How to Read Nook Books on PC/Mac

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Purchased titles from the Nook ebook store, but don't know how to get access to them on PC or Mac? Continue reading. In this post, you will learn how to read Nook books on PC/Mac in 3 ways.

read nook books on pc mac

Method 1. Read Nook Books Online with NOOK for Web (PC&Mac)

NOOK for Web allows you to read nook books directly from your web browser on your computer. You don't need to download any app or download the books. Just go to the Nook website in the browser to start reading.

Step 1 Visit Nook’s official website https://www.barnesandnoble.com/, and you will be asked to sign in to your NOOK account.

sign in to nook account

Step 2 Once you are signed in, click "HI, [Your Name]" at the upper right corner of the page, and then click "My NOOK".

My Nook

Step 3 You will be brought to another page which is the Nook library, where you can find all of your purchased books and samples appear.

Step 4 Browse through all of your purchased titles, decide on the book that you’d like to read. Then just click on the title's cover to open in NOOK for Web.

nook library on web

Step 5 Read Nook books in the Nook for Web.

read nook in nook for web

1. Available for both Windows and Mac.
1. Much convenient. Only a browser is needed.
2. Support adjusting text size, font style and page layout.
3. Easy to use.

1. Be lack of many functions even the basic ones, such as highlight, add notes, bookmark.
2. The books in Nook for Web cannot be downloaded to computer for offline reading.

Method 2. Read Nook Books with Nook Windows App (for Win 8 & 10 Only)

If you are using a Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer, you can also use the Nook Windows app to read Nook books on PC. The app must be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. And please note that this method is not available to Mac and Windows 7 users. Updated as of 2023: The Nook Windows app has been discontinued in the Microsoft Windows Store. If you haven't already installed it on your Windows, there's a chance you may never be able to do so. In this case, please proceed directly to Method 3.

Step 1 Download and install Nook Windows app from the Microsoft Store to your computer.

install nook app from microsoft store

Step 2 Run Nook Windows app and sign in to your Nook account.

sign in to nook windows app

Step 3 Once you are signed in, you can see all of your purchased books showing in the library. Now click the book cover to download the Nook book to your computer. When the cloud icon will disappear, it means the book download is finished.

download nook books

Step 4 Start to read Nook books with the Nook Windows app.

read nook books with nook windows app

1. Readers can read the Nook books offline when they are downloaded to computer.
2. A full range of functions, including changing text size/font, line spacing, margins, theme, and more.
3. Add and view bookmark.

1. The Nook Windows app is not available to Mac, Windows 7/XP users.
2. It frequently freezes and crashes.
3. The Nook Windows app is always in full-screen mode, so it’s very inconvenient to switch to other tasks when using the app.
4. Highlight & add notes are not supported.
5. Slow at turning pages.

Method 3. Read Nook Books with Any Other eBook Reading App (Windows&Mac)

Not satisfied with the Nook for Web or the Nook Windows app? Do you want to export your Nook books from your Nook library to any other ebook reading apps? Here is the ultimate solution for you.

Step 1Remove DRM from Nook eBooks. All Nook eBooks are DRM-protected. Therefore, in order to read Nook books with other ebook reading apps, we must first remove the Nook DRM protection. Epubor Nook Converter, the best Nook DRM Removal & Nook Converter, is the tool you can use to remove Nook DRM and convert Nook ebook format. What's more, it also can remove drm from nook audiobooks and convert nook audiobook to mp3 format.

remove nook drm

Download Epubor Nook Converter for a Free Trial

Watch Nook Converter Video Tutorial

Step 2 Read the DRM-free Nook ebooks with your favorite ebook reading app.

After the Nook DRM is removed, now you can use any other ebook reading app to read your Nook books on your PC or Mac, for example, the most popular ebook reading apps Epubor Reader, Adobe Digital Editions and Apple Books (for Mac only). You can also read the Nook books with Kindle app when you convert the Nook books to Kindle format. The following are some recommendations of ePub readers for you.

1. Read Nook books with any ebook reading app.
2. Organize all your books in one place.
3. Take full control of your purchased titles.

1. The Nook DRM must be removed.

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