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Registration Code --

I have bought:
Epubor Ultimate for Mac on sep 16, 2015
Single User License
Licensed to: stefan.knudsen1@gmail.com

Registration Code
Epubor Ultimate for Mac

but every time I try to use the program the license has expired, and now I have retrieved it three times and I'm not able to retrieve any more.
Why does my license expire so often?

I have bought Epubor Ultimate for Mac and It doesn't work.I read later that I should buy KCR converter, but on its website it does not clearly state that it does not work in catalina. If i download and install KCR converter, my question is: Can I use the same purchase license? It really works in Catalina? If Epubor Ultimate doesn't work for me, could you return the money to buy the other software??
Please I need a solution
convert a vital source book --

I tried using your instructions to convert a vital source book to PDF, but the 'doprint' download program link from your sight redirected me to a porn site...not exactly what I was expecting!

Please advise.
I have  Epub Ultimate account

Epubor Ultimate --

I have a license for Epubor Ultimate, but I cannot convert Kindle books anymore. Following the instructions on your website I downloaded KCR converter, and tried my license number for Epubor Ultimate. This did not work, or do I have to buy an additional licens to get Epubor Ultimate working again with the new Kindle content?

kind regards,

Register epubor --
I downloaded ultimate epubor. How can I register it?
Do I have to pay single user license fee
I purchased some new Nook magazines from BN.COM and the NOOK FOR PC cannot download them.
Is there an alternate method for downloading my ebooks so that my EPUBOR ULTIMATE can use them?
Unidentified Developer --

I can seem to download Epubor to my mac - it says
“Ultimate.pkg” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Mac cannot verify that this app is free of malware.
What can I do?

Download the latest update of the program (Ultimate 3.012 1125). I installed, but, does not open anymore. What am I supposed to do?
Convert from KFX to ePUB on Mac --

I have followed your instructions and downloaded the Kindle for Mac v1.23, but my Mac is running the latest iOS version that is 64 bits only. This version of Kindle for Mac does not work.

Could you recommend a version of Kindle for Mac that is 64 bits and that would still work with ePUBOR /ultimate so to convert to ePUB?

how to remove kindle arm --

I have a brand new MacBook Air M1 and I do habe Epubor ultimate but I can't convert a kindle ebook to pdf because I also can't get the old kindle version 1.23 anymore cause the new Mac OS Big Sure does not support this old version, so now I can just and only download the newest kindle version 1.30.....

How do I fix this problem? Epubor said it would be able to convert a dam lock to a pdf.....

Help please cause I paid the full ultimate version
geratenes Betty

Changing from pc to mac --
I’m using pc at present but want to change to Apple Mac in the future.
Once I stop using pc am I able to download and install epubor ultimate on the Mac and use the same registration code.
Thanks Bob
epub contains nothing --

After downloading and installing an older Kindle version I tried to use the epubor ultimate.

I converted the file to epub. it contains only the Information that there is only 20% converted but not even 1% of the text.

What can I do?

Download Google Audiobooks and ebooks --
I have ePubor ultimate and audible converter.
I want also to see if it is possible to do the same with Google Play ebooks and audiobooks
download epubor fail --
I'm trying to download epubor ultimate for free on my macOS Monterey but it doesn't work and says that I can't download it
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