Ultimate Solution to Kindle Books Disappeared from Amazon Fire Tablet Glitch

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Have you ever encountered the glitch that your ebooks disappear from your Kindle Fire tablet? Recently I've noticed more and more users report the similar issues in Amazon's Fire Tablet Forum. After searching and trying tons of possible solutions or workarounds mentioned in Tech Forum, your issue still persists, you must be at your wit's end to find out the root cause and the real workable solution.

Let me picture a scenario that you may experience. You charge your Fire Tablet every night and the next morning you find your devices tries to set up the Kindle app like it is brand new and all your Kindle books including Audible audiobooks disappear from the “Downloaded” section for no apparent reason. The glitch happens each time you set your Fire Tablet to charge overnight while still on. Sometimes you find your books and personal documents vanish when you exit Kindle app and do something else like watching video or listening to music on your Fire tablet. It must drive you nuts that makes you almost impossible to read books on your Fire flawlessly.


Workaround 1. Update Fire OS version
Workaround 2. Sync your Fire Tablet and reboot
Workaround 3. Factory reset
Ultimate Solution: Uninstall Amazon apps from Google Play Store & turn off auto-updates

Workaround 1: Update Fire OS version

As advised by one of the Amazon Kindle Support representatives, you can try to update your Fire OS version to or the latest version available.

Please follow the instructions below to update your Fire OS:
Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Settings”;
Scroll down and tap “Device Options”;
Then tap “System Updates”;
Tap “Check Now/Update”.



Tip: This is only a workaround and doesn’t work for all users. Sometimes by trying updating Fire OS, the issue is fixed at one time, but it repeats later.

Workaround 2: Sync your Fire Tablet and reboot

This is another workaround and some users prove it fixes their issue occasionally.

First please sync your device, then shut it down, and then switch it on. Normally all your books should gradually appear again. Sometimes, you need to wait for more than 20 minutes until all your books are fully functional.

How to sync your Fire tablet?
Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Settings”.
Tap “Sync and Check For New Items”. The Sync icon spins.
Wait for your Fire Tablet to finish syncing. The Sync icon stops spinning.


Then go to Amazon “Manage Your Content and Devices” webpage in a browser.
Select “Settings”.
Scroll down and turn ON “Device Synchronization (Whispersync Settings)”.


Tip: Please note that the above workaround is not a permanent fix and can’t be applied to all user’s cases, but you can at least have a try.

Workaround 3: Factory reset

When consulting with Amazon customer service representatives, most of them will recommend you to do a factory reset. If you’re out of ideas, you can listen to their suggestion and reset your Fire tablet to factory default.

A factory reset will remove any content you’ve downloaded to your tablet. By doing so, your personal content will be removed, you’ll lost your account passwords, side-loaded content, 3rd party app data. You have to start back from scratch and re-download the books and apps again. Sounds not fascinating, but it’s still worth a try.

How to reset your Fire tablet?
Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Settings”.
Scroll down and tap “Device Options”,
Then tap “Reset to Factory Defaults”.
Tap “Reset” to confirm.



Tip: Please consider factory reset as a last-ditch attempt when any other solution or workaround fails to solve the problem.

Fix: Uninstall Amazon apps from Google Play Store & turn off auto-updates

Here comes the ultimate solution to such glitches. After studying hundreds of similar cases recently, we’ve found out the root cause is that Google Play is not designed to work with Amazon’s ecosystem. Google and Amazon are incompatible with each other. Fire Tablets are bound to Amazon tightly. If you force install the unsupported Google Play Store on Fire Tablets, the unexpected issues arise inevitably.

Play-Store-on Fire-Tablet

Given the fact stated above, an easy fix is to uninstall Google Play Store from your Fire Tablet.
Go to “Settings --> Applications --> Manage All Applications --> Third-Party Applications --> Find “Google Play Store” --> Uninstall it.


If you’re a Goolge fan and you’re obsessed with converting everything into Google like, then I bet you’re reluctant to uninstall Play Store from your Fire Tablet. In this case, you can uninstall Amazon apps from Google Play Store and turn off “Auto-update apps” from Play Store.

How to uninstall Kindle apps using managed Google Play?
Tap managed "Google Play store";
Tap "Menu" --> My apps;
Find your Kindle apps, tap an installed Kindle app --> Uninstall.

Generally apps you installed from Google Play Store will download updates automatically, so in addition to uninstalling the Amazon apps from Goolge Play, you also need to disable the auto-updates apps from Google Play Store.


After you doing so, please reboot your Fire Tablet, re-download your Kindle books and monitor whether they’ll disappear again. Good news is that hundreds of users report the issue never reoccur since they adopt the fix we provided. Their books remain intact in their Fire Tablet even when they set it to charge overnight.

If you have any issues or inquiries, please leave a comment below. Plus, I highly recommend you to install the best eBook DRM removal and converter – Epubor Ultimate to read DRM protected files any where!

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