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For we Kindle eReader or Kinde Fire users, kindle eBooks do really give us a wonderful reading experience. But we also will meet this situation that we got some books from outside of the Kindle ecosystem such as Kobo ebookstore and we want to read these open sourse ebooks (most are with the ePub format) on our kindle devices.

But how to put epub on Kindle for reading?

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put epub on kindle

There are two common senses that you must know before navigate to the detailed steps.

1. Files format for Kindle:

Kindle native supported formats: KF8 (AZW3), MOBI, AZW, PRC, AZW4

Kindle supported personal documents: TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX

2. Adobe DRM for epub ebooks:

Most of ePub eBooks we purchased from Kobo, Sony, Nook, Google or any other third-party ebookstores are protected with Adobe DRM, which limits us to open these epub files only by Adobe specified devices, but not the Amazon Kindle.

So as referred to abobe, we can put epub on kindle with a easy way, at leastnot in epub format. In other words, we should convert epub to Kindle supported formats if we want to add epub to Kindle.

Step1: Read epub on Computer with ADE

Firstly, you should transfer your downloaded epub books to computer. Transfer via usb or re-download from website to computer.

Then install the best epub reader for PC Adobe Digital Editions.

Drag your epub files to ADE and them open them to have a preview so that you can continue the left job (how to read books on ADE). Don't miss this step because it's the key step to remove Adobe adept DRM from epub files.

Step2: Convert epub to Kindle

Since Kindle doesn't allow us to read epub format ebooks, we can convert epub to kindle format then kindle will recognize them out.

The tool you need: Epubor Ultimate.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

For non-Kobo EPUB books

For EPUB books purchase form non-Kobo eBook store, after installed this tool, please run it. Then add your epub files (at step1 you have previewed with ADE) to the center zone. Click "Add" or drag. As soon as your epubs been added to the soft, it will grab the Adobe epub DRM automatically and remove them quickly. This is also the reason why I recommend the tool to you.

remove drm from epub to read epub on kindle

Then choose the output format. Please choose mobi as the outpur format and then click the "Convert to Mobi" button to get started.

convert epub to kindle format

For Kobo EPUB books

If you purchase EPUB files from Kobo eBook store and sync them via Kobo desktop or Kobo e-Ink reader, here I recommend you a useful software Kindle Transfer, which can help us copy Kobo books to Kindle device with ease. No matter they are DRM free or DRMed.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Just select your Kobo eBook path on your computer or Kobo reader, then choose target Kindle device and hit "Transfer" to start to put EPUB files on Kindle. The copy speed is very fast. For those who have a lot of Kobo books need to be put on Kindle, this tool is highly recommended.

put epub on kindle


Step3: Put converted epub files on kindle

Click on the "Folder icon" at the right bottom, you will see all your converted epub files at the pop up window. Now your epub files are converted to Kindle mobi format, so choose those mobi files, then transfer them to your Kindle eReader or Kindle Fire (how to transfer books to kindle). In this linked article, you will know how to send epub to kindle.

This article is also for those friends who do not only Kindle devices, but have Kobo, Nook tablet or Nexus 7, iPad. If you don't like those associated reading apps, you can install Kindle reading app free on your tablet, then convert epub files to Kindle format to read them on Kindle app.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

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