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PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac is the integration of PDF DRM Removal Mac and Epub DRM Removal Mac. As the core function of Epubor Ultimate, PDF&ePub DRM Removal for Mac can help you remove DRM from PDF and EPUB eBooks purchased from Kobo, Google play and Nook on Mac platform. With PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac, breaking up the DRM restriction and reading your DRM protected eBooks on any EPUB&PDF supported apps and device is so easy! Here I will show you why should we choose PDF&Epub DRM Removal for Mac and how to remove eBook DRM with with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal on Mac.

First of all, download PDF&EPUB DRM Removal for free trial

Part 1 Features of PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac

Here I list the key features of PDF&EPUB DRM Removal for Mac.

Feature 1. Preserve the original quality of the decrypted PDF/EPUB eBooks.

PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac can remove the DRM as well as perserve the original quality of the book because the DRM removal can analyze the structure and content of the eBook. The DRM Removal tool will consider the DRM scheme as a shell to the eBook. Removing DRM from PDF & epub is just removing the shell of the eBook, and will not change display effect of the original eBook. So you will find there is no difference between the original DRM-ed eBooks and the DRM-free eBooks.

Feature 2. Remove DRM individually or in bulk.

PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac allows you to decrypt the books one by one or in batch on Mac. The batch decryption functionality can greatly saves your time if you have many eBooks are waiting for decryption. Just select all books from the left column and drag them to the right column, you will see that all books will be decrypted automatically with no further operation.

Feature 3. Support various types of Epub and PDF DRM.

As we know that Epub and PDF are the most open standard eBook formats which has been adopted by the mainstream of eBook vendors, except Amazon. Although there are so many eBook vendors use PDF and EPUB as the their eBook formats, they have encrypted their books with different DRM schemes. In the following part, I will introduce the most common DRM schemes have been supported by PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac.

1 Adobe Adept DRM

Adobe Adept DRM is developed by Adobe and has been applied to the Epub and PDF files which can be read by Adobe Digital Editions. In fact, the Adobe Adept DRM scheme has been adopted by the vast majority of eBook retailers such as GooglePlay and Kobo etc.. Many libraries also use Adept DRM to protect their eBooks. With the protection of Adobe Adept DRM, the Epub and PDF files can only be read on specified apps, like Adobe Digital Editions. If you download Googleplay eBooks or Kobo eBooks from their websites, you will get an .acsm file instead of Epub or PDF file. You need to authorize your Adobe ID to your computer and then open the acsm file with Adobe Digital Edition to download the full content of the book which is PDF or epub format. If you are not familiar with this process, please read the article How to Convert acsm to pdf free published already on Epubor website.

2 Kobo DRM

Although Kobo has employed Adobe Adept DRM to protect their eBooks, Kobo wants to build its own digital ecosystem by bonding their customers to their eReaders and apps. That's why Kobo has developed its own Kobo DRM scheme and adopted it to Kobo eBooks. The Kobo eBooks downloaded via Kobo destop application and Kobo eReaders are all protected by Kobo DRM.

3 Nook DRM

Talking about Nook DRM, you will associate with Barns& Noble eBooks stores. It is true that Nook has locked up the Nook Epub&PDF eBooks you purchased with Nook DRM. What's more, Nook even discontinued the downloading of Nook eBooks from their websites sevral years ago. It is a hassle to remove Nook DRM on Mac as the Nook desktop application for Mac does not work any more. Fortunately, you can download the Nook eBooks to Windows and then copy it to your Mac computer for removing DRM. You can get the step-by-step instruction by reading How to Remove Nook DRM.

Feature 4. Convert PDF to Kindle, Convert EPUB to Kindle on Mac

Altough epub and pdf formats are the mainstream eBook formats on the market, we have to admit that Kindle eBooks also hold the biggest share. As we all known that the Epub are not camptiable with Kindle device and apps, PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac also enables you to convert EPUB&PDF to Kindle supported format, like azw3 and Mobi with the very fast speed.

Part 2 Remove eBook DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal on Mac

After the intruction to pdf&epub DRM Removal Mac, I guess you know have a very good impression about this software. It is time for checking whether this software can do as well as I described, right?Here I will show you how to remove eBook DRM with PDF&epub DRM Removal on Mac. Also, I will make the comparison of the decrypted book and the original book to let you know what you can get in the end. A statified DRM-free ebook or a massed file, keep reading, and you will get the answer.

Remove eBook DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac

1 How to remove Adobe PDF&EPUB DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac?

If your download the eBook encrypted with Adobe Adept DRM, you will find the file you download is an .acsm file, not a real PDF or Epub. To remove the DRM from .acsm file, you need to convert .acsm file to pdf or epub and then remove the DRM.

1. Download Adobe Ditial Editions to your mac and install it.

2. Authorize your computer with Adobe ID. Click "Help" at the top menu bar, then select "Authorize Computer" .

authorize adobe

Then fill in your Adobe ID and passwords at the pop-up window, and then click on"Authorize" button.

fill in adobe account information

When your computer has been authorized successfully, it will pop up a new window to show you the result.

3. Drag the .acsm file to your Adobe Digital Editions. Then acsm file will be converted to PDF or EPUB according to its original format delivered by the eBook vendor.

4. Run Epubor Ultimate to remove the DRM. Click on " Adobe" tab at the left column and then drag the books under this tab to the right column. The DRM will be removed authomatically.

remove adobe adept DRM

2 How to remove Kobo epub&kepub DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac?

The Kobo books downloaded via Kobo desktop application will be encrypted with Kobo DRM and stored at its default path on mac: /Users/epubor/Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub

Run PDF/EPUB DRM Removal Mac( Epubor Ultimate), and then click on "Kobo" tab at the left column and all downloaded Kobo books will be displayed at the left column. Drag and drop the Kobo eBooks to the right column, and the decrypting process will start and finish in seconds.

remove Kobo DRM

If you are still confused about removing Kobo DRM, please read the article Remove DRM from Kobo already published on our Epubor website.

3 How to remove Nook Epub DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac?

PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac does support Nook DRM, but you need to get your book downloaded to your mac at first. We have tested the Nook desktop application for Mac, but all of them do not work any more. You can download your Nook book to any windows computer and then copy it to your Mac. Then Run Epubor Ultimate to remove the Nook DRM. I know it is a little bit hassle but it is a workaround anyway. You are welcome to read How to Remove Nook DRM to get more detailed information.

Comparison of the Original eBook and DRM-free ebook

After so many words, you must be very curious about what does the DRM-free eBooks look like?Will it lose the original formatting? Will it keep all content of the original books? Will it change the original books? I think one picture can show you everything.

comparison between drm protected and free books

From the picture, it is clear that the decrypting process does not change anything of the orignal eBooks but only remove eBook DRM. For the formatting, it is the same as the original and so does the content.

One thing to be mentioned is that the free trial will only allow you decrypt 20% content of the original eBooks and save in TXT, not in its original epub format. Please do not worry. If you purchase the licensed version, all original content and formatting will be preserved!

With the best PDF&Epub DRM Removal Mac, removing the DRM on Mac is so quick and easy. Do not hesitate to purchase the best eBook DRM Removal software-Epubor Ultimate today!


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