Remove Readium LCP DRM and Read LCPL on Kindle

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What is .lcpl file? I just downloaded a book in .lcpl format and I want to read i on my Kindle. Is there any solution?

lclp file

Since the new DRM type, Readium LCP DRM is adopted by an increasing number of ebook sellers, it is possible that you may download your books in .lcpl format. What exactly is an .lcpl file? How to open .lcpl? How to convert .lcpl files to PDF or ePub format? Furthermore, how to read .lcpl files on Kindle device? Continue reading to find the answers to your questions.

Part 1. What is .lcpl file?

Frequently Asked Questions about .lcpl and LCP
Q: What is .lcpl file?

A: The LCPL file serves as a Readium License Document, which is a component of Readium—an open-source reference system and rendering engine designed for EPUB publications. Just like .acsm file, it is not a real content, but the link to download the real ebook content.

Q: What is Readium LCP DRM?

A: LCP, an acronym for "Licensed Content Protection," represents a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology that has been specifically developed by the publishing industry. It is a vendor-neutral, interoperable and distributed DRM solution, created and promoted by Readium members and managed by EDRLab. It is a modern rights management solution based on passphrases, providing support for various business models such as library lending and bookstore sales.
Readium LCP DRM is an innovative rights management solution that operates on the basis of passphrases. The books with .lcpl extension only can be opened with the Readium LCP cooperated apps and devices. Meanwhile, the downloaded epub and pdf files are encrypted with Readium LCP DRM.

Part 2. Can I read LCP books on Kindle?

The ebooks and audiobooks are with .lcpl extension are now protected by Readium LCP DRM and accessed via LCP compliant reading apps.

Readium LCP LCP PC/Mac App LCP Compliant eInk readers / apps LCP Adopters
eBook Distributors/Adopters
  • Thorium Reader (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Pocketbook e-ink readers
  • Bookeen
  • Tolino(now developed by Rakuten Kobo)
  • Aldiko Next(by cantook)
  • DITA Reader (IOS, Android)
  • Baobab Reader (Android, IOS)
  • Hope Books App (Android, IOS)
  • Reading House (IOS, Android)
  • PNB (Prêt Numérique en Bibliothèque, Numilog, Eden Livres, Immatériel)
  • Vivlio (France)
  • noop (France)
  • ePagine (France)
  • Die Onleihe (Germany)
  • Firsty Group (UK)
  • Lirtuel (Belgium)
  • Libranda, Xercode (Spain)
  • MLOL (Italy)
  • Bokbasen, ebok.no, Pubfront (Norway)
  • Stockholm Public Library, Sambruk, Axiell Media (Sweden)
  • Ozone.bg (Bulgaria)
  • Voxa (Romania)
  • Beleven (Estonia)
  • Internet Archive, LibrarySimplified (US)
  • pretnumerique.ca (Canada)
  • BiblioVault (USA)
  • NetGalley, ebooks2go (US)
  • Rally Reader (USA)
  • Fênix Tecnologias Educacionais (Brazil)
  • eKitabu (Rwanda and other African countries)
  • Nabu.org (Rwanda, Haiti and the Republic of Congo)
  • Shanghai Library (China)

However, it's important to note that Kindle devices do not inherently support the ePub format or LCP DRM-protected files. Consequently, it is not possible to read LCP DRM books on Kindle device.

If you convert your Readium LCP books to DRM-free ePub or AZW3 formats, you will be able to effortlessly send drm-free epub to kindle via "Send to kindle" or transfer AZW3 to your Kindle eReader via usb cable.

Part 3. How to convert .lcpl to pdf or epub format?

Note: If you want to remove drm from .lcpl files, you can download the .lcpl within the Calibre directly. In this case, you can skip this step and proceed directly to part 4.

As we mentioned earlier, .lcpl does not contain the actual content. How to convert .lcpl to PDF or ePub format?

When you purchase books from a bookstore that implements Readium LCP DRM, you typically receive downloads in either .lcpl, ePub, or PDF formats. It is preferable to directly download the ePub or PDF files. However, if you have received .lcpl files, you will need to take additional steps to convert them to PDF or ePub format.

Step 1 Install an LCP compliant application like Thorium on a computer or Aldiko, Lisa on a mobile device.

Here we will take the Thorium Reader as an example.

Download and install Thorium Reader.


Step 2 Drag .lcpl file to Thorium Reader, and books will be downloaded automatically.

download lcpl to thorium

Step 3 When you try to open .LCPL file, there will prompt a new window request you fill in the passphrase. Just fill in it and click on "Submit" button.

fill in passphrase

Now you can open and read .lcpl books with Thorium reader.

Pro tip: What is passphrase?
All you need to open (or decrypt) LCP eBooks is the account passphrase given to you by the eBook provider - the very same passphrase you'd have to enter into your eBook reader device (once) to read LCP-encrypted books. Sometime, the passphrase can be the passwords.

Step 4 To get the pdf or epub file, click the three dots next to book title, and select "Export" to download lcpl books as pdf or epub to your computer.

export lcpl to pdf

Now you convert your lcpl to epub files successfully.

convert lcpl to epub

Part 4. How to remove Readium LCP DRM and read LCPL books on Kindle? (Step-by-step guide)

Since .LCPL files are encrypted with Readium LCP DRM, in order to read LCP books on Kindle, it is necessary to remove the Readium LCP DRM and convert the LCP books to a Kindle-supported format.

The DeDRM plugin is the only tool that can assist you in accomplishing this task.

Note: Please download the Dedrm plugin from the link in this article. The latest Dedrm plugin published in Github has removed the LCP support.

Step 1 Download the tools: Calibre, Dedrm plugin and LCPL.Input.v0.0.5.zip .

Calibre 6.10 >>If the latest Calibre Plugin doesn't work, please download the previous version.

DeDRM Plugin: Special version >>Please make sure to download this tested and verified version, as it is specifically designed for removing LCP DRM. This tool is downloaded and restored from Github DeDRM_tools-LCP.

Once this plugin is download, unzip it and you'll get the folder with mulitple zip file: DeDRM_plugin, DeDRM_plugin_ReadMe, Obok_plugin, obok_plugin, ReadMe, and ReadMe_Overview.

dedrm tool 2022

LCPL.Input.v0.0.5.zip>>This plugin helps you download .lcpl to pdf, or epub files.

Step 2 Install Calibre and add DeDRM plugin to Calibre.

Calibre doesn't natively support DRM removal. Installing the DeDRM plugin for Calibre allows you to remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) from e-books, enabling you to read them on different devices or with various e-book reader apps.

In Calibre, go to the menu bar and click on "Preferences" to open the Preferences window. Then click on "Plugins" and select "Load plugin from file". Browse to the location where you downloaded the DeDRM plugin, select the plugin file, and click "Open" to install it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation, and then click "Apply". Finally, restart the application once the plugin has been successfully installed.

add dedrm plugin to calibre

  • You can install LCPL input plugin using the above steps.
  • lcpl input plugin

Step 3 Configure the DeDRM plugin to remove Readium LCP DRM.

Go to Preference>>Plugin in Calibre , type "DeDRM" in the search box to load your installed Dedrm plugin, and then click on "Customize plugin" button to configure it.

find dedrm plugin

In the "Customize DeDRM" window, select "Readium LCP ebooks" and then click the "OK" button.

choose readium drm

In the prompted window, click the green "+" button and add your Readium LCP passphrase. Finally, click the "OK" button.

add lcp passphrases

Now that you've configured Calibre with the Readium LCP DRM removal feature.

Step 4 Remove Readium LCP drm and convert LCPL books to Kindle format.

Drag your downloaded lcp files which should be downloaded as epub or pdf format already. If you've installed the LCPL input plugin, you can just drag the .lcpl file to Calibre to download lcpl files to pdf or epub and remove lcpl drm.

And then right click the book title, select the convert option, choose the target output azw3 and click "ok" to start the descrypting and conversion.

convert lcp to kindle

Now you have successfully convert lcp to kindle format. Now you'll find your books in epub and azw3 format in the Calibre.

find the converted lcp file

Step 5 Transfer lcpl to kindle.

Solution 1: You can connect your kindle and computer via the usb cable and then transfer the converted azw3 to "Document" folder of your Kindle.

Solution 2: You can also use "Send to kindle by web" service to send the drm-free epub file to your Kindle.

All done! Wish you a good reading journey. If you failed to convert your LCP eBooks, I suggest you contact the eBook vendor or Calibre. And if you wish epubor team also providing a LCP Converter tool, contact me via email and subject with "Convert LCP..." please.

If you are interested in managing Kindle books published in 2023, I highly recommend checking out Epubor Kindle Converter. It is the most effective software available on the market for this purpose.

Download Epubor Kindle Converter for free:

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08/14/2023 02:38:09

I downloaded 2 books as LCP ePub from openlibrary.org. Downloaded Thorium, dropped in book, entered my openlibrary passphrase, and book opened, readable in Thorium. However, on selecting EXPORT, only a 0 byte icon appears with Book-title- name. No epub files appear.
Any ideas?

08/14/2023 12:06:11

Hello, thanks for your comment.

In this case, I suggest you redownload again your book and try again to export it with Thorium.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

08/14/2023 06:42:49

I have the the same issue.  I installed the latest version of Thorium for Windows and it allows me to open the book file, but using the export control only produces a zero-length file.  I tried installing earlier versions of Thorium (there are several available from Github) and the result is the same every time - zero length.

I have Calibre installed and it allows me to convert AZW3 files to EPUB format.  But downloading the special version of DeDRM plugin provides no added conversion functionality.  When I try to convert to AZW3, I get the following Calibre error: "No supported formats (Available formats: lcpl)".

Am I missing something, or is there another solution?



09/6/2023 10:16:05
What if you don't have the password, or have forgotten it?
09/7/2023 11:14:13

Hello, thanks for your comment.

The password is given by the eBook provider. If you forgot the password, I suggest you contact your eBook providers.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

10/4/2023 20:45:29

I am having the same problem as Robert H with the exported files from Thorium (windows 10) being zero bytes without a file extension. I believe the reason for this is that the file name for the book has a reserved character in it ":" that doesn't work with windows. Because I can't rename the file when exporting, and don't have a Mac, trying to export from Thorium doesn't work.

To get around this I downloaded the Aldiko app on android and exported from there. I successfully exported the file, but now have an issue that I can't import into Calibre, because the file extension of the exported book is '.lcpdf', not '.pdf'. Calibre doesn't recognize .lcpdf, and manually changing the extension doesn't work. What can I do from here? How can someone export from Aldiko to .pdf and not .lcpdf?

10/7/2023 15:34:36

Hello, thanks for your message

May I ask what version of Calibre you installed? If the latest Calibre Plugin doesn't work, please download the previous version and try again.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

12/12/2023 07:21:33
Hi, I tried to convert and remove drm from a .lcpl file for which I had chosen the .pdf format when I downloaded it from the MLOL online library (MLOL makes you choose between epub and pdf before downloading the encrypted file).
Calibre didn't make the convertion, and the file is just displayed in the bookshelf as it is.
(if I try to convert an epub with the same DRM encryption type it works though)
12/15/2023 16:45:43
Hello, I have a problem while converting a lcpl file. When I upload it to Calibre, Calibre doesn't convert it, and the file is shown as it is in the bookshelf.
I use the public library MLOL, and the book can be read only as a pdf file once the file is converted using MLOL app or Thorium, not as epub or other formats.
12/18/2023 09:55:42

Hello, thanks for your comment

Please confirm that you downloaded the Dedrm plugin from the link in this article. The latest Dedrm plugin published in Github has removed the LCP support.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com

Best regards,
Epubor Team

12/18/2023 15:47:19
Yes, I downloaded it and followed all the steps, but Calibre doesn't convert the file
12/16/2023 04:36:55

I've launched Calibre 7.10 in debug mode to get logs about why it doesn't decrypt my book :

DeDRM v10.0.3: Trying to decrypt [MYBOOK].epub
DeDRM v10.0.3: Verifying zip archive integrity
LCP: Found correct passphrase, decrypting book ...
Looks like that didn't work:
Running file type plugin DeDRM failed with traceback:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "calibre\customize\ui.py", line 187, in _run_filetype_plugins
  File "calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__", line 1067, in run
  File "calibre_plugins.dedrm.__init__", line 345, in ePubDecrypt
  File "C:\Users\[USER]\Calibre Portable\Calibre Settings\plugins\DeDRM.zip\lcpdedrm.py", line 514, in decryptLCPbook
  File "C:\Users\[USER]\Calibre Portable\Calibre Settings\plugins\DeDRM.zip\lcpdedrm.py", line 123, in decrypt
  File "Crypto\Cipher\_mode_cbc.py", line 246, in decrypt
ValueError: Data must be padded to 16 byte boundary in CBC mode

Can you help me, please ?

12/18/2023 10:44:38

Hello, thanks for your comment

Please confirm that you downloaded the Dedrm plugin from the link in this article. The latest Dedrm plugin published in Github has removed the LCP support.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com

Best regards,
Epubor Team

01/2/2024 02:08:58
Yes, I downloaded the « DeDRM Plugin: Special version » from this article.
I've tried again on Ubuntu with Calibre 7.2.0 and 6.10.0 but I'm still getting the same error…
Maybe because I use a 4-letter password (it's a book I borrowed from my library, so I was able to choose the password) ?
01/8/2024 02:14:56
Thank you so much for your clear and precise instructions! I got what I wanted and I owe it to you!
01/8/2024 14:46:24
That's great to hear that you got what you want!
01/26/2024 06:53:43

What about .LCPDF?

Kind of useless if it works only for ebooks. Waste of money

01/29/2024 03:14:07
thank you so much for this!
01/29/2024 07:35:25

I've a problem^ when i try to export file from Thorium Reader it exports a file without an extension, not a PDF or ePub or anything.
Also, when i tried the method with Calibre, when i pressed "Convert" it answered that "Could not convert the book because no supported source format was found" even though i had exactly .lcpl file. I've already checked if the correct version of DeDRM is installed etc. I checked everything and everything is like in your article. But not a result. Help me, please.

01/29/2024 09:31:18
If you cannot export the pdf or epub, you may cannot remove drm from these book.
01/31/2024 05:13:29
A new kind of extension has appeared. It is called .lcpdf and it has been created when I exported the .lcp file in Thorium Reader, so I can't convert the .lcp file into a .epub file. Can anyone help me?
02/1/2024 13:20:50

Thank you so much ! It worked for me !

For other users, I used the last version of Calibre, DeDRM plugin and LCPL plugin. I only updated the file lcpdedrm.py from the DeDRM zip file provided on this website in the DeDRM zip file of the latest plugin (before installing it into Calibre of course). As it's Python, I checked briefly the code to ensure it was not obviously a malware. (for me, it isn't)

02/2/2024 03:09:25

Hello Vivien. Glad to see you did it!

I don't know what you mean or how you updated de lcpddedrm.py file. How could I do it? Could you explain it to me? I found that file in the .zip file but I don't know how to open it nor update it.

Thanks a lot.

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