The Best Way to Convert Topaz to ePub

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So here in this article, I will tell you the best way to convert topaz to epub (the format we are much more familiar with and is used much more often) for widely use. Topaz is one kind of kindle formats, and it's not used very often nowadays. When I say so, you may have noticed that you seldom get topaz format books now. It tends that the mostly used kindle formats are azw, azw3 and mobi. And exactly because of this, we are more likely having no idea when we encounter this format. And so, I wish to tell you how to deal with it exactly.

There are two related formats to it. If a Topaz book synced via Kindle's Whispersync, it becomes AZW1; if directly downloaded from the website, it becomes TPZ. As it's Amazon kindle's native format, we can only open and read it on kindle devices or softwares like kindle for pc. So in order to make it more readable on other devices or softwares, it's necessary to convert kindle topaz to much more commonly used formats like epub.

Step 1. Get the Free Tool Ready

There are several different ways to convert kindle topaz to epub. But as what I have learned, these methods are not good enough. I have tried different methods to convert topaz to epub, and I believe the one that I'm to going to tell you is the best. As other methods often encounter some problems and are kind of complicated, I don't intend to talk about them. Next I will tell you the best way to convert topaz to epub. The tool needed is Epubor Ultimate. This program is very helpful. It can handle three types of drm, kindle drm, ADE drm and nook drm. And it supports all kinds of ebok formats. So it's a piece of cake to remove drm from topaz/tpz/azw1 books and convert them to epub. You should make a try. I bet you will love it!

the best way to convert topaz to epub

Click the button below to download and install it on your computer. Then we can go to the next steps to convert topaz to epub smoothly.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 2. Remove Topaz DRM

Only after you remove the books' drm restriction can you convert them to other formats. Here remove topaz drm at first.

1. Download kindle for pc desktop software and install it. Authorize your kindle for pc with your Amazon ID. (If you already have it installed on your computer, just skip this step.)

2. Run kindle for pc. The Amazon kindle books will be synced to kindle for pc automatically. View your book list, make sure your books are downloaded to your computer but not in "Archived items". Make sure you can open and read these books normally.

sync books

3. Launch Epubor Ultimate program, the kindle books will be loaded to it automatically, of course including the kindle topaz/tpz/azw1 books. They will be displayed in the right part of the program's main interface. Just drag and drop the topaz book to the right part of the program's interface, during this short process, the book's drm will be removed immediately.

remove topaz drm

(Tips: If you have other topaz/tpz/azw1 books not loaded to the book list automatically, you can drag the books directly to the right part of the program or click the "Add" icon at the top central corner of the program to load your books manually. The books' drm will be removed within seconds at the same time you load them to the program.) This process can be described as "smart".

Step 3. Convert Topaz to ePub

1. Click on your decrypted topaz/tpz/azw1 book to choose it, Click the output format option at the central bottom to set the output format as "epub".

output format

2. Click the "Convert" button at the right bottom corner of the program's main interface, then the topaz/tpz/azw1 file will be converted to epub within seconds. Click the "Open Folder" icon to find where your converted files are.

convert topaz to epub

Or you can reset your output folder location, you can change it to where you like to address it more convenient to find. Just click the user icon -->settings--output. And you are allowed to set the output location just as the following picture.

output folder

That's all I wish to share about the best way to convert topaz to epub. If you want more formats, you can make it using Epubor Ultimate, too. You should have a try, Epubor Ultimate will make you really satisfied!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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