Send to Kindle not Working: How to Fix It

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Sending books or documents to your Kindle email is a lot easier and faster than transferring them from your computer vis usb cable manually. Just attach and send your documents to kindle using "Send to kindle email address".

If you received an email saying "There was a problem with the documents you sent to kindle" when you are sending documents to kindle, your documents did not go through. That means you failed to send documents to kindle. If you have the issue with send-to-kindle, here are some solutions to help you fix it.

send to kindle not working

We can go through the steps of sending documents to kindle to check what may arouse the error and how to fix it.

Step 1 Go to "Manage Your Content and Devices" on your Amazon website.

Step 2 Select the "Preference" tab and then go to "Personal Document Settings" sections.

Step 3 Scroll down to "Approved Personal Document E-mail List", click "Add a new approved e-mail address", and then enter "email address" that you are using to send documents to your kindle device and click "Add address".

Solution to your email address is not approved

In this step, we need to add a new approved email address to send the documents. If you just compose the email with any random email address that not in the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List", you will never send out your documents successfully. So add the email address that you will use to send the documents to the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List".

Step 4 Compose a new email, add the book as an attachment, add your Kindle email in the “Recipient” field, and click on “Send Email”. Now you send your documents to your kindle device.

If there are some issues with the files you sent, you will be failed to receive the documents or ebooks on your kindle. Here are some workarouds you can use at this step.

Solution to file size issue (too large)

The total size of your documents should be 50 MB or less. If the total size of your documents is greater than 50 MB, they can be compressed into a ZIP or rar file.

Solution to sending too many books at once (over 25)

Amazon allows you to send a maximum of 25 books or documents in a single email to your Kindle email address. Furthermore, if you archive your books using .zip or .rar compression, the total books across all your bundles should not exceed 25. Otherwise, the email that you send will fail to deliver and you will not receive the books on your device.

Solution to incompatible file format

Here’s a list of all the approved file formats that you can send to your Kindle device using the send-to-Kindle email address –

Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)--will be disabled later in 2022

So if your file format is in the above list, just convert them to it and then use the send-to-kindle service to transfer them to your kindle device.

Solution to DRM issue with the files

Please make sure the files you sent are DRM free. It they are protected by drm, there is no way to read them even if you have sent them to kindle successfully. To remove drm from ebooks, please read Best DRM Removal Tool for eBooks.

There are also some other workarounds deserve a try.

Workaround 1. Ensure your send-to-kindle address is correct.

Nowadays, we all have the multiple kindle devices and kindle apps registered with the same kindle account. Inputting the wrong kindle email address or only some typo may cause the failure. Check the send-to-kindle email address to ensure it is the correct one that you want to send the files to.

On your Kindle Device: On the Home page, select Menu icon or Swipe down from the top of the screen, select "Settings", then select "Your Account". Under Send-to-Kindle Email, you will find your Send to Kindle email address.

Workaround 2. Make sure your Kindle is connected to the internet.

If you have sent out the books a while but cannot find it on your kindle, you need to check your device internet connection. If you turn your Kindle to Airplane mode or turn off the wifi, you need to connect your Kindle to the internet again to load the files sent to your kindle address.

Workaround 3. Add text to the email title and body.

A great fix recommended by some users is to add a title and text in the body. When users were sending blank emails, the pdf may not reach the kindle app. You can add any random titles and text to the body and the mails. An added benefit of this is that it will help you to organize your books. Try this and see if all other steps fail and you don’t know what to do.

Workaround 4. Use the send to kindle online service.

Amazon pushes its new serviced named Send to kindle online since 2022. In owe opinion, I like the send to kindle online service more than the send to kindle emaill service because there are not too much settings requirments.


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10/8/2023 09:34:25
Thanks for this explanation. Fixed my issue. My email wasn't listed on the approved emails.
11/23/2023 01:40:44
Hello, I receive some of the files, but most of them I still can not. They are all epub format and I can not understand where I am mistaken. Amazon is just returning them back and saying that There was a problem with the document I send to Kindle, but WHAT KIND OF PROBLEM, I don't know. :D
11/27/2023 16:51:58

Hello, thanks for your comment

If you still fail to deliver your epub file to the Kindle device via "Send to Kindle", I suggest you do the epub conversion again via Calibre, and then try again to use "Send to Kindle" to deliver the epub ebook.

Any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

01/3/2024 21:50:32

Thank you. This worked for me. I converted EPUB to EPUB using Calibre and it was working.

01/14/2024 16:55:39
Work for me too
01/15/2024 10:13:11
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that the method is this article can help you fix your problem.
02/11/2024 16:42:07
Request urgent help. In hospital no phone and somehow all my books have disappeared
02/17/2024 21:20:42
how did you get you books? Please describe your issue clearly so that we can try our best to help you out.
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