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Does Kobo have a service center in India?
How do I print CFA eBooks? --
How do I print CFA eBooks?
Is it possible to download word docs to a kobo e-reader?
ibooks to pdf --
Are there any methods that could help me convert ibooks to pdf?
How do I convert an Audible .aa to MP3?
adobe digital edition to pdf --

Bought an book which can only be open via Adobe Digital Editions.

Is it possible to convert these PDF books to normal PDF so that I can read them on Kindle?

Can I share my Audible books with a friend?
how can I read epub files with kindle --

I have purchased some ebooks which I have received in EPUB format. I copied the epub files into the kindle folder, but they do not show up in my Kindle main screen.

Could somebody help me to add epub onto my kindle?

Are there books in Chinese on Audible?
Which is better: Kobo or Kindle? --

I owned a Kindle already, Kobo released a new device named Kobo Clara, I'm considering buying a Kobo.

play the audible on mp3 player --
Is it possible to play the audible AudioBook on my MP3 player?
my kindle not charging --
I tried playing with the charging cable and using different outlets but my device is still not charging, why?
how can I find free books with kindle --
how can I find free books with kindle
Why mobi books don't show cover --
I convert an ePub to Mobi and then email the mobi to my Kindle Paperwhite. It won't show up the cover.
paper books or eBooks --
Which do you like? Paper books or eBooks?
I hate B&N --
On my Win7 computer I used Nook Study (I've purchased 5 books from B&N store) to download books, but what I newly bought did not show up. I synced again, the same problem.
I hate B&N.
My kindle has updated to firmware5.10.2, but I can not remove this new Kindle kfx drm now. Please help!
Please refresh your browser? --


I purchased Epubor Vitalsource downloader. I was trying to convert a textbook into a pdf file, but it failed. There was a output file, in which there is a phrase "Please refresh your browser" with a picture of a robot on all pages. I tried many times, but all failed. Please let me know how to solve this problem.


I have several epubs that have the same title, but are revised yearly. So, for example, editions would be 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, etc., but all have the same title. The filenames are NOT the same. When I batch convert the numerous files, it only keeps one of them - presumably because they have the same name. How do I fix this so I can have all of them?
Downgrade Kindle Paperwhite 4 Firmware --
Can't downgrade my KPW4 firmware software to older version. Can you tell me how to? Need I jailbreak my device?
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