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Everyone read eBooks in their own ways. We more or less keep company with Kindle among a cloud of eBooks, and I believe most of us read eBooks on more than one device. Thus we always have a need to sync last furthest page read from Kindle to iOS/Android devices or even computers for continuous eBook reading in different cases. This guide explains how to make our devices remember the furthest page we read in 4 methods. Not only Kindle books but also EPUB and PDF files (including MOBI books from public domains) are introduced as well.

Sync Kindle furthest page read with Kindle devices and apps

Sync EPUB Books last page read through Ibis reader (web)

Sync eBooks (EPUB/MOBI/PDF) through Moon + Reader plus Dropbox

eBook sync furthest page read between iOS devices 

1. Sync purchased Kindle books furthest page read among Kindle devices and apps

It has been indicated in the minor heading, this method only works with the books which you have purchased in Amazon Kindle store, you can't do it with downloaded or converted mobi books.

If you are tuned with Amazon, you must know a service called Whispersync. Once you buy a Kindle device or install any Kindle reading apps, this service will be actived on your Amazon account and it's totally free. This service will sync your purchased Kindle book's furthest page read record on all your Kindle devices and reading apps.

For example, you have a Kindle Paperwhite and an iPhone with Kindle app, and you have downloaded one book on both of them. On your way to company, you were reading this book by iPhone Kindle app to page 50. Before you sleep, you read the book on Kindle Paperwhite and it will sync the last page read (page 50) automatically if your Kindle Paperwhite is connected to a network.

Here I take syncing last page read between Kindle for PC and iPhone Kindle app for example.

1) End reading on Kindle for PC and memorize the page you left off. The program will memorize the page automatically, for safety's sake, you can also add a bookmark on this page as the bookmark will also be synced by Whispersync.

sync kindle-kindle for pc

2) Launch Kindle on the iPhone and tap the same book, then it will be opened on the latest page you read on Kindle for PC.

sync kindle-kindle for iphone

Useful Tip :

As I mentioned before, this method only works for those purchased Kindle books, because only you purchased them, those books' information will store on your Amazon cloud.

Are there any ways to use this service on your downloaded or converted books? Not really. Amazon offers you another service, send-to-Kindle email. Once you transfer the book to your device or app by your Kindle email, this file is also stored on your Amazon cloud, then you can sync the furthest page read of those non-purchased Kindle books.

More information you can check this whispersync for Kindle guide, which also teachs you how to sync non-amazon books across Kindle apps and devices, how to sync kindle with audible narration, etc..

2. Sync EPUB book's furthest page read among devices and apps through ibis reader

  • Note: This Reader doesn't work any more.

If you don't have a Kindle device or app, and don't like mobi books either, then your books must are mainly in ePub format. For reading ePub both on computers and mobile devices and sync your furthest page read, you can use a free app called IBis Reader. It's a web-based reading app, therefore it suits any device which has intalled a web-browser.

The way it works is sort of like the Amazon cloud. Once you launch this app, you need to sign up an account, then all the information about your reading books are binded with your account, certainly including the last page read.

And the best way to make most of this app is to combine it with cloud storage service like DropBox. Here I sync between a computer and an android tablet as example.

Read eBooks on computer

1) Launch your browser and go to ibisreader. Click “Login” and input your email address & password to register.

sync kindle-ibis login

2) Select “Add a Book”-> “Choose Files” ->"Open" ->”Add” and the selected title will be added to “MY BOOKS” field.

sync kindle-ibis add

3) Click the cover of the uploaded book and start reading.

sync kindle-ibis computer reading

As ibis reader is an online service, you have to read the EPUB on the internet and the later syncing is achieved on the internet similarly.

Read eBooks on your device

To read the book where you left off, just launch browser on your tablet, go to ibis reader (ibisreader) and repeat the steps you did on your computer.  Then you are allowed to read the last page.

sync kindle-ibis tablet reading


1) Keep connected to the internet when you are reading books as Ibis reader is totally based on internet browser. (At least you should be online when you open the app to read and finish the reading, then you can sync your ePub book's furthest page read.)

2) As ibis reader only supports EPUB upload, we have to convert PDF and non-protected MOBI books to EPUB and then upload the converted EPUB books to ibis for reading and syncing.


3) To some extent, Ibis is able to fulfill the syncing function basically as there might be nonstandard characters occurred according to those from the original EPUB book. Nor will the notes, annotations and highlights be supported.

3. Sync eBooks between android devices through Moon + Reader plus Dropbox

Sometimes we read books on different android devices, say our android smartphone and tablet, thus we would like to figure out how to sync the last page read we left on Android devices.

Here we need to install two apps on our Android reading gadgets: Moon+ Reader and Dropbox.

Moon+ Reader is one of the most popular reading apps for android, which supports multi formats including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT and so forth. Another tool, Dropbox is the most popular cloud store app in the world.

1) Search for Moon+ Reader app on your android phones and tablets. Download and install Moon + Reader app. Import your eBooks.

2) Download and install Dropbox app on your several android devices. It would be better if you also install it on your computer.

3) Open an eBook.

4) “Menu” (or “options”) -> “Miscellaneous” -> "Sync reading positions via Dropbox". When you exit the reader, it will automatically upload the position to Dropbox.


sync kindle-moon reader dropbox


5) Run Moon + Reader on another device and open the same book. Check if it is at the latest reading position.

If the sync fails, refer to the following steps.

1) "Miscellaneous" -> "Backup" and input a backup name.

2) "Miscellaneous" -> "Restore". Select above backup file to restore.

3) "Miscellaneous" -> reselect "Sync reading positions via Dropbox.

For some reason, we cannot sync the reading position on Moon + Reader at times. I personally prefer Amazon Kindle’s syncing feature regardless of its restrictions. You can also try to use Aldiko along with Aldiko Sync application to do this job, however, it seems to be a bit complicated.

4. Sync last page read between iOS devices

Sync furthest page read is never a problem for iOS users, the built-in iBooks app enables you to sync the furthest page read for all the books you loaded into the app, either purchased or non-purchased.

For example, if you have an iPad and an iPhone, all you need is to load the same book (the same file with the same name)to both of these two devices, then read them via iBooks. And notice, your device must connect to the internet then it can sync your last page read.


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10/5/2013 21:56:59
3. Drop box moonreader combo works great for 2 android devices
12/19/2013 16:12:48

I have tried to sync non amazon books on my kindle paperwhite and ipad and it wont work.  I have emailed the book to my ipad kindle addy and I have also downloaded the 'send to kindle' app.  The ipad kindle app wont sync to the last read page in the kindle.

Any help?

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