The Best Way to Transfer Tidal Playlists

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Q: “I have more than 1K Hi-Fi songs in my Tidal playlist, I want to play these songs at my birthday party, how can I transfer this Tidal playlist to other places?” It is a common question that you will encounter.
You spend several minutes curating your favorite music into playlists on Tidal, but if you leave Tidal, how do you bring your playlists with you and transfer them to different places? Luckily, transferring your Tidal playlists is not difficult. Here,  you will learn how to easily transfer your Tidal playlists, and you will never be worried about losing your favorite music playlists.

Part 1: Transfer Tidal Playlists between Tidal accounts

Enjoying music with others is wonderful, so you may want to play your favorite Tidal playlists at a party, or at the wedding. When you create an amazing Tidal playlist for a wedding, how to transfer this playlist so you can play these songs at the wedding? Actually, it's very easy to transfer the Tidal playlists between different Tidal users, and you're able to transfer the playlists to other Tidal accounts you own.

1 Open Tidal Web Player, or run Tidal desktop application, and log in to your Tidal account.

tidal webplayer

2 Click the playlist which you would like to transfer, then click “Share” icon and “copy the playlist link”.

share tidal playlist link

3 Now you can send the playlist URL to others, or log in to another Tidal account from your Tidal desktop app.

Part 2: Transfer Tidal Playlists to Spotify/Apple Music/Youtube and other streaming platforms

There are lots of convenient music streaming services on the market, however, there is no perfect platform. Whatever the reason, it’s very difficult to stay loyal to a single service. You may want to save money on subscription fees or for other reasons. But when you switch to another platform, it means that you may lose part of your music library, and you must be annoyed with transferring each song and re-curating playlists in the new music app.

(1) Download Tidal Playlists via Epubor Tidal Downloader on Windows/Mac

In fact, each streaming service stores and shares playlists in a different way. Although there are some online tools that let you transfer Tidal playlists across different streams, you have to create several accounts for different platforms. In a word, the best way to transfer your Tidal playlists is to download them to local files, so you can move and transfer these playlists to any device and listen to your favorite music anytime. Epubor Tidal Downloader is a useful tool you should never miss out!

Step 1 Download Tidal desktop and Epubor Tidal Downloader

Download Epubor Tidal Downloader for free:

This software is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Just download and install the right version on your computer.

Before you install this software on your computer, please download Tidal desktop application at first.

log in to tidal account

Step 2 Launch Epubor Tidal Downloader

When you run Epubor Tidal downloader program, the Tidal desktop app will exit automatically, at the same time, your Tidal playlists will be synced to Epubor program.

get tidal collection

Step 3 Download and convert Tidal playlists

Drag and drop the songs you want to convert, it allows you to select the whole playlist. Then select the format you want to convert, for example, MP3 format. The output formats are including M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC.

drag tidal playlists

Next, click the “Download to MP3” button to download. When all the songs have been downloaded and converted successfully, the status will change to "Succeeded".

convert tidal playlists

(2) Transfer downloaded Tidal playlists to Spotify/Apple music/Youtube music

Now that you will get Tidal playlists as local audio files on your computer, If you would like to transfer Tidal playlists to multiple streaming music platforms, the specific steps can vary depending on the music program, but most of them have an "upload" or "add" feature that allows you to import your Tidal playlists.

transfer tidal playlist to youtube

Once you've got your Tidal playlists transferred to Spotify, Apple music, Youtube music and so on, it's easy to enjoy your favorite music with HiFi sound quality on any device or platform you prefer.

Transfer Tidal Playlists on iOS or Android devices

As you know, Tidal's offline mode is only available on mobile devices. Although you can only download Tidal playlists, it's impossible to access them without the Tidal app. So how do I transfer Tidal playlists to iOS or Android devices? Here, we recommend FreeYourMusic, which is an application for a mobile device that allows you to transfer Tidal playlists to other streaming services.

With this app, you can transfer your favorite playlists with different music apps, including more than 20 music streaming services. Just select your current platform as a source, for example, Tidal, then you can select the Tidal playlists and transfer them into your new music streaming service immediately.

freeyourmusic mobile

However, this app is only for moving your Tidal playlists from one streaming platform to another. You can't download and back up your favorite songs locally. And you are not able to play this music on other devices if you don't install the applications of these music streaming services.

On the other hand, you can get excellent Hi-Fi sound quality from Tidal music if you subscribed membership of Tidal. But you choose to transfer your Tidal playlist via some mobile application, it can't make sure you can also enjoy the songs with the same quality. Therefore, if you want to transfer your Tidal list with the original sound quality, downloading and saving the Tidal music to your computer is the best choice.

Especially when you use a third-party tool like Epubor Tidal Downloader, you will never have trouble with keeping your favorite Tidal playlists. You can convert all Tidal music to a common format like MP3 without losing sound quality, so you can back them up permanently, and transfer your Tidal playlist to any place you need to play music you like.

Download Epubor Tidal Downloader for free:
Frequently Asked Questions about Transferring Tidal Playlists
Q: Can I listen to music on TIDAL on more than one device?

A: You can use 1 device in online mode and 5 devices in offline mode simultaneously.

Q: Are my Tidal playlists still available even if I cancel the subscription?

A: No, once you cancel the subscription or the service is terminated, your playlists will still be available on your account, but you will not be able to access them until you re-subscribe.

Q: Is there a limit to how many playlists I can make on Tidal?

A: You have a limit of 10,000 playlists, 10,000 albums, 10,000 tracks and 10,000 artists.

Q: Can I import a playlist into Tidal?

A: Yes, you can import playlists into Tidal from your local computer or other streaming services. Tidal recommends you a tool called "TuneMyMusic", that allows you to import and transfer playlists between different music streaming services, including Tidal.


In a word, no matter what is the reason for you to transfer Tidal playlists, the best way is to download the songs in your Tidal playlists to a local computer via Epubor Tidal Downloader, and convert them to the audio formats you need. Consequently, you are able to move and transfer Tidal playlists to any place you desire to enjoy the music!


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