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AZW4 is an Amazon proprietary format for textbooks. It is a PDF format in a PDB wrapper, and usually with DRM. The wrapper provides the same DRM method as is used on the Kindle's Mobipocket format e-books. Azw4 is a new format for Amazon and so far this is only supported on Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac applications.


Besides, it is expected to be rolled out on other Kindle Reading Apps and on the Kindle DX at some point. With the restriction of the Kindle DRM protection, if you want to share your books with other people or convert the e-books to other formats like Epub/PDF, you can only choose to remove their DRM first.

If you have installed Calibre and expect to use Calibre to manage your e-book library, you can use Calibre to operate. Calibre supports both Windows and Mac OS X, but this plugin might not be run on Calibre 64 bit version. Calibre Plugins supports to remove DRM from Kindle azw4, but it's really difficult and bothering to remove DRM with Calibre. Why? Because it relies on two other component plugins, After you download and install Calibre, you need to download and install Python 2.6 and pyCtypto as well. Thus, I strongly disapprove of this method. I wish to recommend a much more easy and better way for you to remove DRM from azw4. It will help you save much time and energy.

Next I'm going to introduce you the best way to remove DRM from azw4!

Step 1. Download and Install the Needed Tool

Here I recommend a fantastic DRM removal tool to you—Kindle DRM Removal. It will solve all your problems caused by Kindle DRM protection within seconds. Now you can download and install this tool at first. And here is the Kindle DRM Removal user guide.


Step 2. Run the Downloaded Tool and Operate

After you download and install this DRM removal, you can immediately open and run this program. If you have already downloaded one or some Kindle azw4 e-books on your computer or tablet through your Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac, the Epubor Kindle DRM Removal will find and sync your e-books to itself. What you need to do is to click once on your chosen book or books (both one book or several books are OK) and then click the "Remove DRM" button at the right bottom corner. Then the books' DRM will be removed within seconds. It's very easy and convenient to operate.


Or you can choose to drag the books to the left part directly without doing anything else. The tool will remove the books' DRM automatically. It's more convenient and faster.


So you can see it's very easy to remove Kindle azw4 DRM in this way, right? In order to transfer your books and share good books with your friends, it's a wise action to get your books' azw4 DRM removed. With the DRM restriction, you can have the feeling that the books really belong to you. Just download the tool and operate as what I've written down. You will be cheerful!

An additional tip: If you want to convert the e-book format from azw4 to other formats like EPUB/PDF, I recommend to use Epubor Ultimate Converter. It can remove DRM first and then help you to convert the e-book formats to whatever formats you want! Hope you can enjoy your reading process!

Download the tool for free:



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