Easiest 3 Methods to Send EPUB to Kindle

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If you keep a Kindle eReader on your hand, you must be wondering how to send epub books to Kindle since epub is the most common ebook format adopted by ebook retailers such as Rakuten Kobo, Google Play, Sony and etc. But if you simply plug your Kindle to the computer and try to transfer the epub files to Kindle drive, you won't be able to see any of them since Kindle does not support the open-source epub format at all.

Therefore, before you send EPUB files to Kindle, you must convert .epub to Kindle format like mobi. Here just follow me to learn the complete guide to send epub to Kindle.

send epub to kindle

How to Convert EPUB to Kindle Format?

As I have mentioned above, the epub file is not supported by Kindle. So what can I do to make them readable on the Kindle? The easiest way we all can imagine is to convert epub to Kindle format. How to convert epub to Kindle format before we send them to Kindle?

1. Convert DRM-free EPUB to Kindle format

Calibre is a free eBook management tool, which can also help us convert the ebook formats. What you need to do is to just add your epub files to Calibre, convert the button "Convert books", choose the output format as Mobi, the best ebook format Kindle supports.

launch calibre and add epub books

Notice If you want to convert epub books purchased from Kobo, Google Play or any other ebookstores with Calibre, you will receive such a "Failed" message:

calibre bad point

2. Convert DRM-protected EPUB to Kindle format

The reason why you fail to convert the ebook formats with Calibre is that those book files are protected by DRM. For such DRM-protected ebooks, your priority here is to remove the DRM protection and get the decrypted books first. So in the next part, I will tell you how to remove DRM from EPUB and finally send the epub files to Kindle.

Here you will need 2 tools:

1. Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

2. Epubor Ultimate

Step 1 Open EPUB books with ADE

(1) Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.
Download ADE for Win (8.13MB)
Download ADE for Mac (23.2MB)

(2) Click "Help"->"Authorize computer" to authorize ADE with an Adobe ID.

Authorize ADE

(3) Then add your epub files to ADE

  • Sometimes you may purchase an epub book online but it's saved as .acsm file when downloaded. In this occasion, just drag and drop the acsm file to the main interface of ADE.  Then It will be downloaded to epub automatically.

Step 2 Run Epubor Ultimate to remove DRM and convert epub to mobi.

In the first step, we have opened our epub files with ADE. The next step we're to take is to remove ADE DRM from the epub files with Epubor Ultimate, which is the best eBook DRM removal and eBook converter.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Run Epubor Ultimate. If you have opened them with ADE in step 1, it will detect your epub files automatically and list them under the "Adobe" tab at the left column.
All you have to do is to just drag and drop the epub books from the left side to the right main window, then choose the output format as mobi and click the Convert button to start the conversion.

convert decrypted epub file to kindle formats

As the image shows, it will remove the DRM from epub files and convert them to mobi format by showing a "Succeeded" word. Just click the "Succedded" to find your DRM-free books in Kindle format.

Three Methods to Send Converted EPUB to Kindle

Once you've got the DRM-free EPUB books in Kindle forat (like mobi). The only thing left to do is to send the converted epub files to your Kindle. Here you have 3 methods to choose.

Method 1. Send converted EPUB files to Kindle via USB connection

Connect your Kindle device to the computer with the USB cable and it will be recognised as a "Kindle" drive. Just drag and drop the mobi books to the "documents" folder under Kindle drive.

send epub to kindle via USB

Method 2. Send converted EPUB files to Kindle by Email

Find your Send-to-Kindle email address which is "xxx@kindle.com".
Write an email, leave the subject and content as blank or write whatever you like, and upload the mobi files as attachments. Click "Send" to send to email.
send mobi to kindle via email

Method 3. Send converted EPUB files to Kindle via Send to Kindle App

Download and install Send to Kindle App for PC or Send to Kindle App for Mac.
Run the app and register it with your Amazon account.
Drag & drop the Mobi files to the App, and click on the "Send" button. Then just open your Kindle and you'll find the books

drag and drop files to send to kindle app

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Where can I find the send-to-kindle email address?

A: You can find your send-to-kindle email address on Kindle eReader or Amazon website.
1. Find send-to-kindle email address on eReader: Tap "Settings" --> "Your account" --> "Send-to-Kindle Email"
2. Find send-to-kindle email address on Amazon website: Go to the page Manage Your Content and Devices -->click "Devices"-->Click the device you want-->then you will see the email "xxx@Kindle.com"

Q2: I sent the files to the send-to-kindle email address, but they didn't show on my Kindle device. Why?

A: To prevent spam, Kindle Personal Documents Service only receive an email which is approved by yourself, so you need to add your personal email address to the approved email list:
Go the Amazon Page Manage Your Content and Devices--> click "Preferences"--> Scroll down to "Personal Document Settings"--> "Approved Personal Document E-mail List"--> Click "Add a new approved e-mail address".

approved email address

Now you've got the idea to send EPUB books to Kindle! Just get Epubor Ultimate now to help you read epub books on Kindle more freely.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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