How to Read Kindle Books on iPad

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We cannot deny that Kindle is sort of the symbol of eBook nowadays, especially they have enhanced their eco-system with so many advanced but cheap gadgets and powerful assistant apps like "Send to Kindle". But nothing is perfect in the world, we can still find some cons of Kindle. For instance, we can only read the books from Amazon, the limited web access, poor refresh rate, etc.

Plan A: Read Kindle Books in Kindle for iPad App

This method is the simpler one, in another word, it's the less capable one. Why I say "less capable"? Because with this method you are still bonded with Amazon Kindle store, and the Kindle for iPad app is far away from being GOOD to meet our reading demands.

1Download and Installation

Search for the Kindle app at the App Store and select the ipad version. Tap the?Install?button to download, and enter your Apple ID password and tap the "OK " button to finish the installation of this app.

Kindle Installation

2Downloading Previous Purchased Amazon Books

Tap the Kindle App icon to open it and enter your amazon user name and passwords to sign in. When you sign in sucessfully, all your purchased Amazon books will be listed in the cloud. Tap the book title, it will be downloaded to youri pad. Once it finished downloading, it will be showed on device and you will be able to read it.

kindle on ipad

3Buying Amazon Books on ipad

If you want to buy a new book though Kindle for ipad, this is impossible because Apple does not allow it. However, you still can buy a new Kindle book on ipad. How to do it? Open the Safari web browser and go directly to the amazon website. Enter your account information and sign in.

sign in amazon

Once you have sign in sucessfully, you can search the Kindle books by entering the book title or author name to the search bar. Click the book title to go to the product detail page. Tap "buy" and then "read now". The purchased book will be in cloud of your Kindle for ipad app. Just click it to finish the downloading. Then it is avaiable to you whenever you want to read.

buy kindle books

Although we can read Kindle books on ipad, we can't transfer downloaded books to this app with iTunes but only "Send to Kindle". The Kindle for ipad does not allow you to read ePub books, and doesn't have a built-in dictionary so that we have to manually download one. There is no text to speech function, and so on.

Plan B: Read Kindle Books in iBooks

Why we should we read Kindle books in iBooks? Because:

  • We can have more choices over Amazon Kindle store.
  • iPad's screen size is more friendly to PDF files and books with lots of elegant images.
  • We can use the more beautiful and capable iBooks app to read eBooks.
  • If we can read Kindle books on iPad, then it's easy to share it with our friends.
  • And more...

There are so many advantages in reading Kindle books in iBooks, but how to do it? As we know that Kindle books are protected by Kindle DRM and not in epub or PDF formats which support by iBooks. The first thing we should do is removing Kindle DRM and then converting Kindle books to epub or PDF format.

1Download Free Ebook Tool for Your Computer

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


2Sync Kindle Books to Computer via Kindle for PC/Mac

Download the books from your Kindle library to your local drive by Kindle for PC/Mac can guarantee the successful format conversion with Epubor Ultimate.

kindle for pc

3Convert Kindle Books to ePub with Epubor Ultimate

With Epubor Ultimate, converting an encrypted eBook only needs 2 clicks. Once you have open the Epubor Ulimtate, it will atuomatically detect the books at your Kindle for PC/MAC and display all books in the left column. What you have to do is to drag and drop these books to the right column. Those books will be decrypted instanly without clicking any start?button.

remove drm

Then select "epub" as the output format for your books at the buttom and click "convert to epub". All books at the right column will be converted to the epub format sucessfully.

convert to epub

4Transfer the Converted ePub Books to iPad

We have complied a very detailed guide post about how to transfer books to iPad, click the link in case you don't know how to do it yet.

5Read the Book on iPad and Get Most of an EBook

I strongly recommend you use iBooks app to read ePub on iPad as it is definitely the best reading app on iPad. And in fact, Apple's official apps are almost always the best in its area, and yes, not including Apple Maps.

read kindle books on ipad

Just like the image above shows, iBooks is the app that could nearly meet all kinds of needs when we read an eBook. I assure you will have a nice reading experience with it.


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How do I transfer my old kindle to my granddaughter?
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Did he has any eReader device?
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