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Have you ever come up with the idea to download books from Google for free and then print Google books out for reading them like reading paper books? Usually Google books you find from books.google.com website can be only viewed online. What if you want to read these free Google books offline? The best way is to download Google books and then print them out or copy them to your eReader devices.

This guide aims to show you how to download and print Google books, even DRM-protected Google books.

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Firstly, download Google books to PDF

When it comes to Google books, we naturally think of two kinds of Google books, books on Google Play and books from Google. Since you want to print Google books, this step-downloading Google books to PDF is essential.

For detailed information please read this guide How to Download Google Books to PDF, which introduces 3 methods for us.

Next, remove DRM from Google books

Since you want to print Google books, you have to make sure your Google books are DRM-free. Why? Some of you may say," I can open my DRM-protected Google books in Adobe Digital Editions(ADE) and I find the print button." However, this printing feature only belongs to old Adobe Digital Editions 2.0. For the new Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 or 4.0, you won't see the print button. Apart from this, DRM-Protection limits the printing function, only allowing you to print several pages. But most of the books you bought from Google play are protected by Adobe DRM. Even the books you downloaded from books.google.com may contain DRM. So how can you get rid of this common problem in order to print your Google books out successfully? I highly recommend Epubor All DRM Removal here, because it can help you one-click to decrypt DRM restrictions from Google, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Kindle books, etc.

Download Epubor Ultimate:

After the installation has finished, launch this tool and simply drag your books into this tool or click "Add" button to load books into the left interface. (Make sure you can read your Google books in ADE before removing DRM.) Once you have successfully loaded your books into this tool, your Google books will be decrypted automatically.

remove drm from google books

You can find your DRM-free Google books in the default "Path". In order to find your drm-free books more easily, you can also set the output folder before you load books into this tool. Just hit "setting" and it will pop up such a window for you to choose the output folder.

preset output folder

Lastly, print Google books

After you get your DRM-free Google books with PDF format, you can now open your books with calibre or Foxit reader and then send the rest work to the printer by pressing the "print" button.

print google books

If you want to print your PDF out like a bound book, you may apply ClickBook to help you. But it costs you $49.95 if you want to buy it.

Remember to remove DRM protections first before printing Google books.

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Download Epubor Ultimate:



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