The Ultimate Ways to Remove Kindle DRM on MacOS Catalina 10.15

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“Kindle for Mac 1.23 no longer runs at all on MacOS 10.15 Catalina. How can I remove Kindle DRM on Mac?”—This is the comment from one of our customers. This comment also arises our concentration. After doing some research, I find many reports about this Mac new system “Catalina is the first version of macOS to exclusively support 64-bit applications. ” How will the MacOS Catalina influence our kindle ebook lovers? The MacOS Catalina only supports 64 bits application, but kindle for Mac 1.23 is 32 bits , obviously it will not work on MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Meanwhile, downgrading Kindle for Mac to older version is not a valid method to remove Kindle DRM on the MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Is there any solution to remove the Kindle DRM MacOS 10.15? Sure. Here I will introduce 3 effective methods to remove Kindle DRM on MacOS 10.15. They are 100% working.

macOS Catalina

Method 1. Easiest Way--Remove Kindle DRM Mac Catalina with KCR Converter

The easiest method to remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina--removing kindle DRM from Kindle Cloud Reader on Mac. That means if you can download your Kindle books via Kindle Cloud Reader, you can remove Kindle DRM. With this method, you don't have to consider what's the MacOS you are using, even it is MacOS 10.15 Catalina. There is no need to install Kindle for Mac on your Mac.

Step 1 Please install Kindle Cloud Reader app on your chrome, log in your Kindle Cloud Reader and then download your Kindle Cloud Reader books via Google Chrome Browser.

download and pin Kindle cloud reader books

Step 2 Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle Cloud Reader with KCR Converter and convert Kindle books to pdf, epub, mobi or azw3.

Download KCR Converter for free:

When you start the KCR Converter, all your downloaded kindle cloud reader books will be displayed at the main interface. Select all or the books you want to convert. Then choose the output format from the central buttom button and then click on "convert to ...", all your Kindle Cloud Reader books will be converted to DRM free books.

remove drm from kindle cloud reader books

Only two steps, you can easily convert your Kindle books to DRM free PDF, Epub, Mobi or Azw3. KCR Converter definitely is the most easy-to-use Kindle Converter for mac, especially for Mac catalina. It is also the easiest one among the three methods I introduced. Why not give it a try?

Download KCR Converter for free:

Method 2. Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle for Mac 1.26

1. This method is published by odamizu and initially posted on MobileRead Forum.

2. This method will work only if you have used our Epubor Ultimate to remove your Kindle DRM successfully before Mac Catalina 10.15. If your Mac system already updated to Catalina but never use Epubor Ultimate before, please just skip this method but use KCR Converter to convert Kindle cloud reader to pdf/epub/azw3/mobi.

What should you do before updating your Mac system to 10.15 catalina?

Step 1 Install Kindle for Mac 1.23 on your Mac.

Step 2 Download & install Epubor Ultimate to Remove Kindle DRM.


remove drm from kcr

This is a neccessary step. During this step, Epubor software will generate Kindle key file which will help you remove Kindle DRM even if your Kindle for Mac has been upgraded to 1.26 on Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

Now you can update your Mac system to Catalina 10.15. After your MacOS has been updated to 10.15, you will be required to update your Kindle for Mac to 1.26.

update kindle to 1.26

Or you can install Kindle for Mac 1.26 on your Mac. Please move the older version of Kindle app to the trash, and ensure there is only one Kindle app has been installed on your Mac.

Step 3 Close Kindle for Mac and open the terminal window and input following code:

chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

Some users will fail to remove Kindle DRM even if they have execute this command. That’s because some of you don’t have the root privilege to stop the render-test program. To ensure you can 100% to remove Kindle DRM successfully, please add Sudo before the above command.

sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

When you put the above code in the Terminal and then click on “Enter”, you will be requested to fill in your computer passwords. Just fill in it and click on “Enter” again. All done.

stop render-test

Step 4 Download Kindle books.  Note: Please right click on the book title and then select “Download” from the drop-down menu.  Or download from the menu bar “File-->Download”.

download kindle books

If you double click the book title to download the kindle book, you will get the Kindle KCR format with the latest DRM scheme which cannot be stripped for now. So please ensure your books are downloaded correctly. Also, please don’t open or read your downloaded books before removing kindle DRM. Otherwise, the Kindle files will be changed from .azw to .kcr which cannot be cracked for now.

download kindle kcr books

Step 5  Remove Kindle DRM on Mac with Epubor Ultimate---the best ebook DRM Removal and converter.


When you run Epubor Ultimate, it will detect the kindle books and display them on the left column under Kindle tab. Just drag the books to the right column, Kindle DRM will be remove successfully.

remove kindle drm

Method 3. "Download & Transfer via USB" on Mac

Besides above mentioned method to remove Kindle DRM on MacOS 10.15 Catalina, here I still want to share an alternative method for people who have Kindle eInk devices. If you ever have Kindle eink device registered with your Amazon account information, you can use this method. Good news to share is you don't have to have this kindle eink devices in your hand. All these steps of removing Kindle DRM can be achieved on your Mac computer.

Step 1 Log in to your Amazon website and go to “Manage Your Content and Devices". Under “Content” tab, you will see all your purchased Kindle books.

Step 2 Click on "Action" button before Kindle book title, and select "Download and transfer via USB".

download and transfer via usb

Bonus tip

You can also choose to download all kindle books at once by selecting "Select All" -->>"Deliver".

download all kindle books at once

Step 3 In the pop up windows, select the device you want to deliver this book to from the dropdown list. Then click on "Download".

select the device to deliver kindle books

Your Kindle book will be downloaded to your Mac computer.

download kindle books to mac

Step 4 Remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate.


As we have mentioned that this book is deliver to your Kindle eInk device, we need the Kindle serial number to remove Kindle DRM. You can just find it at “Manage Your Content and Devices". Under the "Device" tab, find the right Kindle eink device and copy the Kindle serial Number.

find kindle serial number amazon website

Run Epubor Ultimate, go to the user center-->>Settings-->>Kindle and then fill in your Kindle serial number.

fill in kindle serial number

Then drag and drop the Kindle books to the main interface of Epubor Ultimate, the Kindle DRM will be removed successfully.

remove kindle drm on mac 10.15

If you still have not updated your MacOS system to 10.15 Catalina, above three methods all can help you remove DRM. For more methods to remove Kindle DRM, please read 3 Ways to Remove DRM from Kindle Books (2019 Works).

Download KCR Converter for free:

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09/6/2019 03:00:56
The first method worked for me w/ Kindle 1.26 and OS X 10.15 beta. Thank you!!!
09/6/2019 11:08:20
Thank you for your feedback. That's great to hear!
10/3/2019 00:10:56
Hello, I tried the first method on my Mac and when I open the saved Epub file on Books it says "can't open file because it's corrupted". Can you please help?
10/9/2019 10:35:15
Thank you for your feedback. Can you please redownload your books again via kindle for mac and  then run epubor ultimate to remove the drm and convert it to epub. If you are still failed, please contact epubor.iris@gmail.com to get further assistance.
10/8/2019 09:27:38
Can you please send us the epub file so taht we can test it at our side? Please send the file to support@epubor.com and describe your problem clearly.
10/23/2019 03:31:46

Hi, I would really like to get step 3 to work. I have installed Kindle version 1.26 as you stated and used "chmod". I have downloaded books the way you stated.

I have checked that there is no "kcr" files in my Kindle library. Still Epubor Ultimate writes "Kindle DRM" with big red letters on many books I wanted to convert.

10/24/2019 09:20:51
Have you ever used Epubor Ultimate to remove DRM successfully before you updating your Mac os catalina? If yes, please contact me via epubor.iris@gmail.com. Then I will help you fix it via Teamviewer. If not, this method will not work on your Mac.
10/25/2019 01:24:18
The formatting in the books gets messed-up when I convert. How do I avoid this?
10/25/2019 08:37:03
Can you please which software are you using? Also can you please send us (epubor.iris@gmail.com) your converted book so that we can test our side?
11/17/2019 06:36:55
it works now,,,,,,,,,thanks
11/18/2019 16:22:55
Glad to hear that. Any more problem on remove kindle drm on catalina, please feel free to contact us via epubor.iris@outlook.com
11/22/2019 04:32:32
Supposedly I have the latest version of Chrome running on my Mac (78.0.3904.108) but the Kindle Cloud Reader app says I don't.  It says this version doesn't support the latest Chrome Extension format.  Consequently I can't download anything.  OTOH, I can Download in Safari but your app can't see it.
11/22/2019 08:53:54
Please ignore the chrome is not the latest message and install kindle cloud reader extension on your chrome: https://www.epubor.com/faq.html#e901
Then login your kindle cloud reader on chrome browser. This time you can download your kindle books.
If you need more support, please contact  me via epubor.iris@outlook.com to get further assistance.
11/26/2019 00:06:41
it can't solve now, i can't download the title after use type terminal code like that. it shown "This title’s format is not compatible with your device. Please try another device or contact Kindle customer support."
11/26/2019 09:31:33
Can you please describe your problem more clearly? Do you mean you have excute the code on your terminal but cannot download your kindle book on mac kindle 1.26? Do you right click the book and select "Download“ or do you double click the book to download it?  This happens to all your books or some of your books?
Textbook are not supported.
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