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Google releases millions of books via its ebook store, so it offers us very good reading resources. For an ebooks lover or a reading lover, it's a must-do thing to read google books on ipad as many as you can. Then do you know how to make use of these precious reading resources on your ipad? It doesn't matter even if your answer is "No". Here I'm going to introduce 3 ways to read google books on ipad, iphone or ipod touch. Read this article and then enjoy your google books reading freely!

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read google play books on ipad

Method 1. Install Google Play Books App

To read google play books, of course we can turn to the google play books app. And this app is available in the itunes app store. However, after we install the app on ipad, we cannot browse and buy books from it like ipad's ibook store. What we need to do is to get a google account and open the ipad's web browser and go to this site. Then we can see google's book collection and select the books(free or paid)we'd like to download and read on our ipad or iphone. After logging into the web store with our google account, the books appear in the Google Play Books app on the iPad. Finally we can read them. It's easy to operate in this way to read google play books, but it's not so convenient. Why? Because we can only read ebooks within this app, to be short, the books are restricted by google. Don't worry, there are two other ways to read google books.

Method 2. Read with iPad's Own Browser


Here is the second way I'd like to talk about. We can read google play books through ipad's own web browser directly. With this way we can only read DRMed google play books online. When we cannot connect the Internet, we cannot read. So next I'll recommend the best way to read google play books on ipad or iphone, that is the third way I talk about in this article. Just continue to read...

Method 3. Remove Google Play Books's DRM

Here it comes! We know that google books are protected by Adobe DRM and Adobe Digital Editions is not supported on ipad, so we cannot read google books directly on ipad. In order to read books more freely, we need to remove DRM first with Adobe Epub &PDF DRM Rremoval--Epubor Ultimate. This program will find the book automatically then decrypt it. Then we can read the decrypted epub or pdf files with iBooks on ipad. Now download and install Adobe ePUB&PDF DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate.

Download the tool for free:

After download the program, open it and it will find the google books we've downloaded. Then choose the books that need to be decrypted and drag & drop it to the right column, the books will be decrypted within seconds. The formats of the decrypted books are epub or pdf, and we can read these files with iBooks on ipad.


In fact, in this moment, we can read these books whenever and wherever we are. They won't be restricted by app or device or the Internet. In this way we can enjoy google ebooks as much as we like! Besides, we can share our good books with our friends, because the decrypted books are not restricted by google or DRM any more. I strongly believe this way is the best for you to enjoy google play books! But, still, it all depends on you, you can choose the way that is most suitable for you.

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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