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Although e-Reader is quite popular among eBook-lovers nowadays, there are also people who prefer to read their books on PC for its large screen. You may wonder how to read ebooks on PC and what's the best way to read ebooks on PC? For Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, Google Play books, etc, you can install compatible ebook reader app on your PC in order to read them, such as installing Kindle for PC, Adobe Digital Editions, Nook for PC, etc. But for your iBooks, you don't have compatible reading app, thus you have to remove DRM from your iBooks. Besides, by removing DRM from ebooks you can view them in other reader app freely, such as Calibre, FBReader and can freely use Calibre to convert ebook format for your own use.

Part 1: Read ebooks on PC through compatible ebook reader app

Part 2: Read ebooks on PC by removing DRM from ebooks

Read ebooks on PC through compatible ebook reader app

Read Kindle ebooks on PC through Kindle Cloud Reader or Kindle for PC

After purchasing ebook from Amazon, you can see two options for you to view your book. One is reading it in your Kindle Cloud Reader, another is to deliver them to your Kindle for PC.

two ways to read Kindle books on PC

Once you click "Read now in Kindle Cloud Reader", you can now start to read your Kindle book on PC.

read Kindle books on PC through Kindle Cloud Reader

If you want to read your Kindle book in Kindle for PC, be sure you have installed Kindle for PC and registered it with your Amazon account first. You're allowed to choose the device to which you want to deliver the book. Then just click "Deliver". Within seconds, your book will be delivered to your Kindle for PC.

When you launch Kindle for PC, you may find the book delivered just now has been in the downloading process. After the downloading process has been finished, one-click the book and you can start to read it in your Kindle for PC.

read Kindle ebook in Kindle for PC

Read Kobo, Sony, Google Play ebooks on PC with Adobe Digital Editions

Usually your ebooks from many popular stores like Kobo, Sony, Google Play, Smashwords, etc are protected by Adobe DRM. You can't read them in any other reader app except Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 1: Install ADE and authorize it

Install Adobe Digital Editions in your PC and then authorize it if it's the first time you used it. Click "Help"->"Authorize Computer" to authorize your Adobe ID.

authorize your Adobe Digital Editions

Step 2: Use ADE to sync Adobe DRMed books and read them in ADE

I will take Kobo books for example.

After you purchased ebooks from Kobo store and added them to your Kobo library, you will see all the items your bought in the library.

Kobo books in library

Click the blue icon reading "Adobe DRM EPUB" or "Download EPUB" to download your Kobo books. After your Kobo books has been downloaded, you may notice that it's not EPUB format but .acsm file. Just click it and it will be automatically opened with Adobe Digital Editions. Until now, you can read your Adobe DRM books on PC through ADE.

Read Nook ebooks on PC with Nook for Web or Nook for PC

After purchasing ebooks from Barnes & Noble store, your books will be displayed in library.

ebooks in Nook library

Clicking "Read Instantly", you can start to read Nook book on PC through Nook for Web.

read nook ebooks in nook for web

If you click "Move to Archive", then the book will be delivered to your Nook for PC or Nook Study. As Nook ebooks are protected by barnes & Noble DRM, make sure you have installed Nook for PC or Nook Study in your PC.

Running Nook for PC and choosing "Archive" item, you can see your book there. Select "download" in the "option" items and you can now read Nook book in Nook for PC.

read nook ebook in nook for pc

Read ebooks on PC by removing DRM from ebooks

You can freely read the above-mentioned ebooks on PC freely with compatible ebook reader app, however, for iBooks, there is no compatible reader app for PC. The only way is to remove DRM from iBooks.

Read iBooks on PC by removing iBooks DRM

Before removing DRM from iBooks, you need to find your books in PC first and check whether they're DRMed or not.

Run iTunes, right click the ebook, choose "Show in Windows Explorer". Then the folder which contains the ebook will pop-up automatically. Or you can directly go to "X:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books".

For how to check whether your book is drmed or not, apply Calibre to help you. Simply load your book in Calibre and try to open it with Calibre.

If the following message pops up, then the book is DRM protected. If not, your book is DRM free and you can start to enjoy your book on PC with Calibre.

drmed book

For DRMed iBooks, you can rely on iBooks DRM Removal to help you.

remove drm from iBooks

Read other ebooks on PC by removing DRM

If you want to read those Adobe or Nook DRMed ebooks on PC through other reader app, like Calibre or FB Reader or Foxit Reader, then you need to remove DRM from your ebooks. Besides, if you also want copy ebooks from your PC to other reading device or intend to convert ebook for format for your own use, then you can remove DRM from these ebooks.

Tool you will need: All DRM Removal which can deal with three kinds of DRM, covering Kindle DRM, Adobe DRM, Nook DRM.

Download All DRM Removal for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 1: Install All DRM Removal and run it.

main interface of All DRM Removal

Step 2: Add ebooks into All DRM Removal and remove DRM

Click "Add" button or directly drag your ebooks into the main interface. (Tips: Make sure you can read Kindle books in Kindle for PC, Kobo, Sony, Google Play books in ADE and Nook books in Nook for PC before adding books.) If you have synced your books through Kindle for PC, Adobe Digital Editions or Nook for PC, the books will be listed out in the right column. Simply drag them from the right side to the left main window.

add books and remove drm

The moment you have successfully added ebooks into this tool, they will be decrypted instantly. Click "File"->"Open decrypted folder" to get your DRM free ebooks.

With DRM free ebooks, you can now read them on more reader app on PC. It's even possible for you to copy ebooks from PC to any of your device and read them without restrictions.

Any problems in removing DRM from ebooks, directly open a ticket to contact us.

Download All DRM Removal for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



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