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Do you want to read non-Amazon PDF files on any of your Kindle devices? But do you know how to send PDF to Kindle in the simplest way? Don't worry, my friend. Today I'm going to show you how to send PDF to Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire, and Kindle app for Android/iOS.

Send PDF to Kindle

Make Sure PDFs Are Not Protected by DRM or Password

Before you send PDF to Kindle, please make sure your PDF files are not protected by DRM or password. However, there is a strong possibility when we try to open PDF eBooks on Kindle, we will receive such a message. (If you're sure your PDF files are not encrypted by DRM or password, just skip to the part Four Methods to Send PDF to Kindle.)

unable to open DRM PDF on Kindle

Here I can tell you the reason. Almost all the PDF books purchased from Kobo, Google Play, Sony or some online ebook sellers are protected by Adobe DRM, which makes us fail to read such PDFs on Kindle.

Second, some personal PDF documents will be password protected by the producer, which can't be opened on Kindle either as you see on this picture:

password protected pdf on kindle

Take it easy. What you need to do is to remove the DRM or password from the PDF files. Epubor Ultimate, which is an eBook DRM Removal as well as eBook Converter, will help you decrypt PDF eBooks purchased from Kobo, Google Play or some other ebook stores. Just drag and drop the PDF files to it and they will be decrypted in a second.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

decrypt pdf ebooks

(1) Please read this complete guide on how to remove Adobe DRM from the PDF eBooks.

(2) If you purchase a PDF ebook online but it's saved as .acsm when downloaded, please first convert ACSM to PDF with Adobe Digital Editions.

(3) If your PDF files are protected by password, please refer to the guide on how to remove password from PDF files.

Method 1. Send PDF to Kindle with USB connection.

Usually, there are four easy ways for you to send pdf files to Kindle. If you have converted the PDF to Kindle format, the following 4 methods are applicable as well. The most direct way to send files to Kindle is to connect your Kindle to the computer with a USB cable. What you need to do is to just copy the PDF files to the "documents" folder of Kindle drive.

send pdf to kindle via USB

Method 2. Email PDF to Kindle

If your Kindle device cannot be recognized by the computer when plugged with the USB cable, you can still send the PDF file to Kindle wirelessly. That is to send PDFs to your Kindle via email.

Step 1. Find your send-to-kindle email address

Find it on Kindle device: Tap "Settings" --> "Device options" --> "Personalize your Kindle" --> "Send-to-Kindle Email"

On Amazon website: Go to the page Manage Your Content and Devices -->click "Devices"-->Click the device you want-->then you will see the email "xxx@Kindle.com"

Step 2. Add your personal email address to the approved email list.

Go to Manage Your Content and Devices--> Click "Preferences"--> Scroll down to "Personal Document Settings"--> Find "Approved Personal Document E-mail List"--> Click "Add a new approved e-mail address".

approved personal email document email list

Step 3. Compose an email and attach the PDF files.

Set the recipient as your send-to-kindle email address "xxx@kindle.com", and leave the subject and content as blank or write whatever you like.

Tip: PDFs can be automatically converted to the Kindle format(.azw3) when you fill the email's subject as "convert". In this way, you can take advantage of functionalities such as variable font size, annotations and whispersync.

email pdf to kindle

Method 3. Send PDF to Kindle via App on PC/Mac

Another way to send PDF to Kindle wirelessly is to make use of the Send to Kindle app. There is no need to know your send-to-kindle email address or compose an email. What you really need is just a desktop app on your computer.

Step 1. Download and install Send to Kindle App.

Send to Kindle for PC Send to Kindle for Mac

Step 2. Run the Send to Kindle App and log in with your Amazon account. Please remember that the Amazon account used to register the Send to Kindle App and your Kindle device must be the same one.

Step 3. Drag and Drop the PDF files to the app, and click on the "Send" button.

send pdf to Kindle via app on PC/Mac

Method 4. Send PDF to Kindle from Android Apps

If you have PDF files on your Android phone and tablet, you can send them to your other Kindle devices and apps from Android.

Step 1. Download the latest version of Kindle for Android to your Android device and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step 2. Tap the "Share" button found in other Android apps.

Step 3. Find the option of Amazon Send to Kindle in the share menu. All your registered Kindle devices will be listed and just choose any of them you want the PDF file sent to.

send pdf to Kindle from Android

  • Note: Except for the method 1, which only applies to kindle devices that have a USB cable, the rest 3 methods using Kindle Personal Documents Service are applicable for all Kindle devices, including Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire and even Kindle apps.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: After I send the PDFs to Kindle, some of them display terribly. Is there any solution?

A: PDF file is a fixed-layout document, which means it's impossible to adjust the font, page display settings on Kindle. If you convert PDF to Kindle format like mobi, this problem can be solved. Epubor Ultimate can still help you convert PDF to Kindle mobi/azw3 with only one click. Then why not just convert pdf to mobi to make them look better on Kindle? What's more, if you have converted the PDF to Kindle format, the above 4 methods are applicable as well.

These are all the easy ways for you to send PDF files to Kindle and read PDFs anytime and anywhere. Before you send PDF to Kindle, please confirm that your PDF files are not protected by DRM. Just get Epubor Ultimate to help you do the job!

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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