Solutions for Books not Showing up on Kindle

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“My purchased books not showing up on my kindle paper white, what happened?”

“I transferred books to my kindle via Calibre, but now I can’t find them. Any solution?”

“I just bought a kindle book from Overdrive, but the book is not showing up on my kindle. What should I do?”

For various reasons, we come across “book not showing up on kindle” issue when we read ebooks with Kindle, no matter the books are purchased from Amazon, sideloaded or borrowed. If the books are not even showing in our kindle library, how can we read them? Don’t worry. If your book is not showing up on your Kindle device or app, there are several potential solutions you can try to resolve the issue.

General Solutions for books not showing up on kindle

Solution 1 Check the internet of your Kindle. Ensure it connects to the internet successfully.

Solution 2 Restart can fix almost 80% problem caused by device glitch. This solution also works for kindle device. So please turn off your kindle and turn on. You may see your kindle books in the library this time. Learn how to restart Kindle now.

Solution 3 Check if your kindle is registered or not. If your kindle is registered successfully, you will see “xx’s kindle” at the upper left corner.

Solution 4 To sync kindle books across different kindle apps and devices, you need to ensure Whisper sync is on both on your kindle device and Amazon website. Below is how to enable whisper sync both on kindle and Amazon.com.

On kindle: Tap on your menu tab >> Settings >> Device Options >> Advanced options, then check whether Whispersync for books are enabled or not. If not, just enable it.

turn on whisp on amazon

On Amazon website: Go to “Content & Devices” >> preferences >> Device Synchronization(Whispersync Settings) >> Turn on it. Then go back to your kindle devices to “Sync your kindle”.

turn on whisp on amazon

Solution 5 If your kindle clock gets out of sync, the kindle books also will not show in the kindle library. To fix this issue, turn wifi-on, and go to Home >> Settings >> Sync Your Kindle.

sync your kindle

Solution 6 If you have multiple kindle devices/apps registered with your Amazon account, you can set this one as the default device.

Go to “Content & Devices” on Amazon website >> Device >> find this kindle, click on “Device Actions” button and select “Set as default device”. This time the book you ordered will be delivered to this default device automatically.

set as default device

Solution 7 Confirm your Kindle rented is expired or not.

If one book is rented by Kindle unlimited or amazon prime, it will expire if you cancel the membership. Any rented digital goods won't display in your library after it expired.

To resolve this, you should either renew the rented service or purchase the book.

Library books not showing up on Kindle

I’ve been turning airplane mode off and syncing my Kindle, it says "No new items" and the library books won't show in the "All" section of the Paperwhite library, even though I've borrowed the book from overdrive, signed into my Amazon account, and got confirmation that "your book will be delivered to all devices.

Solution The outdated kindle firmware possible will be the reason that kindle books not showing. So go to check whether there is an update for your kindle and install the latest software for your kindle. This solution especially works for the kindle that has been worked well for many years but suddenly did not show kindle books.

update kindle firmware

Books not showing up on kindle app

Purchased books not showing up in kindle app for iPad. All my books show up in Amazon.com, but not on my iPad. This is something that just happened suddenly, I didn't change anything, except download the update for Kindle and the new Apple software for my iPad.

Workaround 1 Go to Settings >> Registration >> Deregister this Kindle. Then restart this kindle app and register it again with your Amazon account.

Workaround 2 You can also set this kindle app as the default device.

Sideloaded kindle books not showing up on kindle

I have just dragged and dropped my new Kindle book into the Documents folder of my Paperwhite. However, I was both surprised and annoyed to see that it is not showing on my Kindle. This has never happened before, so could somebody please enlighten me here?

Possible reason: Please check whether this book is protected by DRM as the Kindle would not read the DRM-protected ebooks, except the one downloaded via itself.

Solution Remove Kindle drm and transfer it to your documents folder.

If you ensure your ebooks are DRM-free, please follow this guide to transfer books to kindle/kindle fire.

All purchased Kindle books not showing up on my Kindle

This is a special case and only happens when you have two or three Amazon accounts in different marketplaces but using the same email address to create them.

Today, when one of my customers requested remote connection and registered Kindle for Mac with his email address, none of his books showed up in his Kindle for Mac library. Upon further investigation, we discovered that he created one account on amazon.com while the other on Amazon.co.jp, using the same email address for both accounts. This led to the problem: although he successfully registered Kindle for Mac, none of his books appeared in the Kindle library.

Initially, I deregistered Kindle for Mac and re-registered it, selecting Amazon.co.jp as the marketplace. Unfortunately, the library remained empty. After discussing with the customer, we discovered that he hadn't purchased any books in his amazon.com account. We proceeded to the "Manage your content & device" tab on amazon.com, found that the kindle for mac was registered as the amazon.com and then we deregistered the Kindle for mac device on Amazon website again, and re-registered it with the amazon.co.jp marketplace. However, it continued to default to the amazon.com marketplace, resulting in no Kindle books showing up since there were no purchases in that account.

Here is the solution:
1. Delete the Amazon.com account. Since the customer has not purchased any books in this account, he is willing to delete it. You can use the Amazon account close page. We also suggest creating a new account with a different email address next time if he wants to enroll in Amazon.com.
2. You can also contact Amazon customer support to get this issue fixed.

Kindle books transferred from Calibre not showing up on kindle

Solution 1 On your kindle, you have to change the sort options from “All” to “Downloaded”. Please note that “All" means all the books in your Amazon cloud, while "Downloaded" means all the items downloaded to your device (and that mean books not bought from Amazon and sideloaded from your computer to your Kindle.

kindle all and download filter

Solution 2 If you convert ebooks to mobi format with calibre, then Calibre automatically added a '[PDOC]' tag, and this makes the Kindle organize those "doc" files differently (as personal documents). You can just replace the tag '[PDOC]' with '[EBOK]' when converting your ebooks. The books will show properly there.

change kindle book tag

Solution 3 Convert kindle books to azw3 format and then transfer it to the ‘Documents’ folder of your Kindle.

If Amazon has stopped selling this book and removed it from their library, the book will disappear from your cloud and devices. This is because these books are linked to your account by Amazon, and if you haven't backed them up, they will be lost. To truly own your Kindle books, simply remove the Kindle DRM and convert them to a DRM-free ebook format now.

Download Epubor Ultimate to remove kindle DRM now

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01/23/2022 03:47:34
Nivel incomplete
01/23/2022 03:57:54
Book of lost names.  Is incomplete
03/26/2022 04:10:32
I ordered a "Book" on-line for my Kindle.  The book was titled:   Death: The final surrender (kindle edition) and I have paid for my book to be read on my Kindle.  I have yet to received my book.  My grand total was $10.89 which was charged to my credit card.  I ordered my book on 3/20/2022  My amazon.com order number is:  D01-4459339-8221007.    Thank You  Richard Martinez    
10/30/2022 17:17:34
I dont think this is the correct website to raise this issue - you need to go to amazon
11/1/2022 23:34:45

A Kindle ebook downloaded from the library was perpetually stuck as "Queued" on my Kindle.

What finally worked was to turn on airplane mode and then turn off airplane mode.

08/8/2023 01:59:19
Please help me to access my purchased kindle library
08/8/2023 11:46:12

Did you try the solutions we mentioned in this article?
If you still have the same problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

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09/9/2023 20:33:32

Please can you explain how a post from 2023 has comments dated from 2022 ???

I tried ALL the procedure to install the epubor (LDPlayer, Kindle 4.16, empty my local library for ebooks...) and NO file is showing in the "Kindle library" from Epubor v1.0.1.76. And thee are very few comments, that le me think that the product does not work any more in 2023.

As a conclusion : a big waste of time for... nothing :(

09/9/2023 21:40:04
I could't fix the problem using
But I finally tried "Epubor Ultimate for Windows" and it worked in a few minutes.
Just too bad I lost all this time with the bad (and complicated) combination of software (Epubor Kindle Convertor + LDPlayer)
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