The Easiest Way to Convert Nook to Kindle

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Over the past two years, it is continuous revealed the bad news about Barns &Noble, such as revenue declines, CEO changes, and decision-making mistakes. This series of negative news cause the poor consumer confidence in Barns & Noble. Many eBook lovers have already spent a lot of money on Nook eBooks but they are not intending on purchasing the Nook devices anymore if their old Nook devices are broken or lost. In contrast, Kindle becomes leading eReader and attracts many Nook user's attention. Here comes the question: how to read Nook books on Kindle as we know that the Nook ebooks are only compatible with Nook devices? The easiest way is to convert Nook to Kindle. In this article, I will show you the easiest way to convert Nook to Kindle for better reading experience.

Update 05/01/2019: Since the Nook has discontinued its server for Nook for PC & Nook study as well as changed its DRM scheme, Epubor Ultimate doesn't support Nook DRM anymore.

How to Convert Nook to Kindle

The Barnes & Noble eBooks are with epub or PDF formats while the Amazon Kindle only supports Mobi, AZW3 or KFX. That’s why we need to convert Nook to Kindle. Just like many other eBook vendors, the Barnes & Noble also employs very strict DRM scheme to encrypt their Nook books. Before converting Nook ebooks to Kindle supported format, we have to remove the DRM protection from Nook books.

To remove the Nook DRM, the top priority is to download the Nook books to your computer. The Barns & Noble has stopped allowing books to be downloaded to a computer by web browser. Wha's more, the Nook desktop application are even removed from the Nook server for a long time so it is hard for Nook users to download the Nook books for now. But we can always find a way out if we try. So after testing and searching, downloading Nook ebooks to computer is not a big issue. Keep reading and you will get the answer.

Download Nook books to a computer

Updated 1/4/2019: Since 1/1/2019, many users have reported that they are not able to download Nook books via Nook study and Nook for PC old version. I have also tested and it is the truth. But Epubor Ultimate now supports Nook books downloaded via Nook app for Windows. So please search "NOOK" at Windows store and install it on your Windows 10 /8. Then run Epubor software to remove DRM as following instruction: removing Nook DRM.

Although the Barns & Noble discontinued Nook for PC/MAC and Nook Study long time ago, we can still use them to download Nook books if you can get them installed on your computer. I have tests many times on different computer platforms, and only can download the Nook book on Windows system, not Mac because the Nook for Mac and Nook Study does not work any more on Mac computer. That's why I do not want to give the download link for Nook for mac to waste our users' time to download and install it.

Download Nook for PC

Download Nook Study for Windows

Here I will show you how to download Nook book to your Windows computer. When the Nook for PC has been installed well, double click the icon at the desktop to launch it.

Nook for PC

Fill in your Nook account information and sign in your Nook account. The tap "My Library"-->"eBooks", all the your Nook eBooks will be displayed at the right column. Click the cover of the eBook, it will trigger the downloading process. When the book has been downloaded successfully, it will open automatically by Nook for PC in reading Mode.

Download Nook books to pc

Now you've gotten your Nook books downloaded to your computer successfully. If you do not change the default location, you can find your downloaded Nook books in the following path: C:\Users\computer username\Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\Nook account email address

Remove DRM from Nook books

Since you have downloaded your Nook books to your computer, here comes to the steps to remove DRM from Nook books.

Step 1: Get your tool ready. Epubor Ultimate, the most professional Nook DRM Removal for ever, combines DRM decryption with eBook conversion features. It not only can decrypt books purchased from Nook, Kindle, Kobo, and Google Play, but also can convert the ebooks to any other formats.

Download Epubor Ultimate


Step 2: Add Nook books to Epubor Ultimate

Launch Epubor Ultimate, tap the "Nook" tap at the left column, you will see all the Nook books you've downloaded on your computer. To be mentioned, Epubor Ultimate can automatically detect your download books and display them at the left column under corresponding tab.

add nook books to Epubor Ultimate

Step 3: Put in Nook account information.

At the top right corner, there is a user icon. Click it to go to the settings of Epubor Ultimate. Then click on "Settings"-->“Nook" and fill in your Nook account information. Click on "Ok" button.

Note: Epubor Software will never collect your Nook account information. The Nook account information will be used to generate a key file for decrypting your Nook books. It is for one-time use.

Fill in Nook information

Step 4: Remove Nook DRM.

When Nook account information has been fullfilled, go back to the main interface of Epubor Ultimate. Drag the Nook books from the left column and then drop them to the right column. The DRM protection will be removed from Nook Books successfully as below picture.

remove Nook DRM

Convert Nook to Kindle

As the title indicated, I want to show you is the easiest way to convert Nook to Kindle. Therefore, there is no need to download any other software to finish the conversion task. Epubor Ultimate can do conversion very well as it is also the best eBook converter.

When the Nook books have been decrypted, do not close Epubor Ultimate. Go to the centeral buttom of the interface, you will see there is a conversion button. Select "Mobi" or "azw3" as the output format and then click on"Convert to Mobi" to start the conversion.


When the conversion has done, you will see there is a "Succeeded" at the end of each book. You can also click on the folder icon at the bottom left of the main interface to find your converted Nook books. As you know see that it is so easy to convert Nook to Kindle which only needs 2 clicks to complete the DRM removing and ebook format conversion. It must be the easiest way!

convert nook to kindle successfully

I am sure there are other methods to remove Nook DRM, such as removing Nook DRM with Calibre. If you try to use Calibre to convert Nook to Kindle, you will be required to fill in your Credit card information to get your Nook books decrypted, not to mention that you have to add the DRM removal plugin to help you activate the DRM removing function. Using Calibre is a workaroung, but I really do not think it is good idea to convert Nook to Kindle with Calibre. That's why I recommend you to convert Nook to Kindle with Epubor Ultimate because it is the easiest and safest way.

Download Epubor Ultimate



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05/14/2019 01:45:59
I dont see the Nook menu option that you instructions above refers to. Do you still support Nook decryption?
05/14/2019 16:16:23
Thank you for using epubor software. We are sorry to inform you that the Nook drm is not supported anymore because they have changed the DRM scheme recently.
05/17/2019 02:42:29
Please credit my Paypal account the $26.65 (Order ID 95366755) and consider updating your web site to reflect this. The reason I purchased you product was to specifically convert my Nook library.
05/17/2019 08:54:35
The Nook has changed its DRM scheme so Epubor software does not work for this new Nook drm any more. We are sincerely sorry for this issue and sorry for the inconvenience caused.
05/17/2019 10:23:57
Well then change your web site. It curtly states that your product DOES
REMOVE NOOK DRM! And  refund me my money. I’m about to file a complaint with PayPal.
05/20/2019 11:47:46
We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused and have updated the website already.
For the refund, please contact our customer support: support@epubor.com. They will issue the refund within 24 hours when they receive your email.
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