Read Kindle Books in iBooks/Apple Books (2023 Updated)

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The Amazon Kindle Store offers a wide variety of eBooks. However, as an Apple user, it's not always wise to use Kindle for Mac or Kindle for iOS to read Kindle books. This is because the Kindle reader doesn't support Apple retina display, resulting in a pixelated and unsatisfactory reading experience that has persisted for over a year. Additionally, the Kindle app for iOS is slower than the iBooks app when it comes to synchronous reading. In contrast, the iBooks interface looks more like a library, giving you the feeling that your books are really on a bookshelf. Therefore, this guide will show you how to read DRMed Kindle books in iBooks.

Read Kindle Books in iBooks

Download Kindle Books to Mac First

If you haven't installed Kindle for Mac, please download and launch it first. Then, register it with your Amazon account. Go to 'Archived Items' in the library of the application software sidebar, and download or sync all your purchased books to your local computer.

Where can I find "My kindle Content" (my downloaded kindle books) on my Mac? Has Amazon hidden the location of these eBooks? Don't worry, go to "Kindle"->"Preference"->"Content Folder" in the main menu. On my iMac, the location of Kindle books is .../Users/epubor/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content/.

where are kindle books stored on mac

Failed to find the 'My Kindle Content' folder on your Mac? A quick and easy way to find hidden files within a folder is to open the Finder and press "Command + Shift + .".

Convert kindle books to Apple ePub or PDF

How to read protected Kindle books on iBooks? It may seem impossible to get protected Kindle books into iBooks due to various reasons. Firstly, most purchased Kindle books (.azw4, .prc, .azw3, etc.) are protected by DRM. Secondly, the main formats of Amazon Kindle books are MOBI and AZW, which are not fully supported by iBooks, except for EPUB. Lastly, what about the notes and highlights you made on your Kindle books? No need to worry, they are stored at Amazon cloud.

Epubor Ulitmate can convert almost all eBooks, including DRMed eBooks, to iBooks format, allowing us to keep all our converted books in the cloud. For example, we can put them in Dropbox for easy access

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Watch the Video tutorial first

1Import Kindle eBooks

Install the Epubor Ultimate program and click the 'Add' button. If you haven't changed the default path of the Kindle content, it will appear in the left sidebar of the Epubor Ultimate program under 'kindle' tab. You can then drag these eBooks into the main window on the right.

load kindle books

Important: If you happen to encounter the Kindle kcr files, please follow the step-by-step guide: How to remove drm from kindle kcr and convert kcr to pdf.

2Convert Amazon ebooks to EPUB/PDF

Choose the output format,such as pdf, epub format. Hit "Convert to xxx" button on the central bottom to begin the conversion. It takes a few seconds and the Kindle books will be converted to iBooks supported format.

convet kindle books to epub

3Read converted kindle books on iBooks/Apple Books

Run the Apple Books application on Mac. Navigate to "File"->"Add to Library" and it will pop up a window for us to load the converted Amazon kindle books(drm free).

add kindle to apple books

At last, press "Add" button and it will automatically appear in the Books library when you switch to "All Books" option.

open kindle books in ibooks

If you want to read Kindle titles on iPad/iPhone Apple Books, you can transfer or sync the converted Kindle books from Mac to IOS with iTunes or Finder(for Catalina users).

Download Ultimate Converter for free:



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04/3/2021 17:37:46
hello! This is an interesting read. But how about if i don’t own a mac. can i convert direct in my iOS (which is by the way iOS 12)
04/6/2021 10:31:03
Thank you for asking. Epubor software only works on Windows and Mac. It doesn't work on IOS tablet or mobile phone.
05/16/2022 06:18:23
Is EPubor compatible with the latest versions of Kindle, EPub-DRM and a Mac OS beyond Mojave? I paid a LOT for EPubor as a family license, repeatedly, and it no longer works.  I'm back to using Calibre, which is undoubtedly the basis for EPubor but it actually works...
05/16/2022 14:28:51
Thank you for asking. Sure, Epubor software still can handle kindle books. If you are failed, please screenshot the error message and send it to us via support@epubor.com. We will get back to you with the solution ASAP.
03/31/2023 16:51:24
“Ultimate.pkg” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
04/10/2023 15:17:25

This is due to the security settings for your Mac. By default your security preferences only allow installation of apps from the Mac App store and identified developers.

To solve this problem, when the error message pop up, please click “Ok”. And then go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy. On the General tab, click on the little lock icon in the lower left corner to unlock the general preference pane. Then select the Open Anyway radio button beneath Allow applications downloaded from.

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