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PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac is the best tool to remove DRM from PDF and Epub books on Mac platform. It can handle the PDF or Epub books purchased from Google play, Kobo, sony and some other small vendors. Reading your PDF or Epub ebooks on any app or device without restriction, PDF&Epub DRM Removal is highly recommended.

Download PDF&EPUB DRM Removal for free trial

pdf epub drm removal mac

Part 1: Features of PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac

  • Feature 1. Preserve the original quality of the decrypted PDF/EPUB eBooks.
  • Feature 2. Remove DRM individually or in bulk.
  • Feature 3. Support various types of Epub and PDF DRM.
  • PDF&Epub DRM Removal Mac supports Google Play PDF/EPUB( Adobe Adept DRM), Kobo Epub(Adobe Adept DRM), Kobo Kepub(Kobo DRM) and so on.

    Note: PDF&ePub DRM Removal for Mac doesn't support iBooks DRM.<

  • Feature 4. Convert PDF to Kindle, Convert EPUB to Kindle on Mac.
  • Part 2: Remove DRM from PDF/EPUB with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal on Mac

    remove drm from pdf epub on mac

    After reviewing the features of pdf&epub DRM Removal Mac, I guess you now have a very good impression about this software. It is time for checking whether this software can do as well as I described, right? Here I will show you how to remove DRM from PDF or Epub with PDF&epub DRM Removal Mac. Also, I will make the comparison of the decrypted book and the original book to let you know what you can get in the end. A perfect DRM-free ebook or a massed file, keep reading, and you will get the answer.

    1. How to remove Adobe PDF&EPUB DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac?

    If your downloaded eBook encrypted with Adobe Adept DRM, you will find it is an .acsm file instead of a real PDF or Epub. To remove the DRM from .acsm file, you need to convert .acsm file to pdf or epub and then remove adobe adept DRM.

    1. Download Adobe Digital Editions to your mac and install it.

    2. Authorize your computer with Adobe ID. Click "Help" at the top menu bar, then select "Authorize Computer" .

    authorize adobe

    Then fill in your Adobe ID and passwords in the pop-up window, and then click on"Authorize" button.

    fill in adobe account information

    3. Drag the .acsm file to your Adobe Digital Editions. The acsm file will be converted to PDF or EPUB according to its original format delivered by the eBook vendor.

    4. Run Epubor PDF&ePub DRM Removal to strip Adobe DRM.

    Click on "Adobe" tab at the left column and then drag the books under this tab to the right column. The DRM will be removed automatically.

    remove adobe adept DRM

    2. How to remove Kobo epub&kepub DRM with PDF&EPUB DRM Removal Mac?

    The Kobo books downloaded via Kobo desktop application will be encrypted with Kobo DRM and stored at its default path on mac: /Users/epubor/Library/Application Support/Kobo/Kobo Desktop Edition/kepub

    Run PDF/EPUB DRM Removal Mac, and then click on "Kobo" tab at the left column and all downloaded Kobo books will be displayed at the left column. Drag and drop the Kobo eBooks to the right column, and the decrypting process will start and finish in seconds.

    remove Kobo DRM

    For more detailed guide on removing Kobo DRM, please How to Remove DRM from Kobo which is already published on our Epubor website.

    3. Comparison of the Original eBook and DRM-free ebook

    After so many words, you must be very curious about what does the DRM-free eBook look like? Will it lose the original formatting? Will it keep all content of the original books? Will it change the original books? I think one picture can show you everything.

    comparison between drm protected and free books

    This picture obviously show that the decrypting process does not change anything of the original eBooks but only remove eBook DRM. For the formatting, it is the same as the original and so does the content.

    With the best PDF&Epub DRM Removal Mac, removing the DRM on Mac is so quick and easy. Do not hesitate to purchase the best eBook DRM Removal software today!

    Download PDF&EPUB DRM Removal for free trial

    Note 1: PDF&Epub DRM Removal works on both Windows and Mac platform smoothly.

    Note 2: The trial version of ePUBE&pdf drm removal can decrypt and convert 20% of each book and save them in text format.

    Note 3: To obtained the full content and its original formatting, please upgrade the trial version to licensed version.


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