How to Remove DRM from Sony eBooks

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remove drm from sony ebooksSony released its first eBook Reader in 2006, while Kindle was released in 2007. Unexpectedly, today Amazon is almost dominating the eBook publisher industry, but Sony quits US and Canada and hand all the customers to Kobo.

Since March 2014, all your purchased Sony books might be unavailable from Sony Reader Store anymore, in this situation, removing DRM from Sony books is the most recommended way among all the methods to protect your purchased Sony books and read them smoothly on Kobo.

As a supplement of that post, this one is going to focus on how to remove DRM from Sony eBooks within 3 steps.

1Sync the book from Sony Reader for PC/Mac software

Sync purchased books via official reading software for PC/Mac is always recomended for a successful DRM cracking, do does Sony eBooks.

Install the program and login with Sony reader account, then the software will ask you to authorize this software with your Adobe ID and password. Notice, this is the very important step! It directly decides if you will be able to remove DRM from those books.

authorize sony reader with adobe account

After the accounts are settled, on the home page you can see all the book purchased from the Store. The book with an arrow icon on the bottom of the cover means this books is still saved in the server, you need to double click it to start downloading it to your local drive.

sync sony books via reader for pc

By default, the books are saved in "Documents\My Books\Reader".

2Open the books with Adobe Digital Editions(ADE)

Adobe Digital Editions is the specific program to read Adobe Adept DRMed eBooks, and ADE also provides clues for decrypting the books.

To make sure you can open the books via ADE is to confirm these books can be decrypted successfully.

Download Adobe Digital Editions - PC/Mac

Install ADE, and login with the same Adobe account which you authorized to Sony reader. This is the premise that you can open the Sony books via ADE.

By confirming you can open synced Sony books via ADE, let's enter the step 3.

3Remove Sony eBooks DRM

In this step we need a program to remove DRM from Sony reader eBooks. Epubor Adobe EPUB&PDF DRM Removal (Epubor Ultimate)is the most professional and easy to use one. Click the buttons below you can download the free trial today.


The Epubor Adobe EPUB&PDF DRM Removal(Epubor Ultimate) will display all the EPUB and PDF books saved in "Documents\My Digital Editions" folder in the left side column. When you open the Sony books via ADE, it would ask you whether to copy the book to ADE library. If you clicked yes at that time, you shall be able to see it of the left side column of the DRM Removal software.

If you cannot see your Sony books, don't worry, you have several ways to add them into the DRM removing software.

Click the "users" button on the top bar you will see the window as the image below. Then click on "Settings"-->>Switch to "Favorite" tab and click "Browse", then choose the folder which saves your Sony books. The path in the image is my personal path, yours might be different.

set sony books path

Then look at the left side column of the software and click "Favorte" tab, you will see those synced Sony books.

Just choose your sony books and drag into the main window, they will be decrypted automatically.

remove drm from sony books

Click "Decrypted", the output folder stored your decrypted file will pop up.

All the EPUB and PDF files in the decrypted folder will be freely to eidt, convert, print, etc.


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09/29/2015 12:24:32
I have tried this before and the problem is Adobe doesn't accept my password. I use the same ID and password for my Kobo account. When I try to change my password all I do is go around in circles. Please help!
10/7/2015 23:24:10


If you need to remove DRM from Kobo books, you can download and install Kobo desktop on your computer, synce  Kobo books via it.

Our software can directly remove DRM from books synced via Kobo desktop.


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