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Many people love comics. Even for adults, comics still have lots of appeal as it provides us so many imaginary worlds in which we can release our pressure of the daily life. Now with the development of big-screen handheld such as tablet, e-book reader and cellphone, we can enjoy comics in sofa or bed. Just stretch your body and relax your mind, immerse yourself in fantasy and imagination. I bet you will like this feeling. And this article is just about how to read comics on Kindle Fire. If you have a Kindle Fire, I'm sure the content below will do help you; If not, this article can also be a good reference of reading comics on handset. So just don't miss it!

1. Read comics purchased from Amazon store

This is the most common way of reading comics on Kindle Fire. You can buy and download comics in the built-in Amazon e-book store and then read them directly, all just like reading e-books. It must point out that the comic books in the Amazon store don't support resizing single page. This is a bit inconvenient as sometimes you need to zoom in a single page to read dialogues more clearly and see more details. Fortunately, in most comics we can tab each image on every single page to zoom in. But you can't resize it freely just like resizing images on iPhone with your two fingers. Second time you tap the image, it will reset to the original size.

In addition, the comic books in the Amazon store don't support landscape mode. But this seems not to be a problem as they are optimized for the Kindle Fire's screen size so it's good when reading comics in vertical mode.

read comics on kindle fire-Select comic category

Select comic category

read comics on kindle fire-Select comics and purchase

Select comics and purchase

read comics on kindle fire-Find the comic in "Books"

Find the comic in "Books"

read comics on kindle fire-Read comic

Read comic

read comics on kindle fire-Tap to zoom in

Tap to zoom in

read comics on kindle fire-No landscape mode

No landscape mode

2. Read comics downloaded from internet

Perhaps the comics in Amazon store don't satisfy you. This may due to quantity, quality or reading mode. So you may come up with the idea that downloading comics on the internet and transferring them to your Kindle Fire. This sounds awesome as we can enjoy countless comic books! Considering most of the comics on the internet are CBZ and CBR formats which Kindle Fire doesn't recognize, you need to install a third party comic reading app. Here I choose the Perfect Viewer.

So let's get started!

1. Download comics from internet

There are many websites for downloading comics. Just search any comics you like and download them on your PC. Here I recommend some websites for you:




read comics on kindle fire-Comic website

Comic website

2. Transfer the comics to your Kindle Fire

Connect your Kindle Fire to PC with USB cable. It will be recognized as a removable disk. Then copy the comic you've downloaded and paste it in the Kindle Fire. I suggest you create a new folder called "Comics" (any name as you like) and put the comic in. It's convenient to manage.

read comics on kindle fire-Connect Kindle Fire to PC

Connect Kindle Fire to PC

read comics on kindle fire-Create new folder Comics

Create new folder Comics

read comics on kindle fire-Copy and paste the comic

Copy and paste the comic

3. Install Perfect Viewer and read your comics!

You can search "perfect viewer" in the Amazon apps store (costs $2.99). Purchase the Perfect Viewer and open it in "Apps" on your Kindle Fire. The Perfect Viewer provides more functions and features than the native Kindle reader. You can set the options to suit yourself.

read comics on kindle fire-Purchase Perfect Viewer

Purchase Perfect Viewer

read comics on kindle fire-Open Perfect Viewer

Open Perfect Viewer

read comics on kindle fire-Select the comic

Select the comic

read comics on kindle fire-Reading interface

Reading interface

read comics on kindle fire-Menu and settings

Menu and settings

3. Read comics with Comics

Comics is a comic app made by comiXOLOGY. It provides an excellent comic store called COMIXOLOGY STORE in which you can find many Marvel and DC comics. The main features of the comics in the store are high quality and quick updates – the store adds new comics nearly every day! The Comics needs an account for purchasing so you should register and set your payment method. Click here for details: Digital comics – Comics by comiXology.

read comics on kindle fire-Main interface

Main interface

read comics on kindle fire-Purchase comic

Purchase comic

read comics on kindle fire-Manage your comics

Manage your comics

read comics on kindle fire-Reading interface

Reading interface

read comics on kindle fire-Page preview

Page preview

read comics on kindle fire-Add new comics every day

Add new comics every day


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09/3/2013 09:52:11
why are my comics only displayed in black and white?...
09/3/2013 19:58:39
Hi, reese.
Many comics are black and white ones, especially the Japanese comics.
06/26/2014 22:25:03

Very informative, it's just what i was looking for.

Thank you for the effort!

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