The Easiest Way to Install WhatsApp on Kindle Fire 2021

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WhatsApp is a go-to messaging app that lets you send messages, pictures, videos and even voice recording, and make voice and video calls over the internet for free. It supports iphone, android smartphone, Mac and Windows. But if you have an Amazon Kindle fire, do you know how to install WhatsApp on it?

To install apps to kindle fire, we usually go to Amazon App Store to see if this app is available there. Is WhatsApp available on Amazon App Store? Unfortunately, it is not available in the Amazon marketplace. Is there any way to install WhatsApp on Kindle Fire? Sure, there are two different ways to install WhatsApp on Amazon kindle fire.

1. The easiest way to install WhatsApp on Kindle fire

Although Kindle fire tablets run Amazon’s own “Fire OS” operating system, it is based on Android system. WhatsApps is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and later, so it is also can be sideloaded and installed to kindle fire directly.

Step 1 Set your kindle fire to allow installation of unknown source.

Tap the "Settings”, scroll down this screen and then tap "Security and Privacy”.

security and privacy

Turn on "Apps from Unknown Sources" toggle in the Privacy section.

app from unknown resource

A Warning dialog box appears warning you that turning this feature on may put your device at risk. Tap "OK."


Now your Amazon Fire tablet can now download apps from unknown sources.

Step 2 Download WhatsApp to your Kindle fire.

Click here to download WhatsApp

If you are on your computer, you can download this apk and transfer it to your kindle fire. But it is better for you to download this apk via your kindle fire browser.

Step 3 Install WhatsApp to your Kindle fire.

As soon as you have downloaded this apk file, you’ll be taken to the installation windows.

whatsapp installed

Now your WhatsApp has been installed on Kindle fire successfully.

whatsapp installed successfully

2. Install WhatsApp on kindle fire with Google Play Store

The above method can help you install whatsApp easily, but there are still other ways to install WhatsApp. It is a little more complicated, but you can install many other apps on your kindle fire with this method. Let's check out the details.

Step 1 Install Google Play to your Kindle fire.

1. Go to Settings >>Security >> and enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

2.  Download and install related apps.

Download Google Services Framework.APK

Download Google Play Service.APK

Download Google Account Manager.APK

Download Google Play Store.APK

Please download and install them one by one. Once all installed, restart your Kindle fire tablet.

3. Start Google Play Store and sign in with your google account.

sign google account

Step 2 Install WhatsApp via Google Play Store to your Kindle fire.

Search “WhatsApp" in Google Play store and tap "Install" to install WhatsApp to your Kindle Fire.

install whatsapp google play store

Now you have installed Whatsapp on Kindle fire via Google Play Store.

If you like, you can install more apps via Google Play Store, or you can sideload more app onto the kindle fire.


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