize Computer" to authorize your Adobe ID.

authorize Adobe Digital Editions

Step 2: Sync and open your Adobe PDF and EPUB books with ADE

After purchasing books from the previous mentioned ebookstores, launch Adobe Digital Editions to sync and download your PDF and EPUB books.

sync and download PDF and EPUB books with ADE

Usually your books synced through ADE will be in the following folder:

For Win: ...\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions ...

For Mac: Users/Your computer name/Documents/Digital Editions ...

If you can't find them, you can also switch to "File" Menu -> "Item Info" -> "Location" to check the location of your downloaded PDF or EPUB book.

item info for Adobe PDF and EPUB books

The file I get is acsm format instead of EPUB or PDF, how can I successfully open it with ADE

The book downloaded from Kobo library is usually .acsm file. After downloading it, double click the file and it will be automatically opened with ADE. If it seems to open with another one, you can right click on the .acsm file and then choose "Open with Adobe Digital Editions". During the process, your .acsm file will be converted to EPUB or PDF format and downloaded to your ADE library automatically. Go to the path presented above to find your EPUB or PDF books.

Step 3: Run PDF EPUB DRM Removal to add books into this tool

When you run PDF EPUB DRM removal, you will see this following interface. Your books in ADE library will be listed out in the right column. You can click "Load the ebooks" button to automatically load all the books. If you just intend to decrypt a few books, you can drag the books from the right side to the left window or drag books from folder into this tool. Clicking "Add" button at the upper left side also allows you to import your books. Batch decryption is high supported, therefore, you can add several books at one time.

add Adobe PDF and EPUB books

Step 4: Remove DRM from Adobe PDF EPUB books

The moment you have successfully loaded PDF and EPUB books into this tool, they will be decrypted immediately. You can click "File"->"Open decrypted folder" to get your DRM free PDF and EPUB books. For Win version exclusively, right clicking on the book and choosing "Explore decrypted folder" is also the way to find DRM free books.

remove DRM from Adobe PDF and EPUB books

By hitting the "settings" icon, you're allowed to preset the output folder and source location.

preset output folder and source location

With DRM free PDF and EPUB books, you're now able to backup and share them freely and read them on multiple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why did I get the error message "problem decrypting session key" while authorizing ADE?

A: This problem may occur if you use different ADE versions to download ACSM files or open eBooks. In this case, you have to delete all your downloaded books under your ADE folder and redownload them with the authorized Adobe ID again.

Q: Will the tool bring any damage to my books and how is the quality of the DRM free PDF and EPUB ebooks?

A: This tool removes DRM from books by merely removing the DRM header and creating a new PDF/EPUB file. So it will bring no quality loss to the effect and your original PDF and EPUB books.

Q: What if my EPUB file is damaged?

A: Don't worry for this PDF EPUB DRM Removal tool has added the built-in EPUB-Fix tool. For small and light damage, it can easily deal with it. For having access to this feature, click "Tools" menu->"EPUB-Fix Tool".

Q: Am I able to print out those PDF and EPUB books when they're DRM free?

A: The 3.0 and later ADE has cancelled the printing feature. For Adobe DRM protected PDF and EPUB books, you can only print a few pages even if you use the previous version. However, with non-DRM PDF and EPUB books, you can freely print them out.

PDF EPUB DRM Removal Free Download

If you are interested in removing PDF and epub DRM on mac, you are welcome to read article PDF/EPUB DRM Removal Mac published on Epubor website to know the detailed guide.


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