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Talking about eBook Manager, I guess most of eBook lovers have heard about the Calibre. We have to admit that as the open source software, Calibre is popular among eBooks lovers because it does have its own advantages. As a coin has two sides, Cablire also has its own disadvantages. "It took me forever to learn to use Calibre, and I am still having problems in finding the options that I need in it." This comment is from the Calibre user. If you have thousands of ebooks to read, I bet you do not want to waste time on studying how to use a complex software with many plugins to install manually. It's time to get rid of Calibre and find a new eBook manager which is much easier to use. Let's introduce you the most powerful eBook organizer-Epubor Ebook Manager the one that can satisfy all your needs and beat Calibre all the way!

As an all-in-one tool, Epubor eBook Manager has all of your required functionality, including eBook manager, eBook converter, device transfer and toolbox. In the following part, we will introduce the functions one by one.

eBoo Manager

Device Transfer

eBook Converter


Download Epubor eBook Manager:

eBook Manager

As the best eBook Organizer, Epubor eBook Manager can manage your eBooks comprehensively from different sources. When you run Epubor eBook Manager, you will see the Library icon on the top left of the toolbar. Click the Library icon, you will see Epubor Library in the left column. If you have plugged in the Kindle devices to your computer, these Kindle devices will also be displayed in the left column. The Kindle app, Kobo app, Nook app, iBooks, ADE, Calibre will aslo be shown at the left column if you have installed them on your computer.

Epubor ebook manager

How to add books to Epubor Library?

There are two ways to add books to Epubor Library.

Method 1: You can just drag books from the Kindle device, Kindle app, ADE, Calibre, Nook app to Epubor Library.

Method 2: Click on "+Add" and browse your computer to select the books you want to add.

add books to epubor library

How to edit eBooks metadata in Epubor Library?

If you want to customize your books, editing metadata is a must-be function for eBook Management. There are also two ways to edit ebook metadata.

Method 1: In Epubor Library, you will see "Edit" icon at top of the middle column. Click on "Edit" button, you will be able to edit the following information of your eBook: Title, author, ISBN, ASIN, Date, Languages, Publisher, Tag, Rating, Introduction, and even replace the cover. Once you have finish the editing, please remember to click on "Finish" button, otherwise all the changes you have made will not be saved.

edit metadata

Method 2: Go to find the icon with tool-tips "show/hide book details" in the lower right corner. Click this icon, you will see the eBook details displayed the right column. You can quick edit the Title, Author, Language, Publisher, Tags, and Rating. When you have finished the editing, click on "Save" button to save all the changes. If you want to further edit the eBook, click on "Edit More" button, you will go to the same metadata editing page as you have seen in method 1.

edit metadata

How to delete eBooks from Epubor Library?

To delete books from Epubor Library, select the book you want to delete and then click on the "Delete" to finish the deleting process. You are also enable to delete the books in batch. To select more than one books, you can use the shortcut key. To delete all books, press "crtl+A".

To be mentioned that once the books have been deleted from the interface of Epubor Library, they will also disappear from the Epubor Library folder on your computer.

How to classify your eBooks?

In the lower right corner, you will see a icon with tool-tips "show/hide tag browser". Click on this icon, you will see all books in Epubor Library have been classified by Authors, Languages, Publisher, Formats, Tags and Rating.

classify ebooks

Device Transfer

Are you still looking for a way to transfer Kindle books from one Kindle device to another directly? Here is the Ultimate solution for you. With Epubor eBook Manager, you can transfer books from one Kindle device to another, computer to Kindle device, Kindle device to computer.

Transfer eBooks between Kindle devices

Let's transfter eBooks from Kindle Touch to Kindle Paperwhite2. First of all, plug in these two devices to your computer. The Epubor eBook Manager will detect and display them in the left column. Click on “Device" at the toolbar and then Kindle Touch, you will see all the books in Kindle touch displayed at the main window of the interface. Choose the book you want to transfer to Kindle Paperwhite2, and then select "Transfer to KPW2" at the dropdown list and then click on "Transfer to KPW2" button to finish the transfer.

transfer ebooks to another kindle

Transfer from computer to Kindle device

Once your Kindle device has been connected to your computer, it will be displayed on the left column of the Epubor eBook Manager. You can choose the eBooks you want to transfer from apps(Kindle, Kobo, Nook, ADE and Calibre) or Epubor Library. Then choose the target device and click on "Convert to XXX" button to finish the conversion.

Transfer from Kindle device to computer

To transfer eBooks from Kindle device to computer, just drag the ebooks you want to transfer from the Kindle device to Epubor library.

eBook Converter

Using Epubor eBook Manager, you can not only convert books from the Epubor Library but also can convert books directly from the Kindle device, Kindle app, Kobo app, ADE, and Calibre.

Select the book you want to convert and then click on "CONVERT" at the top toolbar, you will see the book cover and book title at the right column of the interface with "convert to xxx" under the book title. Select the output format for the book at the droplist and set the output folder. Epubor Library folder is the default output folder. Now you can click "convert to xxx" to finish the conversion. The Epubor eBook Manager also support the batch conversion.

convert ebooks


The TOOLBOX contains web Server and quick access to online converter.

Epubor ebook manager toolbox

Web Server

Click on "Web Server", the Epubor eBook Manager will generate a unique ip address which stored all ebooks in your Epubor Library. You can visit this address with any device which is connected to the same Local Area Network as your computer. It is easy for you to download or read your Epubor Library books at any device.

epubor ebook manager webserver

Online Converter

The Epubor eBook Manager offers you another free eBook converter--Online eBooks converter. Click on the "Online eBook Converter", you will go directly to the conversion page. To convert eBooks to other format, please follow below steps.

Step 1: Choose the output format for your eBooks. There are three output format for your choice: Epub, PDF, and Mobi.
Step 2: Click on "Browse File(s)" to select the books you want to convert from your computer. You can choose one book or multiple books one time. The selected book will be uploaded and converted automactically.
Step 3: When the book has finished conversion, you will see "completed" and "Download" besided the title. Click on the "Download" button to download the converted books.

Epubor online converter

As we know that books purchased from online ebook stores are protected by DRM. If you want to add them to the Epubor Library, convert them to other format or tranfer them to other device, you should remove the DRM at first. If you are using Pro version of Epubor eBook Manager, the books will be decrypted while adding to Epubor Library, transfering to antoher device or converting to another format. The Epubor eBooks Manager can handle DRM-ed books purchased from Amazon, Kobo, Nook and GooglePlay. If you want the eBook management become more easier and convenient, you should try this powerful ebook organizer.

This is a general guide of Epubor eBooks Manager. If you want to know more about this software, please leave your questions in below comments. We will answer it as soon as possible.

Download Epubor eBook Manager:

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08/18/2017 12:46:05

Your eBook manager may well do a few things that Calibre does not, but they are not things that I need to do.  Other people may have needs different from mine.  I have spent enough hours learning how to get Calibre to do what I want, and Kovid Goyal has been so good to me with technical support, that for me there is no real benefit in switching over to a new manager program. This might well be different for someone starting out from scratch to manage their eBooks, but my 4,787 book library is well managed and organized at present with Calibre, so I'll pass on your offer to change. I wish you the best of luck, and hope that your manager program turns out to be as good as you claim.

Douglas Burnside

08/22/2017 14:42:13
Thank you for your comments. We will try our best to design the most powerful and easy-to-use software.
08/30/2017 18:37:04
What will keep me from trying your product is that it doesn't track series in the metadata. Being able to have all titles in a series together is very useful to me and one of the things I like best about Calibre.
09/13/2017 14:36:42
Thank you for your comments. We will report you suggestions to our R&D. They will take this into consideration in the future update.
10/31/2017 17:36:23
Books in a collection cannot be dragged to a computer,nor can they when the books are removed (not deleted) from the collection. Most grateful if you have a solution.
11/2/2017 14:39:54
If your book can not bee added to the Ebook manager, maybe they are protected by DRM.
1. you can try to remove the DRM and then add them to Epubor ebook manager.
2 or you can just upload the Epubor to pro version. it can remove the DRM automatically when you drag books to epubor library.
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