How to Read Kindle Books on PC with Kindle Reader for PC

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Takeaways first:

1. With the official Amazon Kindle App for PC, you can read Kindle books on Windows easily.

2. Kindle Cloud Reader is the best Kindle Reader online if you are prefer not to install any reading Kindle Reader App on your computer.

3. Without the Kindle devices, you can also access your Kindle library via Kindle App on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.

4. Reading Amazon Kindle on your PC using your favorite reader or reading app is not a challenging task with the assistance of Epubor Ultimate.

read kindle books pc

Can I read kindle books on PC? Can I read my purchased kindle books using desktop computer as I don't have a kindle paperwhite.

You can access kindle books on PC in 4 different ways. You can just use the kindle cloud reader to read kindle books online on you desktop computer. Or you can install Kindle app for desktop and use it to read kindle books. Even more, you can read kindle books with your own favoriate ebook reading app on your computer. Do you know that you can read kindle books with Kindle for Android on your computer? In this post, I will share the above three methods to read kindle books on PC or Mac. They are all easy-to-use ways.

Why People Choose to Read Kindle Books on PC Rather than on eReader?

There are several reasons why people choose to read kindle books on computer:

  • Cost: If you have a computer already, you don't need to invest in a separate eReader device. Many people already own a computer, so they can access ebooks without an additional expense.
  • Versatility: Computers offer a wide range of applications and software that can be used to read ebooks. This versatility can be appealing to those who want to use the same device for various tasks, such as work, entertainment, and reading.
  • Large Screen: A computer typically has a larger screen than most eReaders, which can be beneficial for those who prefer larger text or images, especially if they have visual impairments.
  • Multi-Tasking: Computers allow for multitasking. You can switch between reading an ebook and performing other tasks, such as research, work, or communication, more easily than on an eReader.
  • Connectivity: Computers are always connected to the internet, which makes it easy to access online content and research while reading. You can quickly look up references, check facts, or interact with online communities related to the book you're reading.
  • Compatibility: Some kindle ebook formats may not be supported by all eReaders. Many kindle books are only available on the latest kindle for PC/Mac, not on eReader.
  • Screen Quality: High-end computers often have superior display quality and resolution compared to eReaders, making for a more visually appealing reading experience.
  • Storage and Backup: Ebooks on a computer can be easily backed up and stored in the cloud or external drives, reducing the risk of losing your entire library due to a device malfunction.

Or you just don't own any kindle device.

Compared with the eReaders or tablets, computers enablves you to read eBooks in full-screen which is excellent experience for reading graphic novels or comics. An important reason that scholars or students choose to read Kindle books on PC or Mac may be because it is much easier to reference texts in their works.

In the following parts, I will offer three different methods to read kindle books on PC for your reference.

Method 1. Read Kindle Books on Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud Reader is a web-based app developed for reading Kindle books in any compatible web browser on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS. If you don't want to download the Kindle Reader for PC, reading Kindle books online with Kindle Cloud Reader is a perfect choice. You can just finish your reading on your browser.

Step 1 Log in Kindle Cloud Reader.

Visit Kindle Cloud Reader via your web browser.

sign in kindle cloud reader

Step 2 Read Kindle books with Kindle Cloud Reader.

When you log in your Kindle Cloud Reader, you will go directly to the library. To access kindle ebooks, just double click the book cover to open it.

access kindle cloud library

Key Features of Kindle Cloud Reader

1 If you've never read this book on any other device, you will go to the first page of this book when you open it. Otherwise, you will be asked if you'd like to go to the last location when you were left at other devices.

2 What's more, thanks to Amazon Whisper sync technology, you are able to sync your furthest page read, notes, and marks across devices. Therefore, it is easy for you to start again from your furthest page or find your highlights and notes.

read kindle books with Kindle cloud reader

3 Kindle Cloud Reader also allows you to make bookmarks, change font color and background color and so on.

Bottom line

Although Kindle Cloud Reader offers many powerful functions like desktop reading apps, it can meet your basic reading requirements. It is the best Kindle app alternative if you really don't want to download Kindle Reader for PC.

Method 2. How to Read Kindle Books on PC with Kindle App

As the biggest eBook vendor, Amazon also offers kindle reading app for accessing kindle ebooks. Consequently, reading Kindle Books on computer with Kindle PC App becomes the first choice for many ebook lovers.

Follow this Step-by-step guide on How to read Kindle books with Kindle for PC.

Step 1: Download and install official Amazon reader App--Kindle for PC.

Go to the Amazon official download page to download the Kindle for PC and install it.

Step 2. Register the Kindle for PC with your Amazon account credentials.

register kindle for pc

Step 3. Download kindle book to pc.

When you finish the registration, your Kindle books will be displayed at the library under "All" tab. To download the Kindle books, you can either double click the book cover or right click the book cover, and then tap "Download" to start the downloading. When the book has been downloaded completely, it will be open automatically. And you can also find the download Kindle books under "Downloaded" tab.

download kindle books via kindle for pc

Step 4. Read Kindle on Windows with Kindle for PC.

You can just double click the book you want to read under the "Downloaded" tab to open it. As you can see in the below picture, there is a menu bar on the top. This menu bar contains many reading functionalities, such as going to location or table of content, changing the font size, color, or style, changing reading mode and so on. Furthermore, it also enables you to bookmark, highlight text, add notes and flashcards.

kindle for pc reading options

Can I read non-amazon books on Kindle for PC/Mac?

Yes. Besides reading your own Amazon account Kindle books, you are also add books to Kindle for PC to read them. You need to make sure your non-amazon books are drm-free and kindle app compatible format.

Method 3: Can I Read Kindle Books on PC without Kindle Reader for PC?(On Any Reader App)

If you want to read Kindle books offiline on Windows, in addition to Kindle for PC and Kindle Previewer -- the two official Amazon ebook readers for PC, there are also many powerful and super easy-to-use reading apps available. Is there a way to read Amazon Kindle books on PC with your favorite reading app? Yes, but only if you can remove DRM from Kindle books and convert the Kindle format to a format supported by your ebook reading app.

Below is the easiest way to read Kindle books on PC with the most popular reading app.

Step 1: Remove Kindle DRM and convert kindle to any format with Epubor Ultimate.

Epubor Ultimate is the best Kindle DRM Removal which can remove drm from kindle books and convert kindle books to epub, pdf and more drm-free format.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Make sure you download kindle books using the kindle for PC/MAC, and then launch Epubor Ultimate to remove kindle drm.

remove kindle drm

Step 2: Read Kindle books with your favorite Reading apps on pc.

Now you can add the DRM-free or converted Kindle books to your favorite reader app. For different formats, you can use different reader. As for me, I purchase a lot books from Google play and borrow many books from library, so I read many books with Adobe digital editions. Therefore, I remove DRM from Kindle books, convert Kindle books to epub and then add kindle books to ADE for better management and reading. Below is how my Kindle book displayed in my Adobe digital editions. Not bad, right?

output formats support by Epubor Ultimate

Bonus Tips:

1. For reading epub books, you can follow the guide how to read epub on pc.

2. For reading mobi books, there are 5 best mobi readers for your choice.

3. For reading kindle books on Adobe Digital Editions, please read How to Read Kindle Books on Adobe Digital Editions.

Method 4. Read kindle books with Kindle for Android on Emulator

Do you know that you can install Android emulator on your Window and Mac PC to read Kindle books on your desktop? This is amazing, right?

No matter you are on windows or Mac, you can read your kindle books with Kindle for Android on your PC/Mac.

To use this method, you need to install Android emulator on your computer first. We've already share the detailed steps on download kindle books to Android emulator. You can refer the following detailed instructions:

The Android emulator and Kindle for Android APK recommended in the above guide are not the latest versions. If you simply want to read Kindle books using Kindle for Android on a Windows or Mac PC, you can use the latest version. However, if you intend to remove DRM from Kindle books using Kindle for Android, you should strictly follow the guide and use the app we recommended in the above guide.

download kindle books android simulator

FAQs on Reading Kindle Books on Windows PC

Q: Kindle for PC not downloading some of my kindle books?

A: Some kindle books are not available for reading and downloading on your kindle for pc/Mac. You may need to update your Kindle for PC to the latest version to read your kindle books. Even more, some kindle books may not be available for reading on Kindle fo PC which is decided by the publisher. Read How to fix the kindle books not downloading to fix your issue.

Q: I've become unable to use Kindle Cloud Reader.

A: Usually, the Kindle cloud reader works fine on the main stream web browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Fixfox and more. If it doesn't work, you restart your browser or change another web browser, and try again.

Q: Getting "We're sorry. Kindle Cloud Reader can't open this book".

A: Not all books and such are compatible with Cloud Reader. They list compatible devices and apps in every book's listing.This is up to the publisher who decides what devices/apps to support. You canopen the product details page on the Amazon website, you will see the compatible devices list. Please see if the book is compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader.

Q: Personal docments doesn't show in kindle cloud reader, but appear in Kindle App.

A: The Cloud Reader doesn't support personal documents. Only items you purchased through Amazon show up on the cloud reader. But you download the Kindle for PC/Mac to read the personal documents on PC/Mac.

Q: If I remove kindle books from my Kindle app, can I retrieve it later?

A: Sure. If you don't permanently delete your Kindle books from your Amazon account, you can download them later even after deletion.

Final Thoughts

Now I've shared three different methods to read kindle books on Windows PC. You can read kindle books on PC online and offline without any hassle now. However, different people have different reading habits.

According to my personal reading habits, I always prefer to keep my purchased eBooks in one reader app because it is much easier for me to manage a large collection of ebooks within a single library, rather than different reading apps for each ebook vendors. This is one of the reasons why I strongly recommend removing Kindle DRM and reading Kindle eBooks with your favorite reading apps.

Another reason is that reading Kindle books with non-Kindle apps means I can get my Kindle books in DRM-free format. Consequently, I can back up these books to my computer, no matter what happens to Amazon or my Amazon account. It is a way of safeguarding my Kindle books.

Do you still hesitate? Just download the Epubor Ultimate to liberate your ebook and read your Kindle book on any reading app now!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

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We are glad to know this article can help you fix your problem.
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Kindle app for PC is no more.  It's impossible to download now.  

I will try to remove DRM.  What app would you recommend?

10/26/2021 09:24:30

Thank you for asking. Is there any issue or error message when you try to remove drm from kindle for PC/Mac? Please screenshot the error message and send them to us via support@epubor.com. Then we will try our best to help you fix it.

Have a nice day!

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